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Jeep Vs Truck Pros And Cons: [ Explained In Detail With Table ]

Jeep Vs Truck Pros And Cons: [ Explained In Detail With Table ]

The topic jeep vs. truck is one of the debatable topics in the automotive industry. For off-roaders and businesses, it’s hard to pick one between the two.

It is because both these “monster” vehicles share an identical body build and functionality. For example, while a jeep is a sort of off-road vehicle ideal for leisure purposes, a pickup truck finds application in moving cargo from point A to B.

The single difference between the two and much more information is here in this article for a clear picture of a jeep vs. truck. So, let’s start.

Jeep Vs. Truck: A Brief Intro

A jeep is an off-road vehicle that’s smaller in size and lightweight. Due to its smaller size, it can easily pass through narrow roads and is not a cause of traffic.

Additionally, if you love off-roading, you’d go ahead with a jeep as its manufacturing suits to absorb the impacts of high bumps similar to those found on uneven roads or in a jungle safari.

Although most jeeps are five-seaters, modern jeeps include more cargo space at the cost of a few seats, say two or three.

On the other hand, a truck is available in an assortment of sizes and designs. Their size and design depend upon the business that requires them.

For example, a flower business will need a smaller truck, unlike a packing & moving business that’ll need a huge truck. Due to these applications, trucks are also famous as pickup trucks.

In a nutshell, trucks are mostly the first choice of businesses rather than individuals. They are pretty expensive to purchase as well as maintain as compared to jeeps.

So, for leisure activities like snorkeling, rock climbing, cliff jumping, or paragliding, relying on a jeep is preferable, and for professional services, you have the pickup truck.

Jeep Vs. Truck: Differences

The following table summarizes the key differences between a jeep and a truck.

Weight (average)4,800 lbs.7,600 lbs.
Height (average)75 inches71 inches
Mileage per gallon (mpg)20 mpg (hard to achieve)20 mpg
PowerLow powerHigh power
CostInexpensive Expensive
Maintenance costLessMore
CargoLess cargo spaceMore cargo space
Applications For off-roading, activities like snorkeling, rock climbing, cliff jumping, paragliding, etc.Used for transporting goods from one place to another, etc.
Driving comfortGoodFair
Off-roading capabilityGreatSatisfactory
Daily driving YesNo
Towing capability LessMore

These are the main differences between a standard jeep and a pickup truck.

Jeep Vs. Truck: Similarities

In the following table, you have the key similarities between a jeep & cargo.

Parameters JeepTruck
Can it be used for off-roading?YesYes
Safety & technology YesYes
Passengers + cargoYesYes
On-road driving?YesYes

Depending upon the models, both jeep and truck can have additional similarities.

Jeep Vs. Truck: Pros


A jeep is known for better off-roading capabilities due to its larger wheel size and high ground clearance.

No matter whether you own the base model of a jeep or a high-end model, you will get all the modern facilities like an infotainment system, air conditioner, etc.

Further, you can renovate your jeep according to your preferences to give it an aesthetic appeal and better road presence.

Today, jeeps are available at many economical prices with easy maintenance if you take proper care.

With its comfortable seats, you can travel via a jeep for long distances.

ParametersFinal verdict
Off-roading capabilities Decent
Ground clearance High
Accessories It depends upon the model and variant.
Renovation & appealThere is the freedom to upgrade any part of the jeep according to the preferences.


As pickup trucks are huge & heavy, they offer better handling at high speed and bumpy/uneven roads with or without cargo.

They come with a massive engine capacity to produce sufficient power without causing much load on the truck to drive such a huge vehicle.

Another promising aspect of a pickup truck is its excellent towing capacity.

A pickup truck can tow another truck of the same size & design.

If we talk about off-roading & on-roading capabilities, a pickup truck comes out as a clear winner due to its clever engineering.

Capping off with the mileage achievable, an average of 20-25mpge is attainable through safe driving and proper handling.

Parameters Final verdict
Handling Better handling
Engine capacity There is a huge engine capacity to fulfill the power requirements of the vehicle.
Towing powerDecent towing power.
Mileage Around 20-25 mpge.

Jeep Vs. Truck: Cons


Being a small & lightweight off-roading vehicle, you may hardly be able to tow another vehicle by jeep.

It complicates further due to fewer power outputs. Plus, a Jeep Wrangler community forum demonstrates that jeeps have fair handling due to their lightweight design.

If you’re buying the base model of a jeep, you can’t expect the essential accessories found in the base model of a truck.

Parameters Final verdict
Towing powerPoor
Engine capacity Just satisfactory
Handling Fair
Accessories Vary with the variant and model.


Since trucks are more cargo loading and unloading vehicles, you don’t get much freedom to upgrade the interior or the exterior.

It leaves them with the classic appeal and road presence in front of a jeep. In the case of a truck, loading excess weight can prove risky since the more the load, the harder it is to handle it on the road.

Lastly, trucks hardly get a structural upgrade from the company, and most of the trucks you’ll find today are like old-school models.

Parameters Final verdict
Renovation & appealNot much freedom to upgrade its appeal.
DesignMostly based on old-school designs.
Road presence Fair
Handling More load is directly proportional to its handling.

Are Jeeps Or Trucks Better Off-road?

Out of jeeps & trucks, it’s hard to decide on which provides a better off-roading experience. It is because while the former forms a better choice for spending a good time in the middle of nature, you can go ahead with a truck if your adventure involves continuous movements in and out.

Are Jeeps Better Than Trucks In The Snow?

It depends upon how much snow is there and ground clearance. While most of the jeeps and trucks have nearly the same clearance, you can go with either a jeep or truck in its 4X4 configuration for a powerful drive through the snow.

Pro tip – if the snow has formed a thick layer on the road/ground, you can use studded tires to avoid them getting stuck or slipping. The studded tires form a tight grip around the wheels and prevent the vehicle from slipping or spinning on snow or ice.

Are Jeeps Better Than Trucks?

To answer whether jeeps are better than trucks or not, you need to consider certain factors. These include driving experience, mileage, power output, lifespan, maintenance needs, passenger to cargo ratio, and appeal.

Based on these factors and the above comparisons, both jeeps and trucks hold prominence over each other in equal aspects. Thus, you can pick either a jeep or truck based on your preferences and purposes. There’s not a clear answer to whether jeeps outshine trucks or not.


Whether you wish to invest in a jeep or a pickup truck, remember that both have their pros and cons to fulfill certain requirements you might have from them.

For example, while a jeep is ideal for adventures with family and friends, a truck finds its majority application in businesses like delivery, loading & unloading, packing & moving, etc.

If a jeep is known for aesthetics, a truck is known for heavy-duty construction responsible for its weight.

Thus, out of a jeep and truck, there is no clear winner considering these few comparisons.