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Jeep Touch Screen Not Responding: [ Reasons And Fixes ]

Jeep Touch Screen Not Responding: [ Reasons And Fixes ]

When your touch screen on your Jeep isn’t responding, it can be extremely frustrating, but it may also be a sign that there’s a problem that needs immediate attention. To be sure, it’s best to get this problem fixed as quickly as possible so you don’t end up with any long-term damage.

Fortunately, this issue is easy enough to fix if you know how to troubleshoot the problem.

Jeep Touch Screen Not Responding

This system can be very complicated, and there are many reported issues.

These issues are software, hardware, and user errors at the root of these issues. 

Software issues are typically software upgrades gone wrong. The Uconnect system’s user interface has several different menus and modes. 

There is a Uconnect Access mode, an infotainment mode, a vehicle model, and an information center mode. Among the leading reported issues are the complicated menus.

What are the benefits of Uconnect?

Uconnect is a service Verizon customers can sign up for that turns their phones into vehicle-based cell phones. The service is similar to one that AT&T offers in that it uses the global positioning system to find your car and connect you to your friends and family.

But unlike AT&T, it is free to use and is connected to your phone’s built-in phonebook and messaging systems.

The Uconnect 4C is a multimedia-rich system. It provides an 8.4″ touch screen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, voice command, Bluetooth hands-free, and streaming audio via Bluetooth.

Additionally, the system features a 2.2″inch media display, USB port, and SD card reader. The Uconnect 4C also offers two 12V charging ports and 2.1-amp charging.

The system is integrated into the vehicle’s 8″ touchscreen display and is compatible with select Apple and Android smartphones. Drivers can use voice commands to ask for directions, make phone calls, play music, send texts, etc.

Distractions Caused By Jeep Touch Screens

Many jeep owners have complained to the authorities that their touch screens stop working and become quite dangerous while driving. The authorities have decided that the manufacturer will not fix this problem and that as a Jeep owner, you will have to fix the problem yourself.

Once the touch screen stops working, jeep owners will have to roll up their sleeves and fix the problem. The problem is due to a faulty electrical system that jeeps use.

The touch screen is connected to the electrical system, and if the electrical system is faulty, the touch screen will stop working.

1. Software Glitch

Uconnect has been plagued by issues since launch, with the most common being the system freezing and requiring a reboot.

The freezing of the system is mostly due to a glitch that causes the navigation software to malfunction. While the system is frozen, the drivers will still be able to use the audio and climate controls but cannot use the main screen or the touch screen controls.

The freezing of the system appears to be caused by a glitch in the navigation software, occasionally leading to the system locking up.

2. Short Circuit

The touch screen problem is attributed to the hardware dealing with the system’s electrical flow. A short circuit causes the electrical flow to take a shorter pathway failing to complete the circuit.

For technically inclined jeep owners, this can be solved through DIY; if the problem persists, the help of a professional is required.

3. Disconnected power cable

This is linked to a short circuit; however, in this case, power fails to reach the desired points. To determine loose cables, you should conduct a physical diagnosis to determine or dismiss the possibility.

4. Physical damage on the screen

The Uconnect system suffers wear and tear caused when operating, which may result in physical damage. Cleaning the system is an activity that intends to maintain the system and cleanliness.

Users, however, times clean the system using water-based products or corrosive material, which leads to the damage. The damage starts from the peeling of the screen, which, over time, leads to a shutdown of the system.

5. Blown out fuse

Another common problem with the Uconnect system has been associated with a blown-out fuse. The study on fuses indicates two types of fuses have been associated with the problem, the F67, and F49 fuses.

The fuse is more than simply a wire that connects two points. It also serves as a protective measure to prevent damage to the electronics.

The common 12V automotive fuse is an example of this. If a short circuit occurs in a wire, the fuse will blow and prevent damage to the wire and its components.

The fuse serves a similar purpose in a more complicated system such as the Uconnect system. If a problem occurs in the circuit, the fuse will blow, preventing damage to the system.

6. Lag

Whether it’s a smartphone, console, or in-car entertainment system, lag has been the bugbear of touchscreens for over a decade. The problem is often exacerbated by the time it takes for a message to appear to explain why an app or game is not responding.

The lag is caused by a combination of factors, including the screen itself. The more complex a screen is, the more time it takes to process information and the processor that runs the software on the screen.

Optical touchscreens, by contrast, have a touch layer made of transparent electrodes laid over an LCD.

How to Fix Jeep Touch Screen

1. Soft Reset

Soft resetting a UConnect system is effective when the screen is not responding to any inputs. The first thing to do is a soft reset your UConnect system. This will reset your system to the factory settings.

Go to Settings>General>Reset and then select Reset UConnect System>Gently touch the screen to confirm.

After this, your UConnect screen may act crooked, but it should reset to a usable state.

In case of a blank screen, the soft reset is performed through the following procedure:

Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons for 10 seconds, release the Power and Volume Up buttons and wait for the system to restart. After the system restarts, you should have a functioning display.

2. Disconnect the negative terminal

After conducting a soft reset, the system may fail to function. When a soft reset fails, the next step is to perform a hard reset externally.

The hard reset is performed by removing the battery terminal for at least five minutes. Removing the terminal for that period allows the system to discharge charges stored.

The procedure is really simple, where you can choose to remove the negative or both terminals for the stipulated time. Once the time has elapsed, turn the ignition to ON, and the system will have reset.

3. Firmware Upgrade

After trying the soft and hard reset without success, the next step is a firmware upgrade. Firmware is the special software made to control the device’s hardware, and issues can be resolved by updating the firmware.

The firmware upgrade procedure is available online; however, it is a delicate procedure. Failure to follow the procedure as required may worsen the situation.

4. Replace your Screen

If you have issues with your jeep touch screen, it may be a simple fix. Many screens are built into the dash and cannot be removed; other Jeeps may have removable screens.

If your touch screen is not working, it can be very frustrating. The touch screen lets you control your climate and monitor your Jeep’s condition.

If you are getting an error code when you press the button on your touch screen, you need to get your touch screen replaced.

Is The Jeep Touch Screen Reliable?

The Jeep Touch Screen is popular, but it is also reliable. It offers great entertainment features, and the screen is easy to use.

The system comes with several apps, including Pandora, Sirius XM, iHeartRadio, and Jeep apps that let you control the temperature inside the vehicle.

Is It Costly To Replace a Jeep touch Screen?

The Jeep touch screen system is an in-car entertainment and communication system operated by touch. The system comprises the touch screen, controller, and function buttons, and this system is fitted in the Jeep Wrangler.

The Jeep touch screen replacement may be costly depending on the system’s functioning. In the event of any damage, you may replace the touch screen with a new one.

In most instances, the Jeep touch screen replacement is costly and must be replaced immediately.


In conclusion, it could simply mean that you have a damaged screen. However, it could be something else like Android itself.

If you didn’t update your phone, there probably is a problem with it, and you will need to update your Android. Keep in mind that if your hardware is not compatible with Android 10, your phone probably cannot upgrade.