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How To Slash Tires? [ We Suggest Not To Do It ]

How To Slash Tires? [ We Suggest Not To Do It ]

If you are trying to figure out how to slash tires, you have come to the right page. However, before we get to it, you should note that purposely slashing someone’s tire is a criminal offense and can land you in serious trouble. Although slashing someone’s tires is illegal and not a very moral thing to do, circumstances might call for it.

For instance, in case you are escaping from a place, and someone is likely to give chase, it would be wise to incapacitate their vehicle by slashing their tires. This, however, isn’t an easy task as tires are extremely durable and can make a lot of noise if you aren’t careful while slashing.

How to slash tires: Step by step process

Regardless of whether you are slashing someone’s tire for a good reason or simply out of spite, you need to do it right. Mistakes made during the process can cause it to take too long, result in loud noise, or even injure you. Let’s check out the safest way to carry the operation out.

1. Get the right tool

Firstly, you need a sharp tool to slash for this job. Made of thick rubber strong enough to resist years of wear and tear, tires aren’t too easy to cut into.

You can use a pocket knife, a kitchen knife, a bodkin, a pricker, or even a screwdriver. Generally, it is advisable to use a tool that is easy to grab strongly while slashing hard.

2. Know where to strike

Not every part of a tire is equally thick. Aiming for a soft spot will allow it to get the job done in a matter of seconds, with a single strike. Avoid striking on any area protected by the tread, as the tread is particularly hard and it would take you multiple attempts to get through it.

The best place to slash a tire is on its sidewall, i.e., the rubber area right next to the rim. The sidewall is the thinnest part of a tire, and you can easily pierce it if the tool is sharp enough.

3. Position yourself properly

Remember, the air pressure inside a tire is extremely high, and air gushing out of the slashed part can cause severe damage to your face or eyes.

You’d want to keep your face away when slashing a tire. With that said, the best position to take up, especially if you’re a newbie, is to stand with the tire between your legs and your face turned away. This position will allow you to swing with enough force, while keeping your face away from the jet of air escaping the tire.

4. Strike hard

Once again, remember that a tire is quite tough and takes a lot of force to slash into. You need to slash it swiftly and forcefully to get it done with a single strike.

Push the blade as deep as possible and pull it to a side. When pulling a knife back, apply pressure to the blade’s sharp edge so that it can smoothly cut through on its way out.


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Is it hard to slash a tire?

The difficulty of slashing a tire depends on how good you’re at it. If you practice it and know exactly how to go about it, slashing a tire won’t seem hard. However, if it is the first time you are trying it out, you may face a number of challenges. The key difficulties that one might face while slashing a tire are:

  • Applying enough force: Even if you use a very sharp awl or serrated knife, it will take a lot of force to cut into the tire’s rubber. While the sidewall is indeed softer than the other parts of the tire, it’s still hard enough to resist weak attempts. Inexperienced individuals often need to make several attempts before figuring out how hard they need to strike.
  • Staying hidden: Obviously, slashing a tire isn’t something you’d want to do in plain sight. You need to be completely inconspicuous, whether you are slashing a tire to teach someone a lesson or save your life. Assuming that the car is on a street with people walking around, you’d want to act normally without attracting any attention to yourself. You should also keep your slashing tool hidden; walking around holding a knife is never a good idea.
  • Doing it silently: Slashing a tire can cause a very loud noise, depending on how you do it. To slash a tire quietly, make sure the slashing tool is very sharp, and cut the tire horizontally. Also, the smaller the slash, the louder will be the noise due to pressure equalization. Slashing swiftly and powerfully will allow you to cut a bigger gash and thereby reduce the noise. Those with enough experience in slashing tires can even do it in almost complete silence.

Besides these, we would like to remind you once again that slashing a tire causes the air to exit with force, often making debris fly towards the slasher. Always remember to keep yourself in a safe position, protecting your face.

Do you slash 3 or 4 tires?

You can slash as many tires as you want, but flattening even a single tire is enough to incapacitate a car. A car can’t run without all four tires working. Regardless, if you are just slashing the tires because you have a grudge against someone and want to cause maximum damage, you should slash three tires instead of four.

Wondering how slashing one tire less will cause the person more trouble? Well, the vehicle has a comprehensive insurance policy that covers vandalism, it will cover the cost of new tires only if all four tires need replacing.

This means the car’s owner won’t be able to get the three tires reimbursed by the insurance company, and will have to pay out of their own pocket.

If you are in a hurry, such as while slashing the tires so that you can escape without anyone chasing you with the car, just slash one tire and go. There’s no need to risk delaying your escape or risk blowing your cover just so you can cause more damage.

Tools you need to slash a tire

Slashing a tire doesn’t require many tools – a single sharp object should be enough. The most common tools used to slash tires include:

  • Pocket knives
  • Kitchen knives
  • Awls
  • Screwdrivers
  • Prickers
  • Bodkins

However, there are plenty of other sharp objects that you may use in case you do not have access to these tools.

Now, should you really slash someone’s tire?

While slashing someone’s tire isn’t a very difficult thing to do, you might be wondering if you should really do it. Well, it really depends on your motive behind the act. If you find yourself trying to escape a dangerous situation, and someone might chase you in a car, it’s a smart strategy to render their tire useless.

Well, we won’t really recommend you to go and slash someone’s tires even if you have a bitterness against the person. While it is an easy way to get your revenge against a person who may have wronged you, such malicious retaliation isn’t a good idea.

Besides causing them inconvenience, you’d also be putting their lives at risk. A damaged tire can cause a car to crash, especially if you fail to deflate it completely and it blows out while driving. Hence, slashing someone’s tires isn’t a good idea unless necessary in an emergency.

Keeping aside the moral constraints, you should also consider the legal implications of slashing someone’s tires.  This is a criminal offense, and you may face felony or misdemeanor charges if caught.

If the vehicle’s owner knows you slashed their tires, they may press charges against you. Ultimately, you may end up paying for damages, fines, and court changes. The extent of damage largely determines the term of the imprisonment.


While slashing tires can potentially save your life, it is a dangerous and criminal activity if you carry it out just to cause damage or create problems for someone. Slashing someone’s tire as mischief can potentially lead to their death by causing an accident.

Even when you think no one is watching, there might be eyewitnesses or CCTV cameras recording you in the act of slashing the tires. It’s best not to risk it – no matter how big the grudge you hold against someone, it’s not worth the fines or the jail time that you might face.