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9 Malaysian Car Brands Of 2022 : [ Best & Valuable List ]

9 Malaysian Car Brands Of 2022 : [ Best & Valuable List ]

The Malaysian automobile market ranks 3rd in Southeast Asia and 23rd worldwide. These numbers speak for themselves. The first-ever car brand Ford Malaya set up its base in 1926, but it wasn’t till 1967 that the country got its first post-independence automotive industry.

As time passed, Malaysia started manufacturing cars from the ground up in 2002, thanks to the revolution in the automobile industry. Since then, numerous car brands have set up their base and are still running at an exponential pace.

Let’s discuss the top 9 Malaysian car brands in this article.

Top 9 Malaysian Car Brands of 2022

No matter what your expectations from your next car are or the budget you can spend, you’ll find something on this list.

1. Lotus Cars

Certified retailers sell Lotus car models in the Malaysian market. This Malaysian car brand offers only four car models. The four car models available in Malaysia are Elise, Exige, Evora, and 3-Eleven.

The brand’s entry-level model without the road tax commences at RM 519,888. The unique Exige S, which represented the track flagship, excluding the road tax, begins at RM 858,888.

The lotus cars were initiated in Malaysia in 2012, along with seven dealerships. Lotus is known to produce lightweight and fine characteristic vehicles. The brand is working on expanding its reach in the global market.

The top 5 cars manufactured by Lotus to choose from are as follows:

  • Lotus ELETRA
  • Lotus EVIRA
  • Lotus EMIRA
  • Lotus CORTINA
  • Lotus ESPRIT

2. Naza

Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin created Malaysia’s largest corporation that is owned by a family — the Naza Group of Companies. The NAZA Group is a long-established family-owned enterprise.

The Group has gone into a wide range of businesses, including real estate development, engineering and construction, vehicle distribution, asset management, telecommunications infrastructure, food and beverage distribution, and strategic investment.

Naza Automotive Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (NAM) is the Naza Group’s manufacturing business, with headquarters in Gurun, Kedah. NAM began operations in 2004 at a cost of RM 700 million in response to the success of Kia sales in Malaysia since the late 1990s when it obtained its official distributorship.

3. Perodua

Perodua is the highest car manufacturing brand in Malaysia. It also holds the title of manufacturing the highest count of compact vehicles in South Asia. Myvi, Axia, and Bezza are some of the popular models produced by the brand. These three cars of the model hold the stake of the best-selling car of 2019 by selling 1,94,000 units.

Perodua currently owns a share of 49.5% of Malaysia’s market. Initially, the car was known to produce mini and super-mini cars. Perodua does not make its components themselves, such as engines and transmissions.

The brand also imports cars like Toyotas Aygo. The car was initiated in 1993 by Datuk Aminar Rehman. Since its foundation, the car has become a known model in the Malaysian market. The brand is considered successful in its business ventures.

The top 5 cars manufactured by Perodua to choose from are as follows:

  • Perodua ATIVA
  • Perodua MYVI
  • Perodua CRUZ
  • Perodua AXIA
  • Perodua BEZZA

4. Proton

Proton is a highly competitive brand in the Malaysian market. It was established in 1983. The brand holds a market share of nearly 18.2%. Proton was the sole manufacturer to produce Malaysia’s national car, the Proton Saga. Over 1.8 million units of the vehicles were produced for sale.

The brand is a subsidiary of DRB-HICOM. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary by them based in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The brand has expanded its reach to Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Africa markets. It sells several valuable new and pre-owned models in the market.

Proton is highly active in designing, manufacturing, selling, and distribution. It sells a blend of local and badge-manufactured vehicles in the market.

Top 5 cars manufactured by Proton to choose from are as follows:

  • Proton PROTON X70
  • Proton SAGA
  • Proton PERSONA
  • Proton iRiZ
  • Proton EXORA

5. TD Cars

TD Cars (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian private limited company that was founded in 1998. The majority of its owners (85% and 15%, respectively) are Malaysian and Australian businesses (15 percent ). The core business activities of the company are the production, sale, and distribution of the Malaysian-built TD2000 classic sports automobile.

In 1998, the firm acquired the rights, intellectual property, and trade brands related with the development of the TD2000 Roadster in Australia.

With tremendous delight and happiness, TD Cars manufactures and assembles the TD2000, a genuinely superb automobile (Malaysia).


Bufori is a premium sports car manufacturer of British and Japanese roots. Datuk Jaspal Singh and Christopher Delforce, Malaysian entrepreneurs, founded the company in 2014.

As a result, it became one of Malaysia’s car brands. Bufori’s original model was constructed and manufactured in Malaysia and arrived in the market in 2017.

Bufori is now working to establish a manufacturing base at Sungai Petani and it already has a plant to produce high-performance sports automobiles there.

7. Xtrail Motor Company Sdn. Bhd

Xtrail Motor Company Sdn. Bhd is another Malaysian car brand. The brand has its base in multiple places like Nilai, Nigeria, Sembilan, and Malaysia. The brand is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Motors.

Corporation based in Japan and Hyundai Motor Company in South Africa.

Xtrail Motor Company Sdn. Bhd sells its products through dealerships. It has its reach in China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, etc. The Hyundai models are also exported to Asian countries like Indonesia and Singapore.

8. Lifan Motors

Lifan Motors is a Chinese brand initiated in the year 1984. It was the first Chinese auto manufacturer with a joint venture with a Malaysian company. After the joint venture, Lifan is also considered a Malaysian car brand.

Lifan’s last model, the X60, was produced in 1997. It featured a four-cylinder engine. The engine was able to produce 90 horsepower. Around 2 million vehicles of the brand have been sold in 150  countries worldwide.

Top 5 cars manufactured by Lifan Motors to choose from are as follows:

  • Lifan 520
  • Lifan 620
  • Maiwei
  • Lifan Foison
  • Lifan 650 EV

9. Inokom

Inokom is a Malaysian car brand founded in 1972. The first model designed by the brand was the Inokom Matrix. A four-door Wagon reflected the Isuzu truck platform that Isuzu previously launched in both right- and left-hand configurations.

The company launched various models of vans, cars, and trucks. The brand is not functioning in today’s market.

Their launched buses are known for excellent service in Germany. In Germany, Inokom brands were used as ambulances. The brand was known to produce passenger and commercial vehicles.


Selecting a car brand for yourself is always a tough job. Every country all over the world has different as well as common brands to other countries.

There are also a variety of options available in the Malaysian market. All the models of the competitive brands should be considered before choosing the purchase.