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Is 4×4 Worth It? Should You Buy? [ We Answered ]

Is 4×4 Worth It? Should You Buy? [ We Answered ]

Car enthusiasts find it lucrative and enticing indeed to find several features in one vehicle. Even you might be looking for a car that will serve you for more than ten years at least. Well, if comfort and durability are your criteria, you can consider buying a 4×4 car.

A 4×4 car or truck, known better as four-wheel drive, uses a system where the power of the engine falls equally on all four wheels.  The operation can be manual or automatic.

Among the four options: rear-wheel drive, all-wheel-drive, four-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive, you can choose one depending on your requirements.

There are perks and drawbacks for each of them and the main difference is the traction. Read on to know whether or not a 4×4 would be a worthy purchase.

Is 4×4 worth it?

You must opt for a 4×4 only if you have plans of going off-road or living in a snowy area.

In case you simply prefer smooth rides without any off-roading or adventure, you have several cheaper cars to go for. However, if you have a good knowledge of extra protection and want these features in your car for yourself and your family, you can get a 4×4 car.

Even if you are living in a city and do not drive on rough roads that often, this car will ensure your safety with changes in weather and unexpected twists and turns.

Whether you drive slow or fast, a 4×4 car will ensure your safety under most circumstances. You will get a good resale value as well when you plan to sell it.

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Does 4×4 really make a difference?

Yes. If you are taking it for a rough terrain adventure or using it under adverse weather conditions, a 4×4 car will undoubtedly make a difference. These types of cars provide more traction and steadiness for safer rides.

Be it a tough snowy road or a path full of mud, the 4×4 will help you get easily out of these otherwise difficult terrains. Therefore, people who go for adventures on hills or drive on roads with snow all around prefer to use 4×4 cars.

Is 4-wheel drive worth the cost?

If you are an avid traveler and love adventures, a 4×4 car is necessary for you. These cars can take you through the toughest of roads like steep drops, paths full of boulders, and hairpin bends. With excellent acceleration power, they reduce your chances of being stuck in deep mud or on the snow-laden road.

The most important part here is that it increases your control with the extra weight of the vehicle helping in getting a proper grip. The cars have advanced brakes that bring coordination between the hydraulic brake and regenerative brakes.

Do 4×4 trucks hold their value?

As the 4×4 vehicle has varied utility, the resale value is higher. Car enthusiasts generously shell out more during the purchase due to its multi-features and toughness. However, it has a greater depreciation value than other cars.

Here, you might get a chance of bargaining owing to the wide range of competitor cars in the market. You might feel like buying a new car rather than considering a car that has gone through several repairs.

Make sure to take proper care of the car and go for regular servicing to keep it optimally operational. With good maintenance, a 4×4 vehicle will not pose many problems.

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Are 4×4 SUVs worth buying?

Yes. It is a known fact that 4×4 SUVs provide extra safety and easier driving features. These cars offer additional grip and control if the traction is low due to snow, rain, or greased roads.

When accelerated, these cars provide high power traction. If the car slips on the road, it shifts pressure on the other two tires and gives traction wherever necessary.

If you are living in a place that experiences unexpected and varied weather conditions, a 4×4 vehicle becomes more dependable. If you face a navigational failure, the system takes over and avoids roadside accidents.

Is 4×4 expensive to maintain?

Yes. A 4×4 car is a little more expensive to sustain than a normal luxurious car. These cars have advanced systems and spare parts that make them more vulnerable to breaking down. As 4×4 vehicles are best suitable for rough roads, risks of wear and tear are more.

Do 4×4 perform better in the snow?

Yes. Any 4×4 vehicle or SUV will perform commendably better on snow than a normal 2×4 car. The 4×4 vehicle gives you more stability as well as traction. This will help drivers avoid slipping on ice or being stuck in it.

You can carry on with your everyday chores or plan for your exciting adventure without worrying about any car issues. One crucial thing to remember is that these cars require good-quality tires to tackle rough and bumpy roads. You have to make sure they are in working condition and get them changed if you find any signs of damage.

Do 4×4 perform better on the tough road?

Yes. A 4×4 car increases your grip and helps in driving the car with stability. During low-traction situations, you can get a better grip. For instance, when you are driving in the rainy season and have to make quick turns, these cars give you a balanced hold over muddy roads or gravel paths.

If you have an auto mode, your 4WD will switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive on its own if it senses any of the tires slipping. This technology is necessary if you are driving on variable parts of the road.


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A 4×4 vehicle charges a few thousand dollars extra as compared to a standard luxurious car. You must think carefully if you really need a 4×4 car or not. Sending power to all four tires will lead to a complex driving system, an increase in vehicle weight, and lower fuel efficiency.

Depending on whether you want a car to tackle severe weather conditions or for handling speed, you need to use your discretion while making the purchase. Considering the multiplicity of functions and dedicated features, a 4×4 is worth its value.