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Type Of Tractors : Everything You Need To Know In 2022

Type Of Tractors : Everything You Need To Know In 2022

As man progressed from hunting with tools to building skyscrapers, his work increased. He needed raw materials for skyscrapers, fertile soil for his crops, and artillery against enemies. Hence, came the need for Tractors.

There are numerous varieties of tractors that you can see in your day to day lives. Some are used for farming, a few for the military, others for buildings, etc. Here’s a list of the different types of tractors and their specific uses. [1]

Type Of Tractors : Everything You Need To Know

1. Compact Tractors

compact tractor is the most useful vehicle for passionate gardeners. This tractor is small in size, comes with a hydraulic powered system, and extremely versatile. [2], [3]

Besides effectively mowing grass, a compact tractor can vouch for the following functions-

  1. Soil tilling- Tilling the soil is essential when you are planting new trees in your garden. Tilling loosens up the soil while allowing more air and nutrients to pass through. Compact tractors can quickly cultivate the soil in small areas up to ten inches.
  2. Clearing snow- Heavy snowfall can negatively affect your plants and also cause a lot of inconveniences. Due to their hydraulic system, high horsepower, and sturdy built, compact tractors can clear deep snow layers. If you need to clear large snow areas, you can attach a snowblower and generate more power.
  3. Removing weeds and pine needles- Clearing weeds and tree debris often feels like a tedious task. But you can quickly get done with this tedious job with compact tractors. You just need to attach a bucket or a straw rake to the front of your tractor and drive over the mess.
  4. Moving heavy equipment- Oftentimes, you need to transfer heavy equipment from one place to another. Rather than implementing manual labor, you can use a compact tractor to shift things without much effort and time.

While compact tractors are great, you must be aware of the precautions for safety. A compact tractor is not meant for a ride and should not carry more than 1 member.

Also, you must read the manual and know the complete operation of your tractor. Taking these safety precautions will make your work easier and sustain your tractor for a long time.

Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, Branson Tractors make some fantastic and user-friendly compact tractors in the market. You can consider saving up your money and going for a good tractor that can fulfill your needs while bringing you some money.

2) Bulldozers 

A bulldozer is the king of all tractors. This tractor is the heaviest, can generate about 190 horsepower, and can be used for multiple reasons.

They are used for heavy-duty industries like mining, factories, and large agriculture farms.

Bulldozers are generally equipped with two structures- A Blade and A ripper.

The blade [4] is used to push materials like soil, snow, debris, cement, and rocks. There are three types of blades-

  1. Straight blade- A straight blade is short and sturdy with no curvature at the corners. It is used for carrying finely ground material of high mass.
  2. Universal blade- Universal blades are curved and wide with spillage protectors at the corners. They are used for tilling medium density soils and for pushing objects over a considerable distance. They are commonly seen in ditching grounds and construction sites.
  3. Semi-U blade- A semi-U blade is a hybrid of the straight and universal blade. It is short but comes with a good curvature and spillage protectors. They are used to push soft soil levels crowning and other such tasks.

The ripper is a claw-like structure at the rear of a bulldozer and can either be single or in pairs. Rippers are used to breaking rocks into small rubbles and ploward grounds.

Rippers help in loosening the soil, which makes it suitable for cultivation. Bulldozers can also be modified to serve specific purposes.

For instance, the blade can be replaced with a container for carrying loads. Moreover, they can also be armed with ammunition and shields to be used for military purposes. Komastu, John Deere, and Caterpillar make the best bulldozers in the market.[5]

 3) Artillery tractors

Artillery tractors are used in the military for hauling heavy machinery, temporary buildings even for assault.

Their bulky weight makes them perfect for loading rifles and other artillery. As these tractors generate high power, they are ideal for towing and quick maneuvers. In cases of emergency, artillery tractors can also be used for battling the enemies. [6]

Some of the artillery tractors are as follows-

  1. ACMAT VLRA2- This is a heavy truck that started manufacturing in 2009. It has been used in countries like France, Chile, and Ireland.
  2. Ashok Leyland Super Stallion- It is a heavy truck that has been used exclusively in India.
  3. AM General Humvee M1097A2- This is a light truck that was manufactured in 1984 and used in the United States.

Artillery tractors were used extensively during World War I & II. Today, they are used mainly for loading equipment to military units and for the demolition of buildings.

4) Excavators

As the name suggests, excavators are used to digging and removing soil from hard surfaces. These tractors come with a bucket, rotating cab, large tracks, and heavy arms.

Excavators are used at construction sites, quarries, factories, and demolition grounds. They are often powered by hydraulic pumps and can generate up to 400 horsepower. [7]

There are mainly five types of excavators that are extensively used. [8]

  1. Crawlers- They are equipped with a chain-wheel system that provides a smoother surface to run on. Due to this chain-like system, crawlers are often used in hilly areas and rough terrain. They are employed at mining sites and also at construction areas.
  2. Draglines- Dragline excavators are extremely heavy and need to be assembled at the site of work. It uses a hoist rope that is attached to a bucket. These excavators are mainly used where canals are being built.
  3. Suction Excavators- Suction excavators first release a jet of water to loosen the earth. The suction pipe attached to the tractor then creates a vacuum and pulls every debris from the soil. These tractors can generate 400 Horsepower and are ideal for soft soil.
  4. Skid Steer Excavators- The booms and bucket of a skid steer excavator move away from the driver. This makes it easy to dig pools and remove waste from narrow, tiny areas.
  5. Long Reach Excavators- These excavators have longer arms and booms as compared to the others. They are usually used in areas that are not easily accessible. Long reach excavators are ideal for the demolition of buildings and other concrete structures.

Modern technology has also introduced us to mini-excavators that are lightweight and suitable for smaller areas.

5) Autonomous tractors

Autonomous tractors are those that function without the presence of a driver. These tractors provide greater torque with less speed, making farming very easy.

Driverless trucks work with GPS and other wireless technologies to navigate the target areas. A built-in software helps to detect objects, humans, animals, and trees and avoid the tractors’ clashing. [9]

A commonly used technology utilizes laser signals that bounce off transponders in and around the field.

These tractors can either be completely automated or can be partially regulated by humans.

Humans can act as controllers and can regulate the tractor’s movements from outside using a remote. Some autonomous tractors also communicate with each other and share data.

However exciting driverless tractors may sound, people have raised concerns about the safety of such technology.

There have been a few cases of accidents due to faulty technology. But such cases are sporadic, and engineers are continually upgrading the technology.

The ideal driverless tractor should behave exactly like a human driver, inculcating reflex responses, and accurate judgment.

Fendt, John Deere, and Case IH are the world’s leading manufacturers of autonomous vehicles. These companies include the latest technology combined with human regulation to make farming and construction easy.


There you go! You have a list of the most popular tractors that are employed in different areas of work.

As the requirements of humans increase further, these tractors can be modified and given entirely new forms.

Few tractors like the military ones were more relevant in the 1900s but are not much used today. On the other hand, bulldozers are a staple for industrial growth.

As the years go by, they might be replaced by something new. But one thing is for sure. We will always need to accomplish heavy work, and tractors have to exist to help us.

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