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How To Tighten Loose Side View Mirror? [ Step By Step Guide ]

How To Tighten Loose Side View Mirror? [ Step By Step Guide ]

The vehicle’s mirrors are essential to your ability to see and move about in traffic. The rearview mirror displays a broad picture of what’s happening behind you, the right-side mirror assists with lane changes, and the left-side mirror alerts you to oncoming traffic. Of course, you can also use them to help you park or drive in reverse.

What, however, can be done if the mirrors become unhinged and continually slant downward? Turning the screw either below or behind the mirror will allow you to fine-tune the angle of the mirror for better visibility. Below is all you need to know on how to repair the mirrors and restore your entire field of vision while driving!

Can You Tighten A Side View Mirror?

Yes, it is possible to tighten a side view mirror quickly. Even though it’s unpleasant, a dangling side mirror is a potential safety hazard. The ball joint connection between the mirror and the rod is hidden beneath the ceiling of specific versions.

To get to the adjusting screw, you’ll need to find out how to remove the plastic cover. The ball joint may then be tightened using the appropriate screwdriver.

Suppose you’ve already checked the base and the area immediately under the mirror with no luck. In that case, you’ll have to look within the mirror instead of risking more damage by dismantling the mirror without first researching the specific procedure for your make and model.

Once you’ve confirmed the presence of a tightening screw, you may remove the mirror to get to it. So, how can you tighten the problem once you get to the problem? Let’s learn how.

How To Tighten Loose Side View Mirror

When many individuals are in the driver’s seat, the rearview mirror will likely be adjusted multiple times. The mirror ball joint will become loose as a result, but it can be fixed in a few ways.

Some automobiles feature mirrors attached to a ball joint on a fixed mirror pedestal. Check the mirror’s condition by flipping it over and looking at the underside. You may get the mirror working again by tightening a hex or Phillips head screw, depending on the type.

Let us see in a step-by-step fashion how you can tighten a loose side view mirror:

  • The first step in fixing a shaky side mirror is figuring out why it’s not secure. Make sure the mirror casing is securely fastened to the mount by tightening any screws that may be loose. The screws for installation should be accessible behind a panel on the housing.
  • Loose bolts on the door’s side mount may be adjusted by removing the panel from the door’s interior.
  • Pry the mirror glass from the casing using a screwdriver if it is not securely fastened. Use fresh sealant and glue, then push hard to reattach. Put tape over the glass and leave it for a day.

You may always take the mirror to a shop to have it tightened professionally if you can’t do it yourself.


A loose rear- or side-view mirror may be an annoyance, but fixing it is easy and takes some everyday household items.

Take care not to shatter the window, and you should be OK. As every mirror is unique, it’s best to consult the manual and user discussion boards to learn more about your specific model.