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What is an SUV Tent? What is the Purpose? [ 2022 Updated ]

What is an SUV Tent? What is the Purpose? [ 2022 Updated ]

Choosing the right tent is critical when you’re planning a camping trip and want to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Traditional tents are fine for small groups who only want to camp out independently.

Still, there are more options if you’re prepared to spend extra money to make your vacation as comfortable as possible.

SUV tents, for example, may easily shelter an entire family in relative comfort by connecting to your SUV and providing you with more space, convenience, and simple access to your car. Some people are unfamiliar with them, but you’ve undoubtedly heard of them, or maybe you haven’t until you recently saw someone use one.

What is an SUV tent?

The majority of SUV tents attach to the back of the car, allowing you to use your SUV and your tent. You can simply access your SUV from inside the tent through the back door.

This design provides additional weather protection and convenience by allowing you to readily locate your belongings in the car rather than bringing them to the tent. SUV tents can provide extra space. Many SUV tents are also self-contained, allowing you to use your tent even if you can’t (or don’t want to) park your car close to it.

If you plan on vehicle camping frequently, an SUV tent is an excellent investment. It makes the most of your vehicle’s space and opens up many possibilities. An SUV tent is the travel partner you won’t want to leave home without once you’ve experienced its ease.

SUV tents have a lot of advantages, and here are a few of them:

Money Management

Many individuals consider SUV tents because they want to save money. They don’t want to spend dollars on an enclosed trailer or RV, but they don’t want to sleep in challenging uncomfortable traditional tents.

That difficulty appears to have been remedied with the invention of SUV tents. SUV tents are not only less expensive than RVs and enclosed trailers, but they are also less expensive than motels.

Defending yourself

While having a lockable RV or camper is the best protection (apart from reserving a hotel room), SUV tents will also protect you from bugs and other nighttime creatures.

You won’t have to worry about mosquitos in the hot summer months. It will offer you peace while camping, and you won’t have to saturate yourself and your family in bug spray.

Suitable for any weather

SUV tents offer a full cover, so you won’t have to worry if it rains or snows unexpectedly. This is also true if it is scorching late at night. Most SUV tents are built of breathable materials so that you won’t be stuffy or uncomfortable at night. There are also screen windows to assist with airflow.

This is more comfortable than sleeping in a car and better than wrapping yourself in sleep bags. SUV tents have shown to be excellent in all weather conditions, whether you want to camp in the spring and summer months or the chilly autumn and winter months.


Even if you don’t mind spending money on hotels, there may be no hotels or motels for miles. Maybe there aren’t any campgrounds available, so what do you do now? That is irrelevant when you have your SUV tent! Having an SUV tent gives you the freedom to camp practically anywhere! Make sure that the spot where you plan to set up camp for the night is lawful to mark. You’re good to go once you obtain that green light!

Is an SUV tent worth it?

SUV tents are less expensive than renting an enclosed camper or RV and certainly less costly than purchasing an enclosed camper or RV. SUV tents are, however, far more reasonable than most people believe, and if you use your tent frequently, it is well worth the investment. As a result, they are well worth it.

What do people use SUV tents for?

Sleeping above ground

Most rooftop tents are reached through a telescoping ladder because you will be on top of your vehicle. This means you won’t be sleeping in a puddle or a mud pit if it rains. When you’re off the ground, it’s also easier to catch a breeze, so your tent will be more aired and keep you more relaxed in the summer.

Being elevated helps to keep dirt and debris out of your tent. If you’re camping on sand or dusty ground, you can hike up the ladder, brush your shoes off, and then enter the tent without tracking anything inside.

It’s safer

This is a bonus of being above ground, but it merits its paragraph. Animals won’t fit inside your tent if it’s elevated above the ground, especially if you remove the ladder when you’re not using it, preventing squirrels from climbing up. Creepy crawlies like spiders, scorpions, and snakes will have a much harder time getting into your tent.

Sleeping platform/pad that is comfortable

Perhaps this isn’t true if you have the most luxurious ground tent and air mattress ever created. Still, in general, rooftop tents come with high-density memory foam mattresses that are far more comfortable than air mattresses.


If you’ve ever slept in a ground tent during a wind/rain/hail/snowstorm, you know that the flapping of the tent material will keep you awake all night, leave you in a pool in the morning, and cause your tent to be ruined beyond repair. Thankfully, none of these difficulties applies to a rooftop tent.

Many of them have a solid fiberglass panel that pops up straight or at an angle, shielding you from the majority of the elements. Although most RTTs have canvas sides that may flap in the wind, the canvas is more durable, and many feature systems allow you to tighten the fabric extra tight if it’s windy.

What is the most accessible SUV tent to set up?

SUV Tent Napier Outdoors Sportz

The Napier Outdoors SUV Tent claims to be the most comfortable vehicle camping tent available. Its increased screen area and extensible awning turn an SUV into complete camping.



  • Suitable for 5-6 adults.
  • Two overhead skylights, three mesh windows, and two doors
  • Steel frame, fully waterproof PU polyester taffeta, woven polyethylene floors
  • Unzipping and removing the vehicle sleeve may simply be converted into a solo tent.
  • It fits all SUVs with a universal vehicle sleeve.

The Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent is ideal for large groups of campers. It’s an excellent tent to consider if you frequently go camping with a lot of gear. Its setup is less time-consuming, and it is made up of light materials, which makes it easy to carry.

How much does an SUV tent cost?

After knowing about the benefits of SUV tents, you’re undoubtedly asking how much an SUV tent costs. That’s understandable, given that one of the reasons buyers reject a product is because of its price.

This won’t be the case in this scenario. SUV tents are less expensive than renting an enclosed camper or RV and cheaper than purchasing an enclosed camper or RV. So, how much does an SUV tent set you back?

SUV tent prices vary depending on quality and size, but they usually run from $200.00 to $500.00. You may also buy some wonderful ones for under $300.00.

There are even some used SUV tents available that are much less expensive. SUV tents are, however, far more reasonable than most people believe, and if you use your tent frequently, it is well worth the investment.


Automotive tents appear to be a long-term solution, and if you enjoy camping and own an SUV, you are likely thrilled with this development. In reality, as the world becomes more advanced, more individuals prefer to go to the wilderness. RVs and enclosed campers are a terrific and luxury alternative for camping, but they are expensive, as are most luxuries.

You probably don’t want to hire an RV or enclosed camper whenever you want to go somewhere unless you have a lot of money. On the other hand, there’s always the option of bringing your tent and pitching it.

This is a classic camping method that is also a lot of fun. This is where automobile tents come in; they are the ideal compromise. It’s a cost-effective and relaxing way to camp.