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Lights Inside Car Wont Turn Off : Reasons & Ways To Fix

Lights Inside Car Wont Turn Off : Reasons & Ways To Fix

The lights inside your car are one of the vital features that the manufacturers integrate into the interiors. Now, many car owners encounter situations when the lights inside the car refuse to turn off.

This can cause irritation with the bright light glaring at your face, and drain the battery. You must note that the vehicles’ interior lights remain under several switches’ control.

Besides, the manufacturers design the control system so that they work automatically. This is particularly true for modern cars where the interior lightings are sophisticated. 

If you notice that the interior lights in your car remain on when you drive, you might have manually turned them on.

However, if you are sure that it wasn’t you who turned the lights on, there could be some issue with the electric connection. In this article, we have discussed some of the common reasons that might prevent the lights inside your vehicle from turning off.

Lights inside car won’t turn off : Here’s Why

The interior lights of your car might not be turning off due to several reasons. The switch controlling the headlight might be in the maximum counter-clockwise place.

You might also have accidentally activated the knob controlling the dashboard light. If you have damaged door switches, the interior lights would remain on.

Let’s explore the common factors that might prevent the interior lights from turning off.

1. Malfunctioning dome switch

There are several settings in your car’s switch of the dome light. In case you find this switch in the on position, simply turn it off. The dome switch might falter at times, causing the interior lights to be on.

2. Activated control knob

The control knob of your car might be activated, keeping the lights on. This might also cause the dome lights to turn on. Now, if you try to turn off the light and fail to do so, it implies that your car switches are stuck while they are in the ‘on’ position.

In case you find that making some adjustment fails to lower the brightness, the switch of the dome light may have broken. To prevent battery drainage, you simply need to put the bulb aside and get across to a mechanic.

3. Broken door switch

A broken door switch might lead to the interior-lights issues, as they can remain stuck in the ‘on’ position. In order to locate the door switch, you need to open all the doors one by one.

Press each of the switches to check whether or not the lights eventually turn off. When you press these switches, there would be a clicking sound. In case you don’t hear this sound, it implies that you have a broken door switch.

When the door switch breaks, the vehicle gets the information that the doors remain open all the time. So, the interior lights wouldn’t shut off until you address the issue to a mechanic.

4. Not closing the doors properly

The interior lights of your car remain connected to the vehicle’s doors. In certain cases, there’s a connection between these lights and the trunk. When someone opens the trunk doors, the lights would turn on. Likewise, the lights go off when you close the trunk or doors.

Now, if you observe that the interior lights of your car don’t turn off, you might have an issue with the door. Maybe one of the doors of the trunk hasn’t closed properly, leading to the interior lights remaining on.

5. Problems in the door

Sometimes, there can be an issue with the door which prevents it from closing correctly. Maybe, the hinges are loose, or the sealants are not performing well. Besides, the latch of the door might not work properly, that keeps the internal lights on.

Also, you might have closed the door to start the car. However, there can be a small gap that isn’t visible.

When you close them tightly enough, the lights would turn off. Once you close the door and latch it properly, the lights should go off. If they continue to be on, the hinges might have a problem.

6. Faulty switch setting

In case there’s something wrong with the switch setting, the interior lights in your car won’t turn off. So, you need to fix the switch setting. You would find the dimmer switch on the left side of your dashboard.

Using this switch, you can adjust the brightness of the light on your dashboard. In case you have set this switch too high, the interior light might continue to be on.

So, you need to get the dimmer switch inspected once you have checked the interior lighting switch and the doors. The problem probably lies in a malfunctioning switch in case the light refuses to go out.

7. Control model or wiring issues

Inspect the wiring in your car on the dashboard. The wires might have become loose, or there can be splits or breaks in the wires. Recheck the light once you tighten the loose ends of the wire.

You need to replace the wire in case it has broken or cracked. However, if you are unable to detect a probable wiring issue, the best solution would be to consult a mechanic. The experts would inspect the car for an issue in the control module and fix the same.

8. Not allowing the light enough time

In some new models, the manufacturers design the system in a way where the interior lights stay on for a few seconds after you close the door. So, you need to wait out this period, before you come to the conclusion.

Sometimes, the interior lights might remain on for as long as five minutes after you close the door. In case the lights do not go off themselves, you need professional support to address the problem.

What should you do if lights inside car won’t turn off?

Follow these measures to turn the lights inside your car off in case they remain on for a long time.

1. Make necessary adjustments

Many drivers turn the interior light on using the switch on the roof, or the dashboard. In case you have forgotten to shut it off, you need to manually do it. So, firstly you need to check whether you have mistakenly put the interior lights on.

2. Check the doors and light switches

Apart from the switches, you have another point of control for the interior lights. These are located on the trunk or the doors of the car.

Properly inspect the switches on these parts of your car. You may have to manually open each door to check whether the light goes off. Also, try to turn them off by pressing the manual button on the doors.

On pressing the switch, you should feel a click. If you don’t, the door switch might be malfunctioning. In these cases, a technician can help you fix the door switch.

3. Inspect the headlight switch settings

In some cars, the manufacturers integrate a knob that controls the dashboard light brightness. In case you have set this brightness level to its highest point, the interior lights might refuse to go off. So, check whether or not the setting is on the maximum level. If you find it in the wrong setting, adjust it to put the interior lights off.

4. Consult a technician

In case all the suggestions we have presented above fail, you might have an issue with the wiring. In these situations, an experienced automobile technician should be able to bail you out.

The interior light wiring in your vehicle runs across the frame from the dashboard to the switch. When you carry out any action, make sure to be careful. With an expert mechanic around, you should be able to get rid of the problem fast enough.

Can interior lights drain battery when turned on?

Keeping the interior lights of your car on for a long time would drain the battery. Besides, the battery would completely drain when you park your car with the lights on. This might leave your vehicle stranded.

So, you need to address the issue to the technician immediately if you notice the internal lights not switching off. Also, take care to close the doors of your car properly.


To ensure the safety of your car for the passengers, you need to keep the interior lights properly functional. In case the lights refuse to go off, you might end up with a completely drained battery.

Based on the location, you need to get the issue addressed. When you visit a specialized workshop, be prepared to fork out anything between $50 and $100 to get the issue fixed.

We have already discussed some possible ways to take you out of the woods. In case these solutions do not yield any viable remedy, you must seek professional support.