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How To Tell If Miata Has Limited Slip Differential? [ Explained ]

How To Tell If Miata Has Limited Slip Differential? [ Explained ]

Did you recently buy a Miata? Let’s say you got wooed away by its impressive appearance and mind-blowing features, but are you worried about how much performance your car is going to give? Most Miata owners have but one question in their mind, that is, does Miata come with a limited-slip differential?

Suppose you are not very well equipped with car terminologies, nothing to worry about because we’ve got you covered. Want to know what a limited-slip differential is? The limited-slip differential (LSD) reduces individual wheel spin by distributing power throughout the wheels on uneven terrain.

A limited-slip differential will therefore send torque to the wheel with greater traction if you have one wheel with many grips and one with a lot less.

Now, let’s check out if Miata comes with a limited-slip differential, and if it does, which models comply with this feature.

Does Miata come with a limited-slip differential?

Most Miata models include a limited-slip differential, although not all of them. The simplest way to determine if you have it is to call your Miata dealer (or ask the Miata customer care to send any personnel if you purchased the vehicle second-hand) with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and inquire. This might change per model, year, and trim level.

How to tell if Miata has a limited-slip differential?

It might happen that you bought a Miata by its gorgeous appearance, and now you don’t know if it has a limited-slip differential. Well, here we have the ways by which you can find out if your Miata has a limited-slip differential.

1. Contact Customer Care

Dial (800) 222-5500 to reach Mazda customer service. The VIN is all that is required, making this the simplest method. They might not always be aware of the Limited-slip differential option, however.

2. Practical Test – Burn Out

Burn out, and if you notice one wheel peeling, your differential is open. You have a limited-slip differential if there are two skid marks. Some people prefer to drive with one wheel on the ground and the other on the road; if your wheels spin in the grass, your differential is open.

3. Get on the Internet

There is hardly anything that the Internet doesn’t have. So, get on the internet and see which models have a limited-slip differential.

4. Buy Differential Spotter Guide

A Differential Spotter Guide is an equipment that will help you to find the different differentials for each car and how to identify them.

5. Check if it’s manual or automatic.

If your Miata is an automatic model, it does not have a limited-slip differential.

6. Check out the 1994-1997 Models

Get a 1994–1997 model because the A, B, and C packages all come with a Limited-slip differential as standard equipment. The limited slip was an option and not standard equipment for the 1989–1993 model years.

Does the 2016 Miata have a Limited-slip differential?

All of the go-fast features that were previously available as a package on the Grand Touring and some other trims of the third-generation Miata are included in the 2016 model.

The Bilstein shock package comes first. Without these two requirements, any serious driver would ever purchase a Miata. The limited slip differential (limited-slip differential) is present in this model. The Miata handles and travels faster thanks to these two components.


A dual personality has always existed in a Miata. It’s a fantastic convertible for people of all ages and stages, on the one hand. It offers exceptional long-term dependability and low-cost outdoor recreation.

On the other hand, weekend race enthusiasts love it for its exceptional balance and vintage rear-wheel-drive dynamics, making it a legend in amateur racing. Regardless of your position, a Miata is an attractive option for buyers of sports cars.