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Vehicles That Start With S : The Complete List For 2022

Vehicles That Start With S : The Complete List For 2022

Are you a perfectionist who loves to organize everything? Then you may want to make an alphabetically arranged list of car names. Here is a curated list of car names starting with the letter ‘S.’

Car Names & Vehicles That Start With S

1) Skoda Auto

Škoda is a Czech automobile company that started as a bicycle manufacturing shop. But by 1905, the company started making cars and soon became prominent. 

Some of the Skoda cars include-

  • Skoda Rapid- The Skoda Rapid [1] has a sleek design with defined taillights for intense light. The engine has a capacity of 1 liter, and the car gives an output of 81 kW. It boasts of 4 airbags, making it one of the safest cars.
  • Skoda SuperbThis five-seater sedan has a 2-liter diesel engine and has an output of 140 kW. It comes with an automatic transmission with a top speed of 250 KMPH. This new model can reach from 0 to 100 mph in 9.1 seconds. 
  • Skoda Octavia FaceliftThis model has petrol and diesel engines with a fuel tank capacity of 50 liters. It also features an automatic transmission and has a maximum output of 180 kW. The sharp design and four compartments LED lights are the most notable features of the Škoda Octavia Facelift.

Skoda also plans to launch 10 models of fully electric cars by 2025.


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2) Spyker Cars

Since the year 2000, Spyker Cars [2] has been manufacturing sports cars with aero engines and other prominent features. Some of their sport car models include the following-

  • Spyker C8- This sports car provides a torque of 354 lb-ft and comes with a horsepower of 395. The basic model has a 4.2-liter V8 engine and a top speed of 322 KMPH. The car is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a heads-up display for the convenience of the drivers.
  • Spyker D8- The Spyker D8 Peking to Paris was originally named Spyker D12. It was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006 in partnership with Saab. However, due to several delays, they discontinued the model.


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3) Saleen

Saleem is not just an automobile company. It manufactures high-quality automobile parts, superchargers, iPod adapters, and even car paint formulations. The most popular models of Saleen cars comprise of the following-

  • Saleen 302 Mustang- This model has a 2.6-liter supercharger and an intercooler system with a 2.7 L engine and gives a whopping output of 800 horsepower. The car also features racecraft springs, body panels massage airflows, which is pretty uncommon in a sports car.[3]
  • Saleen GTX- This checks all the boxes of being the best car ever. Inspired by the Tesla Model S, Saleen GTX is an electric supercar. With 691 horsepower and lightning acceleration, this powerful car grabs all the attention.[4]
  • Saleen 620 Black Label Camaro- This beast comes with 575 hp and 600 ft-lb torque to provide a smooth ride. Also, it has a leather interior, muscular body, and premium shock absorbers for a better experience. However, it is expensive and might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

4) Subaru

As part of the Japanese transportation conglomerate of Subaru Corporation, Subaru is one of the world’s most prominent automobile companies. It started as an Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915 but began manufacturing automobiles in 1954. [5]

Subaru has collaborated with brands like Suzuki, Toyota to produce some of the most popular cars. 

Some of them include-

  • Subaru Justy- This hatchback features a compact interior with large foglights and prominent headlights. It is fuelled by a 1 liter 3-cylinder engine and generates 69 horsepower. [6]
  • Subaru Stella- It is a Kei car that is more compact than its predecessor, the Subaru R2. The Subaru Stella comes with a 658 cc engine. This model was revamped and reintroduced into the Japanese market as Daihatsu Move.
  • Subaru Chiffon- The company again rebadged this Kei car as Daihatsu Tanto. There are four generations of Tanto with variations in engine, design, and interior. The fourth and latest version of Tanto comes with has a 658 cc KF-VE petrol engine that can generate between 51-63 horsepower.


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5) Scion

Scion was a part of Toyota, which focussed on making sporty cars that mainly attracted the younger generation. Given the reasonable pricing, the sales of Scion cars went up in 2006. 

Some of its car models included-

  • Scion FR-S
  • Scion iQ
  • Scion is

However, Toyota started facing a financial crisis during 2007 and teamed up with Subaru to churn out new Scion cars. Despite the efforts, Scion got discontinued in 2016, and the cars were reintroduced as Toyota models. 

6) SEAT S.A.

Founded in 1950, SEAT is an automobile manufacturer based in Spain. SEAT began contributing to motorsports from 1970 and also supported rallies. 

The most popular cars from SEAT[ 7 ] include-

  • SEAT Ibiza- This is the best selling supermini car of SEAT that features compact styling and lightweight body parts. Auto Bild endurance tests show that Ibiza is one of the most reliable cars in the UK.
  • SEAT Ronda- This was a family car manufacturer between 1982 and 1986. It was a revamped version of SEAT Ritmo and differed from its predecessor in its exterior design.
  • SEAT TRIBU- It is a compact SUV that features 3 doors and four wide, concave seats.

7) Sterling

Sterling was a sub-brand of the Rover Group company in the UK. Models like the Sterling 825 & Sterling 827 were sold from 1987 to 1991.

Initially, Sterling made a profit due to the elegant, British interior of its cars. However, it later lost ground to Honda, who was introducing more user-friendly and energy-efficient cars. 

Due to several severe losses, Rover Cars withdrew from the market in 1991. During that year, Sterling had sold less than 2000 units and incurred a massive loss.


You now know a bunch of cars that begin with the letter ‘S.’

This list can help you search for cars you like and also give you an idea of the cars that are no longer available.

Go ahead and arrange your favorite cars in alphabetical order.


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