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How To Reset Honda Fit Oil Light In 2022? [ Step By Step Guide ]

How To Reset Honda Fit Oil Light In 2022? [ Step By Step Guide ]

The engine oil in your Honda Fit is monitored by an automated system that alerts you when to change it. If you choose to alter the oil yourself or take it to a local mechanic shop, you’ll almost certainly need to reset the monitoring system so it recognizes the new oil.

The monitoring system can be reset without the assistance of a dealership service staff. You can modify the engine oil life indicators in your Fit at home in minutes, so you always know when to change the oil.

How to reset the honda fit oil light?

When everyone changed their oil, it was simple to jot down the mileage on a piece of paper, drop it in the glove compartment, and check it now and again.

Service centers made things a little easier and added regularity to oil changes by writing down the next oil change mileage in a clear plastic sleeve placed with mild adhesive immediately below the driver-side sun visor, along with the mileage at the time of this change.

In the 1950s, vehicles were first equipped with oil warning lights, and these were simply signs that your car’s oil level was dangerously low and that you needed to check it.


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In 1988, General Motors introduced the first oil change light directly linked to the odometer. Since then, every major automaker has developed their version of the technology specific to their automobiles line.

You may be tempted to remedy this at home, but an engine that has lost oil pressure or requires an oil change demands prompt attention.

When there is adequate oil and pressure, the oil will constantly be injected into the tubes, lubricating them. Low oil pressure can take place due to a failure of the oil pump or if anything blocking the system.

To proceed with oil light, if you’re talking about the oil life 45 percent light on your instrument panel, it’s simple to reset. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the oil change light on your Honda Fit after you’ve changed the oil:

Step 1:Ignition

Place the key in the “run” position (or the point just before turning on the engine).

Step 2: Reset

Use the trip button until the bottom of the instrument cluster shows oil life.

Step 3: Reset continued

For 10 seconds, hold down the trip button until the oil life indicator flashes. Let go of the button.

Step 4: Reset continued

Hold the reset knob for 5 seconds. The maintenance item(s) code(s) will be removed, and the engine oil life will be reset to 100%.

Step 5: Ignition again

Return the trip button to its original position for roughly five seconds, or until the oil life indicator reads 100 percent.

However, there is a distinction between the oil light and the oil life indicator. The oil pressure is most likely represented by what you’re calling the oil change light. You can’t reset this light if it’s turned on.

The oil can with a drop pouring out denotes the oil pressure light. If this light is on, you have a severe problem with your oil pressure, such as a leak in the system.

Take your Honda Fit to a repair immediately. While waiting for your Honda Fit car to be serviced, take a few minutes to save money on your auto insurance.


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The messaging system will display an “oil change due” message when the oil life is low or 0%. This oil messaging system will not reset unless the oil or filter is replaced, and the oil light will remain illuminated. This light may also illuminate if the engine’s oil pressure lowers.

The importance of regular oil changes in extending the life of a vehicle cannot be overstated. Resetting the oil change light is one of the critical steps in adhering to your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Choose the right hands to entrust your car to, and be assured of spending your time and money on the right thing. Make sure that your Honda Fit is indeed ” fit ” to be able to run for a longer time.