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Hummer Limousine Price : How Much Does A Limo Cost? [ Price List ]

Hummer Limousine Price : How Much Does A Limo Cost? [ Price List ]

If you are looking for an elegant touch to your fairy tale wedding or a pompous birthday celebration worth remembering for a lifetime, there is no match for Limousine.

One of the oldest modes of transportation, the Limousine, dates back to the 16th century when the elite class preferred a private and luxurious mode of transportation.

The engine-driven Limousine made its first appearance at the very beginning of the 18th century.

Among the car manufacturers, Hummer creates one of the best class Limousines, which is famous for its glamorous exterior, soft and sophisticated interior, and the complimentary entertainment services in most of the Limos. A 14 seater stretched limo costs around $120/ hour on renting.

The renting cost depends on several factors. The cities, type of vehicle, no of people are among the few parameters that decide your hummer limousine price.

What’s the average price of a Hummer limousine?

The average rental cost will start around $160 on an hourly basis based on several rental prices. A chauffeured luxury vehicle with an ultra-special sound system and other world-class amenities is worth the money spent on the ride.

Sometimes the average may go up to $300 per hour. However, the cost varies from one country to the other.

The time duration you are booking the vehicle, and the number of people is also essential factors that decide the average Hummer Limousine rental price.

How does a stretched Hummer cost to buy?

Hummer Limo is undoubtedly one of the most popular stretched luxury vehicles in the world. The increasing popularity of Hummer H2 gave birth to these stretched versions of Hummer.

Although the initial demand was from the elite class consumers in the USA, slowly, it gained momentum in Europe, Australia, and other developing nations around the world.

Mostly Hummer Limo is used for rental purposes, but if you are wealthy enough to possess a limo, be ready to invest a lump sum amount of money on purchasing this luxurious road stunner.

Kickstarting a rental business with a hummer limo makes sense as it costs way too much. Or else, you must belong to the high net worth citizens of your country to burn a massive hole in your pocket for personal commuting.

On both bases, you must be wondering about the costs of purchasing a Stretched Limo. If you are looking for a fresh out the showroom stretched Limo, then you must be prepared to invest in a tremendous amount of money to get this.

It will cost around $ 170,000 to $ 225,000. If the figures are postponing your plan to get a new luxury street beauty, there are other options.

Get a pre-used Hummer Limousine at around $30,000 to $ 70,000, depending on the years the previous owner used it.

A pre-owned Hummer Limo is quite cost-effective compared to the new one. A little modification will give it a new look that will almost look like a fresh Hummer Limo.

Can you rent a Hummer Limo?

Since it is nearly impossible for everyone to purchase a Hummer Limo to experience an enjoyable ride in the ultimate luxury vehicle designed for occasions like a prom, wedding, birthday, or anniversaries, your dream will come true with the Hummer limo rental services.

All you have to do is to book the car in advance for the scheduled day. It will charge you based on the number of passengers travelling and the hours you are booking the Hummer Limo.

However, your rental cost will depend upon a lot of factors. Here are a few points to remember before you decide upon renting a luxury ride in an elegant and ultra-stylish Hummer Limo:

The service you asked for:

The purpose you are renting the Hummer limo for will affect the cost of rental for sure.

If you are looking for a 3 hours ride around the city or a ride from the airport after your flight has landed, you will have to spend a much less amount on a luxurious Limo ride compared to other significant events of your life.

A wedding ride including extra amenities will automatically increase your overall cost of renting a hummer Limo

The demand:

There is barely any product or service that bypasses the law of supply and demand.

How would you expect a luxurious Hummer Limo ride without a bit of fluctuation in the rentals prices? A particular season may see a massive demand in case of a ride for a specific model.

If your grand day falls in that season, be ready to spend some extra bucks on your entertainment ride. The rates vary during the weekends compared to the other days of the week.

For example, your service provider may charge about $140 on a Sunday, whereas you may bag an incredible deal on a Monday at $120!

Your chosen amenities:

That extra bottle of champagne, the customized optic lighting, and the exclusively decorated dance floor will surely add up to your regular rental costs.

Though most of the Hummer Limo comes with all-inclusive packages, you may always spend extra for your desired features and amenities while you are on the go.

How much does it cost to rent a Hummer Limo?

To gift your friends or family a luxury ride in an elegant stretched Hummer, it makes sense to invest a bit for a ride worth going down the memory lane for the years to come.

An average stretch Hummer would range between $150 and $300 on per hour basis. However, you will not be allowed to book a Hummer Limo for an hour.

You must rent the vehicle for a minimum of 3 hours. You may book the car for an entire day.

The average price to get a Hummer Limo for an entire day starts from about $650 to $2000, depending upon the model you would prefer.

How much does a limo cost in Las Vegas?

Often referred to as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas has a plethora of entertainment options for those who don’t love to step back when it comes to splurging on life.

If you are on the lookout for luxury and class wherever you go, you must be aware that this Sin city offers one of the most pompous luxury rides in the entire world.

Book a luxury trip around the city in a Hummer Limo and let the world unfold its fantasies in front of your eyes.

Well, a ride in a 14 seater H2 hummer Limo will cost around $125 on an hourly basis with complimentary bottled water and champagne.

The complimentary meet and greet by the chauffeur are always going to be a mood lifter as you and your friends board the luxury vehicle.

The Black stretched Hummer Limo always charges almost the same as an H2 Hummer Limo. However, it does not always include the excise tax or the fuel surcharges.

How much a limo cost in Vancouver?

Hummer Limo’s rental price in Vancouver ranges between $150 and $200 on an hourly basis. However, depending on the type of occasion, the costs might vary.

You will enjoy a great ride in a luxury vehicle along with all the amenities as the rental price is affordable.

This Canadian city is a treat to every backpacker for its scenic beauty, and a Hummer Limousine ride will fulfil your desire with the comfort and elegance of this highly elite ride.

How much does a limo cost in Australia?

When it comes to luxury limo services in Australia, the two cities pop up into our heads in Sydney and Melbourne.

A stretched hummer that occupies up to 12 people will cost around $450 per hour, exclusive of chauffeur tips.

There are hummer limos available for personal purposes such as wedding or birthday parties.

You may arrange a corporate event in a luxury limo, too. If your group is small, you may go for an eight-seater hummer limo at around $280 on an hourly basis.

How much does a limo cost in Nigeria?

The Hummer Limo services are also available in the African city of Nigeria. The professional chauffeurs are highly attentive, always on time, and impressive when maintaining etiquettes.

Always expect a world-class luxury car service with a plethora of features and amenities available. Well, if you book a Hummer Limo for an entire day, you have to pay around $400.

Be it your anniversaries or wedding, and a luxurious Hummer Limo will always add that much-desired oomph to your grand celebration.

Most of the Hummer limos in Nigeria provide all the amenities you strive for once you plan your special occasion differently.

The privacy divider window, the bars, the music, and other amenities will make the luxury trip worth spending the amount.


For that impression you always wanted to create among your guests, entering the venue of your scheduled occasion, Hummer Limo is a perfect choice.

With the rental services available, you need not bother about spending a considerable amount of money on purchasing a luxurious vehicle.

Though Hummer Limousine rides are relatively more expensive than a regular Limo ride, it is worth every dollar with the unique amenities and services catered to you.