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We Are Launching A Car News Section

It’s been months of discussion & talks, and finally, we have decided to launch a news section on our blog. We the inception of this blog 2 years ago, we primarily focused on solving readers’ many car-related questions & queries.

But as we grow, many readers emailed us and asked if we could add a news section that will basically bring a short & curated version of all the latest car news globally.

It’s not an easy task. It’s very labor-intensive work, to be honest. Because launching a new section requires all-time focus, attention to the market, and knowing what’s happening.

But we just drop everything and hired a few car and vehicle enthusiastic people who will be sourcing and writing cars or any other vehicle-related news from now on.

If you’re someone who really likes to stay updated or know someone, please feel free to share this news.


Team MyVehicleTalk..