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What Battery For Toyota Camry Key? [Here’s The Answer]

What Battery For Toyota Camry Key? [Here’s The Answer]

Life goes through ups and downs, and during this course of events, you may have to deal with a non-functioning Toyota Camry key fob. Maybe you are in a hurry to reach your office on Monday morning, and you are also running late. In the meantime, you discover that your Toyota Camry key is not working, and you have to replace its battery. Anyone can feel overwhelmed in this situation, right? But, there is nothing to worry about as we have penned down a blog to inform you everything about the battery size of the Toyota Camry key.

What battery for the Toyota Camry key?

For the Toyota Camry key, you should use the CR2032 battery, the best and the most effective one. While the battery is widely available everywhere and even online, they are economical too. The battery can cost you approximately $5 to replace. Thus, you should never spend massive money on a Toyota Camry key battery.

The best thing about the Toyota Camry is key fob of most of the car models uses a CR2032 battery. Therefore, if you own any model of the Toyota Camry and the key battery requires a replacement, you can purchase the CR2032 battery without thinking twice. Plus, this cost-effective battery is available online and offline. So, you do not need to invest your valuable time while searching for the battery from one store to another. You can get the CR2032 battery in any physical or virtual store. So, purchase it and replace the old battery with the new one.

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What kind of battery does a 2010 Toyota Camry key fob take?

The 2010 Toyota Camry key fob takes the CR2032 battery. The battery is common, widely available online, and is highly economical. These batteries are much more affordable and cost less than $5 to replace. As the battery is available offline and online, replace the battery of your Toyota Camry without any hustle. CR2032 batteries are used in Toyota Camry car models and are not difficult to replace.

What kind of battery does a 2014 Toyota Camry key fob take?

The 2014 Toyota Camry key fob takes the CR2016 battery. This battery is the best option for the 2014 Toyota Camry as the company manufactures it with the best quality materials that go on for a longer duration. These batteries are much better than the original ones and provide reliable power to the engine. The battery also offers triple corrosion protection to the engine, including a proven track record for Toyota Camry 2014 model.

What size battery do I need for a 2012 Toyota Camry key fob?

The 2012 Toyota Camry key fob takes a CR2016 battery, and its size or weight is .05lbs. The battery is the perfect option for the 2012 Toyota Camry key fob and gets manufactured with high-quality material that goes on and on for almost ten years. The battery includes a proven record for the 2012 model of Toyota Camry.

What kind of battery does a 2008 Toyota Camry key fob take?

The 2008 Toyota Camry key fob takes the CR1632 battery. Unlike CR2032 batteries, CR1632 batteries are very affordable and cost under $5. These batteries are available in offline and online stores. So without any second thought, replace the 2008 Toyota Camry key fob with a CR1632 battery. As the battery is cost-efficient and available in various virtual and physical stores, you should never invest your essential time while searching for the battery. This battery is the best option and effective for the 2008 Toyota Camry key fob.

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How to change the battery in a Toyota Camry key?

Life is not perfect, and sometimes you might experience non-functioning Toyota Camry key fobs. Fortunately, replacing the Toyota Camry key fob is easy. When the key fob does not work correctly, the time has arrived to change it. Here are the steps that will give you information to change a battery in a Toyota Camry key fob.

Fob opening

Firstly, open up the key fob to search for the type of battery inside it. For instance, you can slide a hidden key over the slot that opens up the fob, making the front and back cover split up. For the old version, you can open the case of the remote via a screwdriver.

Take out the circuit board.

The key fob has a green rectangle known as a circuit board, and to grab access to the battery removes the circuit board entirely. Ensure to be gentle during the removal process, so you do not interfere with its inner functions. Ensure having sufficient space to remove the old battery with safety and place a new one.

Search for a replacement battery

You can now easily view the battery inside the key fob and note its size and name to know which battery to buy during replacement. You can find the battery either offline or in online stores.

Place new battery

Take the original battery from the key fob and then place its replacement. Ensure to install the new battery in the same position as the old one with its name visible. Carefully place the circuit board to completely cover the electrical piece and attach the key’s both pieces.

Key fob testing

After placing the pieces back in their position, test the key fob to ensure the effectiveness of the new battery. Testing the key fob will help you figure out if a battery replacement is the ultimate solution to the key fob’s malfunction. Click the buttons on the key to see if your vehicle’s doors are correctly working and if the alarm sounds are perfectly working or not.


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End Thoughts

So, every model of Toyota Camry is unique in its way and needs a varying kind of battery for the key fob. Specific batteries go well with specific models and provide protection and performance for a longer duration. You can easily avail the key fob batteries in online and offline stores. Now, as you have grabbed lots of information regarding key fob batteries of various models of Toyota Camry, the time has come to replace your old battery with a new and effective one.