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Ram eTorque Problems 2022 : Reliability & Solutions

Ram eTorque Problems 2022 : Reliability & Solutions

Ram eTorque problems sometimes bother the owners. Automatically shutting down and incorrect voltage display are some of the most common hindrances you might be encountering.

However, as an owner, you might be willing to explore viable means to do away with the trouble without draining your resources. Thankfully, we have some common hacks that would bail you out. In most cases, the fixes would be inexpensive, while you might have to shell out a higher charge at times.

As a hybrid system, the eTorque stores the braking energy after capturing it. This stored force offers adequate support to the vehicle’s engine when it operates at lower speeds.

To enhance the performance of the truck, Ram eTorque has turned out to be a popular mechanism, and it doesn’t involve any sacrifice in power.

However, once you have installed eTorque in your truck, you might encounter certain glitches. You will come across the probable solutions to these problems as you read this article on.

Common Ram eTorque problems

In case you have already been using Ram eTorque, you must be aware of its strategic benefits. Ram eTorque delivers extra towing power, better fuel economy in the battery, and more payload capacity to the truck. No wonder why truck owners prefer installing the system in their vehicles.

Once you have installed Ram eTorque, the common issues might start bothering you.

This is unavoidable, so it pays to know the fixes. Of the common glitches, you can fix some immediately, while addressing the other issues might take around two weeks.

In case you lack the necessary technical knowledge, it would be advisable to seek the assistance of a certified mechanic. In these cases, you need to shell out the service charges.


With eTorque installed in your vehicle, you might be frustrated with the abrupt shutting off of the engine. When you drive, the ignition mode might go to the Adaptive Cruise Control mode from ignition mode automatically.

Although these issues might bother you, they aren’t serious enough to lead to major accidents as the ACC comes integrated with the auto-turn feature.

When you drive the vehicle at a high speed and the engine stops all of a sudden, this mechanism will make you alert that the engine is off. You would be in the ACC mode, so you can safely park the vehicle somewhere convenient.

Possible solution: Turn the truck’s engine off once you have parked it. Now, wait for just one to two minutes. Start the truck once again. The engine might turn off just after it turns on, almost within a minute. Repeat this process five to seven times, and the truck would be ready to run properly.

The eTorque feature functions only when you put the ventilated seats or AC off

In case you own a Ram 2020 truck, you might encounter this issue. The eTorque feature would function only when you switch off the AC. Now, this is quite a bothersome issue, as you wouldn’t like to experience the drive in the sweltering heat with the AC off.

It isn’t possible to choose between the ventilated seats or the AC and the eTorque feature. When you switch one of these on, a message would pop up on the screen of your computer, showing that the eTorque is not functioning.

Possible solution: This glitch might stem from some eternal issue with your cooling system. Therefore, it might be a diplomatic situation for you, and you can try and fix the problem in the truck.

You need to visit the dealer in case you are clueless on how to tackle the issue. Professional hands can work on the system with adroitness and get the problem fixed.

Abrupt stopping of your eTorque functioning

While you would encounter abrupt stopping of eTorque in mostly the older models, some of the newer ones might also trouble you with this issue. The problem lies in the eTorque batteries in Ram trucks.

After installing a new eTorque, you might park your truck for a prolonged period in the garage. Therefore, the low utility of the battery might damage it when it remains attached to the truck.

So, when you drive your vehicle for some time, you might notice that the eTorque motor dies abruptly. This would happen despite having a completely charged battery of the eTorque.

Possible solution: In case this issue has been bothering you, you have got two solutions to try out. If you are willing to travel for a short distance, make sure to charge the battery before going out. Alternatively, you might consider getting a complete replacement for the battery.

Incorrect battery voltage on EVIC

When you use the eTorque feature in your Ram truck, the EVIC display might be incorrect when it shows the battery voltage. So, the reading might be lower than the actual one when you drive the car.

Possible solution: Now, this is one problem that you cannot solve on your own. Particularly, if you have a Ram 2020 truck, you have nothing to do about it. Resolving this issue might take a relatively long time, given that the dealers would look into the matter.

Is the RAM eTorque engine reliable?

According to the existing owners, you can benefit from the eTorque feature only when you drive in the city. Considering a brand like Ram, the eTorque feature in the engine would be a great integration.

The Ram eTorque feature is reliable, and you might consider integrating it into your vehicle. You need to consider the terrains and your driving habits before going for the eTorque engine.

The benefits wouldn’t be worth your money, as you need to shell out an amount for the purchase and consider repair costs in the long run. However, it might enhance the fuel economy by 3 mpg.

Can Ram eTorque be turned off?

Yes, you can turn the eTorque feature in Ram trucks off if you don’t want to use it. Some of the models come with a button on the dashboard, which you need to push in order to turn off the eTorque. In case your truck has the four-wheel drive feature in it, you would find the button just below the 4WD settings on your dashboard.

Is the eTorque a good engine?

Yes, the Ram eTorque has proven to be a reliable engine. It also adds substantial power to the trick. When you go for the advanced models, the eTorque can leverage the efficiency of the trucks by as much as 1.8%.

It has a 48-volt battery, which replaces the general battery. This dispatches additional torque of more than 90-pound feet to the engine.

This helps to empower and start the engine. The eTorque feature, therefore, happens to be a valuable addition to your Ram truck that also enhances its mileage and handling.

Does eTorque make a difference?

Yes, the Ram eTorque feature does make a difference in the driving experience. Particularly, when you drive through city roads and need to brake frequently, you would find this feature immensely beneficial. Besides, you have a hybrid motor with eTorque that significantly boosts performance and acceleration.

The eTorque feature enables the truck to collect excess braking energy and store it, so that it does not go waste.

It channels this energy to deliver better towing capacity and enhances the fuel economy of the truck. This way, you can benefit from a better drivability and hauling capacity of the truck.

How long will the eTorque last?

With Ram eTorque, you will benefit in several ways that enhance the performance of the truck. Although replacing the traditional alternator with this mild hybrid system would be expensive, it would serve you for a pretty long period.

For instance, a standard system would last for around 80,000 miles, which is equivalent to eight years. This ensures that owners integrating the eTorque feature can benefit from this feature for many years.


In case you are willing to purchase a new truck, you might consider vouching for this feature. It offers several benefits to the drivers, such as improved fuel economy, quieter operations, smoother handling, and better towing capability.

However, owners should note that the eTorque feature would help them only during city drives. In case you habitually drive on highways, you won’t significantly benefit from this feature.