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Is Partsgeek Legit & Reliable? [ Things You Should Know ]

Is Partsgeek Legit & Reliable? [ Things You Should Know ]

Recent years have witnessed the automobile industry in the US revolutionize in terms of infrastructure. If you consider yourself to be an auto-enthusiast, you must be aware of online stores like Parts Geek, which sells car parts at wholesale prices. Therefore, shopping for essential car parts is now a breezy affair, and you can expect these accessories to reach your doorstep in a quick time.

In this article, you will get to know about the legitimacy of Parts Geek, its customer support, and the shopping experience.

Is Partsgeek legit?

Yes, Parts Geek is a legitimate online store delivering car parts. Since 2008, this platform has been selling automobile parts at discounted rates.

Parts Geek has got a sizable inventory. Currently, the platform offers over 10 million car accessories and genuine parts. It has a good network with manufacturers and suppliers, which enables the platform to cater to diverse clients with branded auto parts.

Various review aggregator websites have positively rated Parts Geek due to their commitment to customers. Both ResellerRatings and Trustpilot have given 4.1 stars to Parts Geek out of 5.

Why is Partsgeek so cheap?

Parts Geek offers automobile parts at amazingly low prices. They even claim to give heavy discounts of up to 80% on certain products. As a potential buyer, you might be inquisitive about how the platform manages to sell their products so cheap. Well, it is an online store, which implies that they have fewer operating expenses and overheads than the brick-and-mortar ones.

As they operate online, they do not have expenses like utility bills, property taxes, and salaries for staff or employees in the stores. However, you cannot expect heavy discounts on branded parts for cars like Mustang or BMW. Still, when you shop for car mats or wipers, prices can be very low.

Where does Partsgeek ship from?

Parts Geek has got a huge inventory of automobile parts and accessories across its warehouses in the US. So, regardless of where you expect the delivery, they can dispatch the items.

However, you cannot get international shipping facilities from Parts Geek. You can expect pretty fast shipping from the online dealer within the US. Usually, the delivery period varies between 3 to 7 days. Customers can expect the items to reach them earlier than the estimated time. However, if you shop for overweight items, they may take more than a week to reach you. Parts Geek do offer expedited shipping facilities in case you want faster delivery. In these cases, you would get the items delivered in 2 days.

How is the Partsgeek customer service?

Parts Geek has got a responsive customer support desk. One can reach out to them through live chat, phone, social media pages, and fax. The easiest way to talk to them is to dial the number that they have given on their website.

Although the website indicates that you can call them to place orders instantly, you can also dial the number to resolve issues. You simply need to visit the customer service page on their website and reach out to the support staff. Besides, customers also have the provision of submitting tickets on order tracking, credit or order status, returning parts, GMA number, etc. Simply furnish the order number and email address when you seek support from Parts Geek.

Does Parts Geek Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, Parts Geek offers free shipping facilities for all its products. Moreover, buyers get the provision of returning their purchases in case of an issue within 30 days of billing.

Companies similar to Partsgeek

1. Rock Auto

 One of the best alternatives to Parts Geek, Rock Auto is a reliable online platform for car parts. The website is easily navigable, so you would find the accessories quickly. At Rock Auto, you will come across parts for every vehicle model. Eventually, you can find the exact match and proceed to check out.

You might be looking for ordinary parts, or accessories for exotic imports. This website will cater to your needs, regardless of what you are willing to purchase. Most importantly, you would like their affordable pricing, as they source the parts from all over the globe.

However, one drawback of this platform is that they charge an extra amount to ship the goods. So, you need to research and find a common vendor in case you purchase multiple parts to minimize the shipping costs.


Apart from selling online car parts, NAPA couples up as a full-service store for vehicle repairs. So, you can order car parts and obtain estimates on repairs before visiting one of their stores. At NAPA, the professionals come with all the necessary diagnostic equipment, repair tools, and accessories to do the needful. Besides, you can check DIY guides on their website to complete certain fixes yourself.

However, the key downside of this platform arises when you try to buy parts from a certain brand. They sell only NAPA parts, so you won’t get any OEM parts for your car here.

3. Buy Auto Parts

If customer service is something you can’t afford to overlook, check out Buy Auto Parts. Here, you can talk to an auto expert live and seek the right kind of assistance. Most importantly, all their parts come with an unlimited warranty on mileage for one year. Therefore, if any problem arises with these parts, they would deliver a new one and arrange free shipping.

Besides, people love Buy Auto Parts due to their relatively longer return window of 60 days. Whenever you order anything with the bill exceeding $99, you can enjoy free shopping. New customers can enjoy good discounts on making purchases.

4. 1A Auto

1A Auto is yet another platform that operates like Parts Geek. Here, you will come across thousands of car accessories and parts across a wide range of models. The pricing looks affordable, and you can get the standard shipping free of cost, regardless of what you decide to purchase. There’s no hidden cost whatsoever. Naturally, 1A Auto has gained significant popularity for selling affordable car parts. On this website, you can also benefit from their weekly videos on automobile repairs and hacks.


Considering key parameters such as reliability, quality of parts, safety, and timely delivery, Parts Geek continues to be a great website. Thousands of customers in the US have successfully purchased quality products from this platform and reviewed the site positively. So, the next time you decide to replace one of the parts or procure a new accessory for your car, you might try this platform out. Parts Geek has established a strong reputation for its commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness.