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All about shaq’s yacht : Know Everything From Here

All about shaq’s yacht : Know Everything From Here

Shaq is one of the most successful NBA players in the world. Apart from his successful career, Shaq has invested in multiple luxury properties, including his yacht, nicknamed Shaqapulco.

Shaq’s yacht allows him to live a lavish lifestyle with constant vacations and parties. Shaq’s yacht offers a luxurious space for Shaq and his guests.

The yacht can host at least 24 guests and a total number of 40 people on board, including the crew members. This is why it is perfect for hosting parties and events.

Shaq’s yacht has various unique features, including vast spaces, glass panels, and large glass windows.

These features allow people on board to enjoy the most beautiful and breathtaking views of the sea.

How much does Shaq’s yacht cost?

The Shaq yacht is approximated to be $130 million dollars. The yacht is massive, and it offers a lot of luxury. For instance, events can be held on the yacht as they can accommodate multiple people.

Apart from the initial cost of Shaq’s yacht, he also spends a fortune on maintaining it.

Maintaining Shaqapulco costs at least $4 million every year.

Maintaining a yacht is essential as it extends its lifespan and ensures that it operates perfectly. The maintenance costs for Shaq’s yacht come from paying the crew and other additional costs.

He spends approximately $1.2 million paying the crew every year. The crew ensures that the yacht is running perfectly.

He then spends approximately $2 million on insurance fees, fuel expenses, and dockage costs.

What are the features of Shaq’s yacht?

1. Glass windows

Shaq’s yacht has long glass windows that light up dark spaces hidden below decks. These glass windows allow everyone on board to enjoy the beautiful views while on the water.

Glass windows allow people on board to bring the outdoors into their comfort zones.

The glass windows on Shaq’s yacht allow guests to enjoy the secluded and unique panorama while having their dinner or while watching sunsets.

The large glass windows also give people on board a connection to the water. Shaq is someone who has worked all his life to enjoy luxury, and these glass windows provide him and his guests with the best views.

2. Sunroof

The sunroof on Shaq’s yacht is electronically operated. The sunroof is made up of carbon fiber that allows ample sunlight and breeze depending on what you are going for.

Additionally, Shaq’s yacht has an aft sliding roof that extends in two stages over the cockpit. This sliding roof provides sun and weather protection for the people on board.

The sliding roof can fully retract into the roof, allowing sunshine to reach the cockpit lounge, dining table, and the aft sun lounge.

3. Central spa pool

The central spa pool in Shaq’s yacht is located after the main deck. This spa pool has a retractable glass roof. The spa pool offers convenience to people that don’t want to dive into the sea.

The central spa pool is surrounded by two additional hot tubs where people can swim in case the water in the spa pool is too cold.

The central spa cool on Shaq’s yacht is characterized by elegant design and unique detailing to offer more luxury to everyone on board.

4. Stern platform

An additional unique feature on Shaq’s yacht is the stern platform which allows easy access to the water. Additionally, the stern platform allows easy access to the storage area.

This storage area keeps sporting equipment, meaning people on board can easily get to this equipment when they want to play sports.

5. Luxury bar

The bar area on Shaq’s yacht features plush sofas that are offset by dark colors aimed at setting the scene. The bar area also has excellent sound insulation.

The insulation allows passengers on board to turn up the music and party all night without causing disturbances to the surroundings.

6. Casual dining area

The casual dining area on Shaq’s yacht is situated on the shaded deck. This ensures that strong UV rays are blocked from affecting the people eating in the dining area.

The bar on Shaq’s yacht is surrounded by longing pads on the front deck. The bar has bar stools where people on board can sit and have a drink as they have fun.

7. Piano in the center of the yacht

This is a unique feature in Shaq’s yacht, and its location brings more meaning as to why it is a unique feature.

Surrounding the piano is cocktail tables that are spread across the room.Music on the yacht helps Shaq and his loved ones connect more.

The piano is used for concerts or unique events to play unique music to the guests on board, which helps improve their mood, memory, and concentration, reducing their stress levels and anxiety.

The location of the piano on Shaq’s yacht allows the sweet melodies to spread across the lounge area and the main dining room area.

8. Main dining room

The main dining area is situated below the lounge area in Shaq’s yacht.It has a beautiful chandelier that serves both the dining room and the lounge area.

The main dining room on Shaq’s yacht is fitted with exquisite furniture and finishing. People on board can sit in this dining area and enjoy their meals while enjoying the views.

9. Twin Cabins

The three twin cabins on Shaq’s yacht are equipped to ensure every guest receives personalized services and attention.

These cabins provide a lot of seating arrangements for small groups of people within the yacht. They also offer a lot of convenience to people that board the yacht with their families.

These cabins also provide a stern power drive, and people on board can use them for water sports or swimming.

10. Fully equipped spa

The most unique feature of the spa on Shaq’s yacht is that it is equipped with a sauna and glass windows overlooking the sea.

Shaq’s spa gives people onboard access to qualified therapists that provide sublime experiences and high-quality services.

The spa on Shaq’s yacht offers a fine environment that elevates the experience of rejuvenation therapy.

Passengers onboard enjoy spa services while enjoying the beautiful views and the calmness of the sea due to the large fitted glass windows.

11. Staterooms

Shaq’s yacht has a seven-double stateroom used by people on board to rest.The staterooms on Shaq’s yacht have been artfully designed to make the stay of guests warm and welcoming.

The design of the stateroom is stylish, the bedding is exquisite, and they also have a sitting area for guests.

Breathtaking views of the sea characterize the sitting area. The stateroom in Shaq’s yacht also goes into the water’s edge with the touch of a button.

This means guests gain open-air access to the sea anytime they desire.

12. VIP guest rooms

The VIP guest rooms in Shaq’s yacht have unique amenities such as a full complimentary bar and a coffee and dining table.

The VIP guests have access to assorted snacks such as cookies and chocolates and large fruit baskets. Additionally, guests enjoy large flower arrangements.

Shaq’s VIP guest rooms ensure that guests have access to a working area with personalized computers, additional stationery, and complimentary WIFI.

13. Kitchen

The kitchen in Shaq’s yacht has unique features that enhance its functionality. The kitchen is a very integral room of the yacht as that is where foods are made.

Shaq and his loved ones also spend valuable time on the kitchen yacht. The kitchen is featured with high-performance appliances such as ovens, cooktops, and ranges.

The kitchen of Shaq’s yacht has Corian countertops that are designed to withstand any wear and tear in the long run.

The kitchen is also fitted with functional islands that allow guests to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea while enjoying their meals.

The exterior of Shaq’s yacht

The exterior of Shaq’s has been designed in such a way that people on board can engage in more fun activities.

For instance, the exterior has a front bow, and it contains a lounging deck spot where people can lounge while on board.

The exterior of Shaq’s yacht also has a snow room lighting system. This lighting system allows the passengers on board to enjoy a sleek look at night.

The nearby spaces are also lit up at night due to this lighting system. As a result, Shaq and his guests can host parties as the views are breathtaking at night.

In conclusion

Shaq’s yacht has multiple features that allow people on board to enjoy comfort and luxury. From the sliding doors to the VIP guest rooms to the multiple bedrooms and bathrooms available on that yacht.

Shaq’s yacht also has a central spa pool that allows guests to enjoy a swim without actually getting into the sea. Other unique features of Shaq’s yacht include hot tubs that are located next to the casual dining area.

These hot tubs have a shaded deck area that blocks the violent UV rays. Guests can relax in this area during the day when it is too hot.

Furthermore, Shaq’s yacht has been designed to utilize all the available space. Guests can engage in fun activities due to the optimization of the available space.

Both the interior and external features on Shaq’s yacht allow everyone on board to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and relax and de-stress.