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What Size Tires For 16×8 Wheels? [ We Explained ]

What Size Tires For 16×8 Wheels? [ We Explained ]

As a new car owner, you might be in a dilemma over the wheel size. Along with getting the tire size right, newbies need to read the tire information correctly.

So, you might wonder what tire size would be ideal for 16×8 rims. We have explained the same to you in this post. We have also come up with an easy explanation for understanding tire details.

Tires for 16×8 wheels

If you are planning to purchase new tires for your cars, you need to know some specifications regardless of the car’s brand. In this context, you should be knowing three prime aspects. These are the speed rating of tires, tire size, and load index.

If the car that you own has 16×8 rims, you can choose from several types of tires. These are:

  • 285×75 tires
  • 245/75 tires
  • 265 75R16 tires
  • 215/45 tires
  • 205/45-16 tires

However, experts generally recommend not to recommend the above-mentioned tires for rims that have more width than 16×7.

Car owners often want to get the right size of tires for their vehicles. Regardless of the size of the rim, you need to consider several aspects. Experts stress two aspects when you try to purchase new tires.

  • In the first place, it’s imperative to have a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also inspect the load index and size of the car’s tires. Once you know these recommended numbers, you can get the right tire.
  • Secondly, as a thumb rule, remember that the replacement tires shouldn’t be smaller than the existing ones under any condition. At the same time, the new tire should have its load-lifting capacity the same or more than the original tire.

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How can you read the tire documentation?

It’s imperative for car owners to inspect the documentation on tires when they try to find the most suitable size. You might not know what the documentation means if you have just purchased your first car.

We have developed some relevant guidelines to help you read the specifications on the tires. This would help you choose the perfect size of tires for 16×8 rims.

  • The documentation would have the tire width mentioned in millimeters
  • It would have some kind of information on radial construction
  • The document would express the sidewall width and height of the tires in percentage
  • The rim’s diameter would have a specification in inches
  • It would have relevant details on the speed index or the highest speed the tires can bear
  • You will find suitable details on the load index and load-bearing capacity of the tire
  • For flat-run tires, there would be details on self-supporting capabilities
  • You would find relevant details on compatibility with mud and snow conditions
  • The document would furnish adequate information on the OE keys and the original equipment key
  • Other details might include the manufacturing week
  • In some tires, you also have the manufacturer year mentioned

What are the differences between 16×8 and 16×7 rims?

For 16×8 rims, the offset wheels measure 12 mm. at 12.5 inches, they generally sit outwards. Therefore, they would find a place close to the fender’s edge. Sometimes, it would go even beyond that when you compare it with the regular wheels measuring 16×7 inches.

The 16×8 wheels, on the other hand, come with a better suspension clearance than the 16×7 wheels. So, with larger wheels, you would have around 25 inches of additional suspension.

What is the largest tire you can put on a 16×7 rim?

Reputed manufacturers of automobiles do not want car owners to install tires that are wider than 4 inches than the rim size. Therefore, when you have a 16×7 rim, the largest tire suitable for your car would be 11 inches wide. Besides, you can settle with any tire with a width less than this mark. In any case, you cannot afford to get a tire wider than 11 inches.


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How wide of a tire can I put on a 16×8 rim?

Tires as wide as 33×12. 5 inches can fit into a 16×8 rim. However, before you fit the 16×8 rim with such a wide tire, reach out to your mechanics for a consultation. The reason is, that automobile manufacturers recommend not to use tires wider than 4 inches than the rim. Therefore, the largest recommended wheel would be around 12 inches in width.

Will a 265 75R16 fit a 16×8 rim?

Yes, a 265 75R16 tire would fit a 16×8 rim. However, experts recommend not to use these tires on rims wider than 16×7.


So, now you know the tires that would go with 16×8 rims. If you have to change the tires frequently, you must know the size that suits these rims in your car. However, if you are new to driving, you might not know the right tires to fit your car’s rim. We have already outlined the process in these situations to help you out.