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Throwing Car Batteries In The Ocean ( Is It Legal In The Usa )?

Throwing Car Batteries In The Ocean ( Is It Legal In The Usa )?

Google search results are sometimes so funny that you may get compelled to realize what you just read or saw as one of the results of your entered query. One such result was Google suggesting people throw their car batteries in the ocean.

The further explanation behind this readout is that it’s safe for the environment and charges the electric eels besides powering the Gulf stream. Yes, you read that right! It will sound absurd, but it’s true.

It is funny, weird, and tells that Google’s search algorithm can also bug out at days and suggest what it shouldn’t.

However, this made people wonder if it is safe to throw or dispose of car batteries in the ocean or not. If your car battery is too nearing its age and you’ve to eliminate it, let’s understand whether the above method is good or not.

Is it good to throw car batteries in the ocean?

No, it’s never a good way to dispose of your old or worn-out car battery. This way of eliminating a car battery or any battery is harmful to both the environment and health.

It is because car batteries encompass lead and acid that are responsible for their long life and charge.

While both are beneficial for the battery, they pose a serious threat to your health and the surroundings. If they start leaking, they can contaminate the soil and water.

Instead, there are multiple ways to dispose of a car battery so it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone. One of the best ways of doing so is by sending it to any recycling plant.

According to a survey, it came to light that recycling a battery is both cost-effective and an ideal way to preserve the environment in the process. Not to forget, in some countries, you get paid for recycling your car battery.

Why is it not a good idea to throw a car battery in the ocean?

A standard car battery contains approximately 20 pounds of lead and acid. That’s a lot of valuable lead used for several applications. However, if not handled properly, the same lead can become a cause of concern due to its contamination properties. For example, the following are the popular reasons casually disposing of a car battery, like throwing it in the ocean, isn’t a good option.

The harmful chemicals in the battery will most probably leak out into the ocean

It is the most common yet dangerous consequence of throwing a battery into the ocean. Since a car battery houses harmful chemicals like heavy metals, acids, and lead, their underwater leakage can severely harm aquatic animals and flora. It will also lead to widespread pollution in the ocean.

The battery takes several years to decompose

You must know that a car battery takes several years to decompose fully. During this process, you need to be careful. For example, if you eliminate your battery by throwing it into the ocean, it will remain there for many years and will continue to contaminate the ocean water.

Lead poisoning results in behavioral and learning problems in children

While you may not feel like encouraging your kids to swim in an ocean, experts feel otherwise and believe it’s completely safe for children to explore an ocean. Due to this, nowadays, oceans aren’t vacant anymore.

Now, if you’re planning to throw your worn-out car battery into the ocean, its harmful chemicals like lead can enter into the kids’ bodies. It will lead to lead poisoning that’s likewise associated with behavioral and learning problems in children.

It’s illegal

At last, this is the most important reason why you should refrain from throwing the car battery into the ocean. It’s illegal to do so for a variety of reasons like:

  • Chemicals of the battery lead to soil & water pollution.
  • The chemicals turn water into acidic water that kills flora and aquatic animals.
  • Exposure to lead is likewise harmful to humans.

Hence, the above sin will attract severe penalties or even imprisonment depending upon the sets of rules of your state.


A standard car battery has a lifespan of approximately 3-4 years. After completing its term, it’ll start to irritate you, and that’s the best time to install a brand new battery in your car.

So what to do with the old and dying battery? There is an ample number of ways to dispose of a battery. The best of all is to recycle and reuse it, considering its cost-effectiveness and popularity worldwide.

However, if you are planning something different like throwing it into an ocean, beware! Not only is this the worst you could do with everyone’s health, but it’s likewise against the environment too. Hence, never throw the car battery into the ocean or anywhere in the open.