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Is BMW Warranty Transferable? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Is BMW Warranty Transferable? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Whether or not you consider purchasing a BMW as a snobbish asset, you’d like to know the provisions of its warranty in and out. Well, this warranty period begins on the deal date of the new vehicle and covers the first 50,000 miles or 4 years. If you experience issues with your new BMW, it makes sense to appoint a meeting with the approved center immediately. While certified buyers also benefit from extended warranties, you would be inquisitive about whether you can transfer these warranties. To answer your queries, we have covered everything relevant in this post.

Is BMW warranty transferable?

Yes, owners of BMWs reserve the right to transfer these warranties. Regardless of whether it is a CPO warranty or a new-vehicle warranty, you can transfer it to another person.

Transferring the warranty of a certified BMW might involve a transfer fee of around $200. Besides, BMW owners also have the provision of transferring extended warranties. However, you need to scrutinize the limitations in these cases.

Therefore, if you realize that your car has miles or time left before the warranty expires, simply get the documents updated from the concerned authorities and transfer the same.

Is 2018 BMW warranty transferable?

As per BMW’s new norms in July 2015, its warranties became non-transferable. Therefore, only the initial owner, purchaser, or lessee can benefit from this program. Therefore, when you sell or lease off the 2018 BMW to a different party, you cannot transfer the warranty.

However, owners should be aware of the exception to this restriction. An owner can transfer the BMW’s warranty to his or her family members. To reap this benefit, you must have purchased the vehicle from one of the authorized centers of the company in the US. Again, household transfers are legitimate only when you sell or lease the car to your spouse, parents, siblings, grandchild, or grandparents. So, if you own a 2018 BMW, you can transfer the warranty only to a limited number of people within your family.

Are BMW extended warranties transferable?

Yes, the extended warranties of BMW are transferable. However, owners might face certain limitations while transferring these benefits.

Remember, the extended warranty of your BMW might be lucrative. While the limited warranty covers only the first 50,000 miles or 4 years, an extended warranty can cover up to 7 years or 100,000 miles. In case you decide to purchase a used BMW with an active warranty, make sure to obtain proper documentation offering extended warranties. Be careful, as buyers have only one opportunity to accept this offer. In case you decide against the offer initially and then realize the importance of the warranty, you need to settle with an insurance from a third party. Besides, there might be a ‘warranty gap’, implying that future warranty purchases would turn out to be more expensive.

How does the BMW warranty work?

Well, as a luxury car aspirant or a BMW owner, it’s natural to wonder what the manufacturer would cover in their warranty. As always, BMW continues to be a reliable car. However, mechanical parts are susceptible to glitches. Owns should be prudent enough to get a limited or extended warranty.

While you explore the scope of the coverage, you’ll find that there are warranty provisions for the emission components, rust perforation, and safety belts. Each of these warranties provides security provisions for different spans of time and miles.

As per RepairPal, the average annual cost for maintaining a BMW is around $968. With a limited or extended warranty, you can compensate yourself financially for expensive repairs. Once the factory warranty terminates after 4 years or covers 50,000 miles, you would need the extended warranty. It is possible to purchase extended warranties for used BMWs, new models, and pre-owned cars. Besides, one can approach third-party automobile warranty vendors or the original dealer for an extended warranty.

 Is BMW Warranty International?

Yes, the legendary manufacturer offers an international warranty for their cars. These warranties remain valid for 2 years at the minimum.

Suppose you travel abroad with your car and it breaks down or faces any technical glitch. If the repair is under the coverage of the warranty, you simply need to find an authorized service center of the brand. Once you reach out to this authorized workshop and furnish the relevant documents, you can get the issues fixed.

Sometimes, the BMW warranty would be valid for more than 2 years. The manufacturers would consider the country you are from while deciding the tenure of this warranty. However, before you travel abroad with the car, make sure to check the provisions of the international warranty with your dealer.

Is BMW Warranty Worth It?

Considering the high maintenance costs and expensive parts of your BMW, it makes sense to invest in a warranty. Even if you drive carefully, your mental peace would be an asset!

Rather than risking your finances and composure, purchasing a BMW warranty is worth it. However, before getting the warranty, scrutinize the car for its condition and age.

To give you an idea, here are some key inclusions of the BMW warranty that can save you hundreds of dollars.

  • Everyday damage and flat tires, so long that the driver handles the BMW normally. A new BMW tire can cost you around $330 when you get it from the dealer.
  • In case your car suffers discoloration due to bad manufacturing or faulty craftsmanship, the warranty would cover paint.
  • Extended BMW warranties include oil changes that you need to carry out at recommended intervals.
  • The BMW warranty even covers damage to speakers unless someone tampers with the equipment.
  • In case a manufacturing defect leads to cracks in the windshields of your BMW, the warranty would cover the damage.

Evidently, it would be a prudent move to get a limited or extended warranty to keep your BMW properly functional.

Can you get a warranty for a used BMW?

No, you cannot get a warranty for used cars from this brand.

However, one can purchase a second-hand BMW with an active warranty. This type of warranty would be transferable. Warranty transfers for used BMWs cost $200. If the car you are willing to acquire has got an extended warranty, you can get it transferred to your name as well, considering some limitations. Make sure to be transparent with the documentation when you get a limited or extended warranty transferred from the existing owner.

 What Will Void your BMW Warranty?

The last thing BMW owners would want is their warranty turning void. In case you decide to carry out modifications in your car, make sure to understand the manufacturer’s clauses at the outset. Otherwise, your warranty might turn invalid. Whether or not BMW would void the warranty depends on the norms that the dealerships recommend to the buyers. In case you love modifying luxury cars, make sure to get across to a mod-friendly dealer.

Some dealers are fine with modifications. Suppose you modify the exhaust system. Now, if an issue arises with the windshield, the dealership would usually fix it.

Now, if you manage to establish a healthy rapport with the dealer, it’s possible to fix any flaw even if you carry out multiple modifications. On the contrary, some dealers might refuse to service a part of your BMW even if you have not modified that part!

Being strategic, you might think of removing some modifications before reaching out to the dealer. Alternatively, settle with the original parts and never go for a modification before the warranty expires.


Usually, BMW owners prefer extending their warranties once the limited cover expires. One can purchase an extended warranty even while the limited one remains active. In the end, your goal should be to warrant optimal protection to a vehicle as expensive as the BMW. Now that you have adequate knowledge regarding BMW warranties, you can use your discretion before making any decision.