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What Is S And L Gear In Honda Civic? [ Know Here ]

What Is S And L Gear In Honda Civic? [ Know Here ]

It’s no surprise that the Honda Civic hatchback is one of America’s most popular vehicles. It comes in various trim levels, each with a specific name. A trim level known as the SI stands for Sport Injected. With so many variations, many people own the Honda Civic, making it one of the people’s favorite cars.

The Civic stands out in the crowd because it’s a more sporty vehicle than the ordinary model. The dashboard’s S and L gear indicators are one of these elements. So, what do the letters S and L stand for on a Honda civic? To know more about the Honda Civic and everything related to its S and L Gears, continue reading below.

What Is S And L Gear In Honda Civic?

The transmission gearing of a Honda Civic is indicated by the S and L gear designations on the car’s gearbox. The “S” prefix denotes “Sport” mode, which gives a more assertive driving experience by accelerating more quickly and revving the engine at more incredible speeds.

The “L” mark denotes “LOW” mode, which delivers a more fuel-efficient driving experience by increasing torque at low engine speeds while maintaining the same engine speed.

You will have a more dynamic driving experience since the S mode changes the sensitivity of your car’s throttle response, making it more responsive.

Consequently, compared to utilizing the D or Drive mode, you would notice that your car’s RPM would increase more quickly than usual due to the increased amount of fuel being pumped into the cylinders.


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What Are L And S In Automatic Transmission?

For most of the existence of automatic transmission automobiles, there have only been three forward gears available. Starting the car in the S position would force the vehicle to start in second gear, which would be advantageous if the car was being created on a slick surface.

Most automobiles would remain in second gear until the gearbox selection lever was shifted to the D position, which would enable them to drive.

If you wanted the car to start in first gear and remain in first gear, you would pick low gear. When beginning with a big load, this may be the best option. Sport mode is represented by the S gear, while The L gear in automatic transmission represents low mode.

While in Sport Mode, the engine will rev higher and provide more power since it will be running at a higher RPM. During low-mode operation, the engine will operate in low-speed gears, providing low-speed ability to assist in driving the vehicle up the hill and towing.

A manual selection of one or lower gears, such as Low (L), 1st (1), and 2nd (2), is available on the majority of automatic gearboxes (2).   S is another letter you mentioned.

It might be a Sport mode in which the gearbox downshifts more quickly when you open the accelerator to pass and retains lower gears for a more extended period for continuous acceleration.

When To Use L Gear In Automatic Car

Low gear is a transmission option that might assist you in lowering the amount of gasoline your engine consumes. Low gear helps you to power over challenging barriers or bad road conditions that you may experience on your travels across or over the mountains since it reduces your engine speed and, as a result, increases torque.

If you are going to descend a steep slope or are about to drop a lengthy downhill, it is advised that you put your car in low gear. To minimize torque, approach uphill situations with the right amount of velocity, a higher gear, and less power is required. This will lessen tire spin as well. The last thing you’d want is to go halfway up a slope and lose grip, causing your vehicle to spin its tires.


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When To Use S Gear In Honda Civic?

While driving, it is possible to move from D to S on your Honda Civic. However, you should not do this while the accelerator is pressed to the floor.

Even that is probably safe since the computers will not allow it to damage the vehicle, and the car will only shift when it is safe to do so, regardless of what you ask it to do with the transmission lever.

The S mode is sufficient for interstate driving. However, the normal D mode will almost certainly provide superior fuel efficiency while driving your Honda Civic on a regular road.

Cars that have been outfitted with Capabilities such as greater horsepower and torque and quicker acceleration place more pressure on the engine, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Sport Mode is a function that may be switched on and off because of the loss in fuel economy it brings about.

When To Use L Gear In Honda Civic?

Changing from D to L is possible while driving your Honda Civic in an automatic gearbox. Electronic transmissions are the norm nowadays. When moving into lower ratios, there are rev limiters in place.

The gearbox will not shift to a lower gear if the engine speed exceeds a specific RPM for each gear. If you are going to descend a steep slope on your Honda Civic or are about to descend a lengthy downhill, it is advised that you put your car in low gear or L Gear.


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The most effective approach to utilizing S and L modes is determined by your driving habits and the surroundings in which you are traveling. Avoid being stuck in stop-and-go traffic if you’re traveling in the city by shifting into the S gear. Take advantage of the L low gear speeds for towing and fuel conservation if you’re traveling on the highway.

Knowing the S and L gear classifications on your Honda Civic will allow you to pick the driving mode to deliver the optimum driving experience for your requirements and preferences. This is all you need to know about the S and L gear of the Honda Civic, and use them according to your needs.