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What Does It Mean When Maintenance Required Light Is On Toyota Camry?

What Does It Mean When Maintenance Required Light Is On Toyota Camry?

Toyota’s Camry is the best-selling vehicle in the world. Every 15 seconds, Toyota sells a Camry in one of the 150 countries where they sell them. Even though Toyota is well-known for making some of the world’s most dependable cars, even Toyota dashboards flash a maintenance needed signal from time to time. Regardless of the model of the Toyota vehicle, the driver should never ignore this warning signal. Have you seen the dashboard light flashing as well? If the answer is yes, continue reading this article to learn more about the light and how to turn it off.

What does it mean when maintenance required light is on Toyota Camry?

“MAINT REQD” can display on your dashboard as a warning signal for Toyota maintenance. It means that it is time for an oil change for your vehicle at a reputed facility. You can improve fuel economy and a smoother ride by changing your Toyota’s oil. It will also save you a lot of money in the long run by reducing the amount of wear and tear on components.

After every 5000 miles since the last reset, the ‘MAINT REQD’ light illuminates. It does not indicate any system issue but is merely a mileage counter to warn users that an oil change is necessary. If you have always had your Toyota maintained by a professional, the technician will reset it once the oil changes. However, this is not always the case. Consult the owner’s handbook and a trusted technician for advice on how often your Camry needs new oil.

For the Toyota maintenance light to work, it must depend only on the odometer’s readings of the last 5,000 kilometers. If you have recently changed your oil, seeing this light flashing on your dashboard might be an error. If the oil change experts forgot to do it, you might have to reset your Toyota vehicle’s maintenance light manually.


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What Is the Maintenance Required Light in Toyota Camry?

Before learning how to reset it, you need to know what a “MAINT REQUIRED” light on your dashboard is. Until you visit a service provider like for an oil change, the light will stay on forever. Routine oil changes provide several advantages, including:

  • Making your Toyota Camry more efficient at the gas pump
  • enhancing the quality of life for motorists
  • Reduced deterioration of vehicle parts
  • engine blockages save hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs

Remember, the maintenance light itself never indicates any vehicle damage, so you may still drive your car for vital errands or to a repair shop for an oil change. In this way, you can also find out how to turn it off. However, if you recently had an oil change and the light continues to flash on your dashboard, it may still be bothersome. Whether your Toyota Camry has a computer fault or a professional failure does not matter. Always reset the maintenance needed light. You will still need to understand how to turn it off.


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How to reset the Toyota Camry maintenance light?

Fortunately, resetting is simple and works on most Toyota models. You will save yourself a trip to the automobile shop if you can do it yourself. What you must do is as follows:

Activate the Engine of Your Car

  1. Check your dashboard when your key is in the on position. Not the trip meter, but the odometer shows how many miles you have driven.
  2. Disconnect the battery and press the trip meter reset button to restart the vehicle
  3. Make sure to push the trip meter reset button after turning the key off to reset the maintenance light. Keep your finger on the button. This button may switch between the odometer and the other two trip meters on specific models.

Restart the vehicle

Gently turn the key to the “on” position while pressing the reset button. Ensure it is in this position and not the “start” position, which activates the engine before you begin. Look at the odometer carefully now.

It is important to keep pressing the Reset Button

Check the trip meter reset button while looking at the odometer. Press and hold the button for as long as it takes for the odometer to read again. A sequence of dashes will appear on the odometer’s display. It will not be long until you start seeing zeros.

When you finish, press and release the Reset button

Resetting the odometer may be done as soon as the normal odometer readings appear on the screen. You should no longer see the “Maintenance Required” light on your dashboard.

You can repeat the operation as many times as necessary to remove the maintenance light. The maintenance-required light’s counter has been reset to zero because you can manually reset it. The odometer will continue to count miles until it reaches 5,000. The dashboard light will come back on after this has occurred. This light can only be reset by following the instructions above if the specialists at your auto shop cannot do so.

It is important to remember that various Toyota Camry models have different instructions. For example, you may need to hold down the toggle knob on the odometer for 20 seconds when the key is off. Then turn the key back on but do not start the vehicle.

You should see a warning light on your dashboard indicating that you need to do routine maintenance. Keep pressing the button until you no longer see any light on your dashboard. You must hold the reset button down for at least 20 seconds for this method to work.

Can I drive a Toyota Camry if it says maintenance is required?

As the flashing light will never go away, switching off the Toyota maintenance light on your dashboard is smart. Seeing this light while driving around town can be inconvenient, and it may even lead you to suspect that there is a problem with your vehicle. Furthermore, if someone in your household is unfamiliar with the significance of this light, they may get concerned and believe that they have harmed the automobile.

Second, restarting the countdown after changing the oil means resetting the maintenance needed light. Thanks to this light, it is now easier to track how many miles your car has driven and when it is time for a new oil change. Therefore you can drive a Toyota Camry even if it says maintenance is required, as the light on the dashboard acts as a reminder for the owner that it is time to get the oil changed.

Do not forget to arrange a service appointment for Toyota Camry models, even if you can turn off the maintenance lights. Usually, around 5,000 miles, your maintenance light will come on, alerting you that it is time for a service. At the 5,000-mile milestone, it is time to think about the following:

  • Change of oil
  • Change the filter
  • Changing the wheels
  • Check the brakes
  • Inspection in several places

Professional specialists are more than delighted to customize your service appointment depending on the type and model of your vehicle, your driving style, and other considerations.


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Final Words

Your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance is due if you see a maintenance light on your dashboard. It indicates that your car is due for an oil change most of the time. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, new tires, and other routine maintenance items are among the list that the maintenance required light indicates to the drivers. An automotive technician will often reset the maintenance needed light when you service your car.