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What Cars Are Still Made In Japan? [ Here’s A Complete List ]

What Cars Are Still Made In Japan? [ Here’s A Complete List ]

Japanese automakers have a global appeal to car enthusiasts with their style, performance, and precision engineering. In case you have a fascination for Japanese cars, it’s worth exploring the models that still come from this country. Particularly, sporty compact cars and sports vehicles have made a worldwide name for themselves, being versatile and dependable. Moreover, the leading Japanese automakers have prioritized the tastes of US customers and implanted specific design features.

So, it’s time to run down the list of cars that still come from Japan. We have listed down some of the most reliable and esteemed models across various budgets and utilities to ease your search.

What cars are still made in Japan?

We have prioritized reliability ratings, performance, lifeline, and comfort, which constitute the prime parameters when you choose a car. Here are some of the most reliable vehicles from Japan that you should vouch for.

1. Honda Insight

One of the most celebrated Japanese automobile brands, Honda continues to amaze car enthusiasts with its excellent craftsmanship. As per US News, this car has bagged an overall reliability score of 8/10. Besides, the Honda Insight 2021 finds its rank in the sixth place among electric and hybrid cars.

This car assures excellent fuel economy, cruising at 49 mpg on the highway and 55 mpg in the city. Besides, you would appreciate its standard features particularly the Honda Sensing safety suite.

There is a rear storage space in the car amounting to 15.1 cubic feet to accommodate cargo. Besides, the brand has come up with a dedicated touring trim, where the capacity is 14.7 cubic feet.

Although Honda Insight comes with regenerative brakes, you would find them easy to modulate. The smooth braking system features paddle adjustments on the rear part of the steering wheel. Evidently, the drivers have greater control over the stopping power of the vehicle.

2. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Boasting an impressive reliability rating of 8.1 out of 10, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid continues to be one of the most-sought Japanese cars in the US. These hybrid cars offer an excellent fuel economy. On highways, the Toyota Corolla can achieve 52 mpg, while touching 53 in the cities. Of course, these are above-average figures, which tell tons about Toyota’s promise to car enthusiasts.

The manufacturers have assured cost-efficiency, as you can get the car at $23,100 as the starting price. The US News has selected the 2020 model of this car for the ‘Best Hybrid or Electric Car for the Money’ award. This low-price tag shouldn’t deceive potential buyers with the impression that the car lacks safety features.

3. Mazda6

The Mazda6 finds itself in a competitive position among several midsize cars. The 2020 model continues to be the best of the lot. This is a powerful sedan assuring dynamic handling. The manufacturers have integrated the vehicle with an optional turbocharged engine to ensure energetic performance. You would also appreciate the elegant cabin with premium materials, mimicking the console of a luxury car. In terms of safety, this Japanese car boasts a 9.9 score out of 10.

The visual appeal and feel-good essence of the cabin make the Mazda6 one of the best picks for car enthusiasts. The feather-touch surfaces and quality materials further complement comfort. Depending on the quality of gasoline you choose, the turbocharged engine would have 250 or 227 horsepower. Most importantly, owners love the agile handling, responsive steering, and powerful brakes of the car. Experience-wise, the Mazda6 happens to be an enjoyable model from Japan.

4. Honda Accord

Yet another spectacular piece of engineering from Honda, this car easily ranks among the midsize cars from Japan. The Accord comes with several strengths that have helped it emerge as a versatile vehicle. US News selected the 2020 model for the finalists of their ‘Best Midsize Car for Families’ and the ‘Best Midsize Car for the Money’ awards.

What the owners love about the Honda Accord is the roomy interiors, especially the cabin. The car boasts an impressive cargo space of 16.7 cubic feet. The reliability score of this Japanese car looks near-perfect at 9.9/10. This car has two engine variants, with 252 and 192 horsepower, respectively. Currently, the Accord happens to be the only sedan in the midsize category integrated with a manual transmission (six-speed). The athletic chassis of the Accord goes well with the powerful engines.

5. Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry makes its way into the list of top-ranking cars in the midsize category. Toyota, the leading Japanese carmaker, has adopted a practical stance while crafting this vehicle. It has proven to be one of the best feasible sedans in terms of value for families. However, the 2020 model has got some flaws, including a subpar trunk space and a noisy cabin.

The 203-horsepower engine and the eight-speed transmission (automatic) deliver a decent fuel economy to this car. It can travel 41 mpg on highways, while it drops to 29 mpg on city roads.

This car comes with the Safety Sense-P suite, that comes standard in all Toyota cars. No wonder, why this car has a perfect safety score of 10/10. Moreover, there’s a 301-horsepower variant of this car available with a V6 engine.

6. Honda Fit

The Honda Fit continues to be one of the highest-rated subcompact cars that come from Japan. This car comes loaded with features that a potential buyer would love. A large cargo space, a spacious cabin, and an impressive fuel economy await the owners.

The Honda Fit is a great hatchback that promises impressive performance. Currently, this car comes at $16,190 as the starting price. If you are willing to settle with an economy car, the 2020 model would deliver the best value.

The car’s four-cylinder engine (1.5 liter) can deliver around 130 horsepower. Although this is not the quickest of midsize cars, you would admire its fuel efficiency. In cities and highways, it can deliver 33 mpg and 40 mpg, respectively. At 52.7 cubic feet, the cargo space looks enormous for these cars.

This model comes with the Honda Sensing suite that assures advanced aids for assisted driving. As a result, the little hatchback has got several safety features.

7. Mazda3

You don’t get to experience luxury in compact cars too often, right? Well, the Mazda 3 is an exception, with the 2020 model bringing you an elegant interior and optimal comfort. Car owners would appreciate the sophisticated redesign that the brand came up with in 2020. With a refined engine and sporty handling, it continues to be one of the most-sought Japanese cars. However, this model has got a drawback, as some users do not like the cramped rear seats.

The classy cabin makes the Mazda3 an outstanding car in its category. The exquisite design in the interiors, and the soft-touch surfaces appeal to car enthusiasts. Among safety features, you have a forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, rain-sensing windshield wipers, pedestrian detection, lane keep assist, automatic high-beam headlights, and lane departure warning.


Now that you are aware of some of the best Japanese car models plying the US streets, you can use your discretion to further narrow down your preferences. It makes sense to scan through the individual reviews of each model and weigh the specifications with your expectations. This way, you can make an informed purchase, assuring that the car would deliver the desired performance. No wonder, car enthusiasts still have a whole lot of Japanese cars to pick from.