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Towing Capacity Of A Prius : [ Here’s How Much You Can Tow ]

Towing Capacity Of A Prius : [ Here’s How Much You Can Tow ]

The Toyota Prius is a game-changer in the automotive industry as one of the first electric and gas hybrid vehicles. Because of their fuel economy and tiny size, Prius owners are enthusiastic about them.

It is, however, impossible to go camping or on lengthy vacations with the Prius because of its modest size. Is the Prius capable of towing anything? If so, how much towing power does it have, and is there a way to enhance it so it can tow a small trailer?

What’s The Towing Capacity Of A Prius?

The Toyota Prius isn’t officially designed to pull anything. Owners of Toyota vehicles, especially the Prius, in the United States are urged not to tow anything. However, it had a maximum towing capability of 1,598 pounds in 2015.

Even the Prius V, which has a towing capacity of 1,600 pounds, is limited in its ability to pull a trailer. This is a lot like the Corolla in terms of price. More powerful engines and towing capacity are available in other Toyota models, and the Toyota Forerunner, for example, can pull 5,000 pounds.

Can I Pull A Trailer With A Prius?

A Prius may pull it if the trailer or camper doesn’t weigh more than 1,500 pounds. Installing the towing component isn’t too difficult and won’t cost much. A Prius may help you maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle while on the road.

Can A 2012 Prius Pull A Trailer?

According to your 2012 Toyota Prius V’s owner’s handbook, “Not towing a trailer is not recommended by Toyota. Toyota also does not recommend a tow hitch or tow hitch carriage for a stroller, bike, bicycle, etc. Towing a trailer or using containers attached to a tow hitch is not recommended for your vehicle”, but the 2012 Prius has a 2000lbs towing capacity.

How Much Can A 2010 Prius Tow?

The towing capability of a 2010 Prius can’t be increased considerably. The hybrid engine can’t lift more than 1,000 pounds because of its design. To top it all off, the car’s structure was designed to be ultra-lightweight, and the structure might be ripped apart if the trailer is too heavy.

How Much Weight Can A 2013 Prius Tow?

The 2013 Prius has a towing capacity of 2000 lbs but for the ultimate word on whether or not your 2013 Toyota Prius can pull a trailer, check with the owner’s handbook or a Toyota dealer. You can’t tow at all with Toyota, according to reports available.


As a Toyota fan, you’ll need a larger vehicle if your towing needs exceed 1,500 pounds. The Toyota Tundra, with a load capacity of 10,200 pounds, has the most significant towing capability of all the Toyotas. With a maximum towing capability of 7,500 lbs, the Toyota Sequoia is the most capable SUV or crossover. The Prius is a great car for any other purpose other than towing.