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What Kind Of Car Does Billy Drive In Stranger Things? [ Answered ]

What Kind Of Car Does Billy Drive In Stranger Things? [ Answered ]

Dacre kayd Montgomery-Harvey is an actor who hails from Australia and is known for his Billy Hargrove role in stranger things. Billy Hargrove portrays a bad boy, a sinister kind of guy.

He was the main antagonist in the show, and the role suited him quite well. One of the antagonist’s fascinating aspects was the car he drove around the town.

What kind of car does billy drive in stranger things?

The car driven by Billy was a second-generation Chevrolet Camaro of 1979 model with a Z28 package. It is a bit difficult to guess the exact year of his car because the crew has used at least a couple of vehicles in filming the series.

The car was a significant part of billy’s character throughout the show, from his advent in season two to his demise in season three.

Fathom the exact year of the car model is strenuous because the makers have used at least two highly modified Camaro in the series.

The car’s windows are the most vivid evidence to substantiate the claim of two Camaros in Stranger Things. In some clips, the Camaro had power windows. While in others, there are manual windows.

Chevrolet Camaro used in the exterior shot is painted blue. It had the chrome trim and hood of a Sport coupe Camaro. It is plausible that Camaro Z28’s trim was swapped with sports coupe trim by the modifiers.

But it is unlikely. Swapping the Camaro Sports coupe’s front fender with second generation-Camaro Z28’s front fender is more likely to have happened.

What other cars exist in Stranger Things?

Let us look at the other cars used in Stranger Things.

Chevrolet K5 Blazer

The chief policer of Hawkins, Jim Hopper, had a perfect ride in the TV series. K5 Blazer-based vehicle by Chevrolet. Later, the car was known as the M1009 by the military of the United States.

The second generation of the K5 blazer had more styling upgrades, and the manufacturer also added a diesel option to the car. Even after its discontinuation in 1991, the car was a perfect choice for law enforcement communities.

Ford Pinto

Joyce Byres, working as an employee in a general store in Hawkins, drove Ford Pinto. It did not have a good reputation in the market and was known for being flammable when pushed beyond an extent.

The car was reliable and cheap. It was a perfect choice for Joyce. In 1980, people filed a lawsuit against the manufacturing company Ford for making a car that appears in junkyards quite often.

Volkswagen Cabrio

Barb Holland was the best friend of Nancy Wheeler in the series. Cabrio was on the Wishlist of many new licensed teens in America in the 80s. Unfortunately, the car outlived Barb in the TV show. Volkswagen Cabrio is great on highways, and its front-wheel drive makes it swift on snow.

BMW 733i

Steve Harrington borrowed the sedan from his dad, and he was renowned for being ahead of its time and speedy. 733i is a perfect choice for someone who wants to keep up their appearance.

This car was a product line of the first generation of the luxury BMW 7 series. This car had many unique features like ABS, airbags for the driver, and many more back in the 70s and 80s

Bottom Line

So these are the cars used in the TV show Stranger Things. A car enthusiast must be intrigued to know the retro car models used in Stranger Things.

This series is not just for Sci-fi lovers but also an ideal option for vintage car lovers. Some of these cars were modified and swapped with different car parts to make them more presentable.