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Tesla Model S vs Audi e-tron GT : Know The Differences

Tesla Model S vs Audi e-tron GT : Know The Differences

With the rapidly evolving technology, electric vehicles are the new talk of the town. With the demand increasing, more and more advanced electric cars are being launched into the market. A segment that was initially controlled only by the Tesla Model S, with it being the only option, has now multiple alternatives in the market.

Audi is building its position in the world of E-Vehicles by introducing the Audi E- Tron. This Model has two variants, the Audi E-Tron GT and GT RS. Both of them are finely engineered with futuristic features and classic Audi characteristics that make them a compelling option for buyers.

However, Audi’s biggest competitor in the current market for EVs is the Tesla Model S. Keep reading to know the comparative analysis between Tesla Model S and Audi e-Tron GT.

Tesla Model S VS Audi E-Tron GT

Both the supercars are collectible, and any car enthusiast would like to have them in their set. Take a look at the various points of comparison between the two and see which one suits you better.

Exterior Design

If you are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car, it better be really, really good-looking. In that case, e-Tron GT is a more suitable choice. The E-Tron GT has a more dated exterior that youngsters prefer these days than the Model S, which, although a bit classic, still looks super amazing. While Tesla is more subtle and minimalist, Audi provides a bolder and stronger look. Audi’s signature grille and new 3D headlights are featured in the e-Tron GT. It has muscular creases going all the way to the rear, which makes it look even more amazing. Compared to Model S, e-Tron GT is simply a piece of beauty.

Interior Design

The interior designs of both cars are relatively minimalistic and driver-centered. The Tesla Model S allows the driver to navigate every feature of the car through the infotainment screen.

But, to give it a more classic and posher look, Audi has physical buttons as well as a 10.1-inch touch screen to control and navigate all the functions of the car.

In the Model S, you can find a 17-inch touchscreen that allows navigation, calls, charge scheduling, music, energy consumption meter display, climate control, and all other features that can be controlled by a single screen. Both the cars have leather interiors with a subtle and classy look.


The Tesla Model S is more powerful than the E-Tron GT model. The E-Tron model has dual motors which operate individually on their axis. The rear engine has 224 horsepower and 262 lb-ft torque, and the front one makes 124 horsepower and 228 lb-ft torque. The maximum power of the e-Tron model is 469-637 horses.

The revolution of the engines is so high compared to other gasoline engines that there is no requirement for a multi-gear transmission. On the other hand, the S model has a pair of 259 hp AC induction motors that operate on their axis.

Its maximum power is 509 to 1020 hp which is significantly more than E-Tron. The Model S also comes with all upgrades in the electronic system. As the car accelerates its speed, it becomes quieter and swifter.


Model S covers a higher distance than e-Tron on a single charge. It takes Tesla 2.4 secs to speed up to 60MPH. It has the highest speed of 155MPH. On a single charge, it can cover a range of 388 miles. Model S can be shifted to different modes with varying ranges. It had a total battery power of 100.0kWh.

The initial range of the e-Tron has not been listed, but via Boost Mode and Sports Mode, it can speed up to 60 MPH in 5.5 seconds. The E-Tron covers a distance of 238 miles on a single charge which is slightly less than the Tesla. The E-Tron has a battery pack of 93.4 kWh.


When it comes to pricing, Tesla is more affordable than Audi. The Model S starts at $89,990, whereas the Audi will set you back by a dashing amount of $102,400.

If you are looking for the top-quality Model S, you will have to empty around $129,990 from your pocket without consideration of many options; meanwhile, the e-Tron GT RS variant comes in at $142,400.

You must also note that the e-Tron GT can get the full $7,500 Federal Tax Credit, but the Model S cannot, as Tesla made a sale of over 200,000 EVs in the States.

Comfort and storage

The Audi has more interior space, which makes it slightly more comfortable than its competitor. Both the cars are 5-seater, but Audi E-Tron offers more space on the rear row.

E-Tron provides a larger cargo space and more small areas to be used as storage. Not only that but e-Tron also has inductive charging, which is compatible with smartphones with clips. E-Tron is a Family-friendly electric vehicle.

Meanwhile, in Tesla Model S, only the front two seats are good and supportive to be in a variety of driving positions.

The door openings look big, but in the function, they are small, and the rear seats are more reclined. But, when it comes to looks, Model S has a half steering wheel which looks very cool.

Driver Assistance Features

When it comes to assisting the drivers, the features of Model S take a stand. The remarkable features of the Tesla Model S are Autopilot and Self-Driving. Autopilot is Tesla’s alternative for cruise control.

It enables the car to drive itself, steer, accelerate and brake. The advanced autopilot feature navigates to follow vehicles, pass them, and an auto park, which is impressive. The auto park features can do parallel and perpendicular parking.

It includes enhanced adaptive cruise control with additional features like turn assist, maneuverer assists, and efficiency assistance.

It also has predictive functions for functions like power strain and chassis system and a traffic sign recognition system. Driver Assistance is available in Audi only with the Prestige Premium Plus.

Practical Experience

When it comes to practicality, both cars are phenomenal and offer their own experiences. The E-Tron charges a lot faster than the Model S. Yet again, the driving range and power segment are won by Tesla as E-Tron covers a lesser range on a full charge and is slightly slower than the Model S.

However, if what you are looking for, a Family and daily routine car, Audi E-Tron is a more suitable choice than Tesla Model S. But, when it comes to power thrust and traveling range, Tesla wins without a doubt.

The following table represents the difference between Tesla Model S and Audi e-Tron GT.

Audi E-Tron GT VS Tesla Model S
Features Audi e-Tron GT Tesla Model S
Seat Material Premium Synthetic Premium Synthetic
Power Driver Seat 14 way 12 way
Power Passenger Seat 14 way 12 way
Climate Control Dual-Zone Dual-Zone
Rear Climate Control Auto Auto
Interior Trim Wood Wood and Plastic
Steering Wheel Type Alcantara Leather
Audio Steering Wheels Controls Included Included
Cruise Control Adaptive Cruise Control Adaptive Cruise Control w/Stop and Go
Brake Assist Included Included
Blind Spot System Active Warning Active Warning
Forward Collision Warning Active Active
Backup Camera Included Included
Around View Camera Included Included
Parking Sensors Front and Rear Front and Rear
Side Airbags Front and Rear Front
Curtain Airbags Front and Rear Front and Rear
Knee Airbags Included Included
Pedestrian Detection Included Included
Engine Type Electric Electric
Horsepower 469 hp 1020 hp
Eco Mode Included Included
Sport Mode Included Included
EPA EV Equivalent City Fuel Economy (MPGe) 81 MPGe 119 MPGe
EPA EV Equivalent Highway Fuel Economy (MPGe) 83 MPGe 112 MPGe
EPA EV Equivalent Combined Fuel Economy (MPGe) 82 MPGe 116 MPGe
EPA Electric Range 238 mile 396 mile
Regenerative Braking Included Included
On-Board Charger 11.0 kW 17.2 kW
Level 1 Charging Time 43.0 hours 71.5 hours
Level 2 Charging Time 9.0 hours 6.5 hours
Level 2 Charging Rate 28 miles per hour 37 miles per hour
DC Fast Charger Port CCS Tesla
DC Fast Charger 270.0 kW 250.0 kW
Thermal Management System (TMS) Liquid-Cooled Liquid-Cooled
Battery Capacity 93.0 kWh 100.0 kWh
Transmission Type Automatic Automatic
Gear Number 2 1
Exterior Width 77.3 in 77.3 in
Height 55.6 in 56.9 in
Wheelbase 114.1 in 116.5 in
Turning Diameter 38.1 ft 38.8 ft
Front Head Room 39.3 in 39.7 in
Front Leg Room 41.9 in 42.4 in
Front Shoulder Room 56.4 in 58.4 in
Rear Head Room 37.5 in 38.1 in
Rear LegRoom 32.2 in 35.5 in
Rear Shoulder Room 53.8 in 55.1 in
Curb Weight 5060 lbs 4766 lbs
Cargo Capacity w/All Seats in Place 14.3 ft³ 28.4 ft³


Tesla Model S VS Audi e-Tron GT – Which one do we recommend?

Even though Tesla has reigned in the EV industry for a long time and still now it is a go-to luxury electric sedan, we believe Audi e-Tron GT is a better option. This car is more practical and family-oriented, but it is also a car of a lifetime.

Yes, Tesla might be a little on the cheaper side, but if you are already paying thousands of dollars for a car, pay a few thousand more and buy a better car.

Here is why we prefer Audi e-Tron GT over Tesla Model S:

Safety First!

E-Tron GT is built with ease of mind and safety. Its features like auto traffic sign recognition, speed limiter, turn assist, auto-park, and more make it the perfect choice. The driver’s assistance features are remarkable, and Tesla is nowhere compared to it.


When it comes to the reliability of the motors, Tesla has faced many problems previously. Audi, on the other hand, can be trusted better.

There are electric motors placed on the rear and front axles, which produce a combined output of 475 HP. When the boost or sports mode is activated, the car can generate up to 530 hp. It is suitable for driving in any situation.

Air Suspension

The e-Tron has adapted to an advanced air suspension technology that is significantly remarkable and better than Tesla’s air suspension for its impressive handling.

With the E-Tron, owners can adjust the height of the electric vehicle. The suspension allows the car to adjust itself automatically at specific speed limits. E-Tron tires are also resistant to rolling.

Eco Friendly

If you are into EVs when you care about sustainability. Audi has followed the suit of replacing the real leather interior with vegan leather. It has multiple eco-friendly elements that make it an ideal choice for families.

In closing

This article comparatively analyses in detail Tesla Model S and Audi e-Tron. To conclude, both the cars are in one word – PHENOMENAL. However, based on your requirements you have to choose one.

If you are in for speed and powerful thrust, Tesla is the undoubted choice. But when it comes to comfort, a slightly better design, and automatic assistance, Audi E-Tron bags the first position. Check the features as stated above and choose the one for yourself.