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How Much VW Beetle Windshield Replacement Cost? [ Answered ]

How Much VW Beetle Windshield Replacement Cost? [ Answered ]

The VW Beetle is one of the most famous and oldest vehicles in the automobile industry. The manufacturer released the car in 1941, but the prototype model was originally built in 1938. Its unique shape and body design make it one of the most identifiable passenger vehicles today.

VW Beetle is a luxury4-seater hatchback, but after seven decades, unfortunately, the company discontinued its production. If you want this car, it is still available on the second-hand market, and you can get the car parts repaired or replaced if there is any damage.

What’s the VW beetle windshield replacement cost?

If you have to replace the windshield of your Volkswagen beetle, the cost ranges between 200 to 300 Dollars, but many other factors affect the replacement cost.

The shape of the VW Beetle windshield is curved, making it the most tricky issue an auto glass technician faces. When the glass gets repaired or replaced, the technicians should handle the curvature delicately.

Factors that might impact the price

Following are some factors that will affect your windshield repair cost.

1. Model of the car

The model of the car is the first and foremost feature that impacts the replacement cost of your VW Beetle’s windshield. Each model has different specs and features.

So the price will also be different for the replacement. For example, the cost of replacing the windshield of a 2000 VW Beetle is higher than a 2002 VW Beetle model. So the price quotation may differ for different models of VW Beetle.

2. Specification

Windshield specifications are also a crucial factor affecting the replacement cost apart from the car’s model. The more discerning features you want in your windshield, the more it will cost you.

You can decide the specification of the windshield as per your budget. For example, the price will be high if you want digital display tinting on your windshield or automatic wipers connected through the windshield.

3. Type of Windshield

Two types of windshield glass are available in the market: aftermarket and OEM. The windshield type has a significant role to play in the cost of replacing it.

The original equipped manufacturer (OEM) has similar specifications or features to the original windshield installed by the manufacturing company. OEM gives more clarity, security, and longevity, making it a better choice, but it also comes at a high cost.

The same company also manufactures the aftermarket, but they are not original. They are made on a different product line and are authentic glass imitations.

The quality of the glass is substandard. So, the type of windshield you choose will impact your bills accordingly. If you go with OEM glass, there will be an extra charge.

4. Insurance coverage

Some insurance plan does not cover windshield damage, and some covers it. We recommend checking your plan, whether it includes windshield damage or not.

A comprehensive plan will be a better option to save you from such unforeseen damages. Many automobile repair service providers collaborate with insurance companies.

So, select a service provider that has tied up with your insurance company. It will help you to get your reimbursement quickly. Otherwise, many times claiming compensation becomes a difficult task.

5. Service provider

The service provider you choose will also affect the price of windshield replacement because some providers charge less, while some charge high, but the provider with high cost has more reputation and better facility. So, we always advise choosing a reputed service provider.

End words

These were some factors affecting the pricing of the windshield replacement of your VW Volkswagen. To sum up all the factors in one word that affect the price would be quality. The better quality you want, the more price you will have to pay.