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How To Open Lexus Trunk Without Key? [ Answered ]

How To Open Lexus Trunk Without Key? [ Answered ]

Lexus is a prominent luxury automobile brand known for its reliability and quality. However, like other car brands, this brand also has some problems. The most common problem Lexus owners encounter is that the car trunk does not open up even if the key is in the lock. It might be disturbing sometimes.

The trunk problem could be there for various reasons, like the dead key fob battery. The Key fob is a device operated by a battery that locks and unlocks the door of your Lexus and also opens the trunk.

If the device battery is dead, you cannot open the trunk. The trunk lock might get stuck since it is a mechanical device, this can happen because of dirt or dust.

There can be many more reasons for the trunk not opening, like the car battery being dead, and if this happens, the electric components in the car will stop working.

Unfortunately, if you have broken the latch that closes and opens the trunk, then you cannot open the trunk. There are many other reasons, but the question is can we open the trunk, without a key or if the key is not working? Let us find out.

Can you open the trunk of a Lexus without a key?

Fortunately, the answer is yes to the question. But the task will be easy if you have the rest of the car unlocked. To unlock the trunk, you need to get into the back seat of your vehicle and lower the armrests.

Once done, a plastic backing with a latch and lock will be visible. To access the trunk and open the backing, pull up the latch. Now, you need to turn on a flashlight, and you will see a rubber top on the top of the trunk opening.

Pull the rubber tab with your fingers on the left side, and it will open your trunk. If your Lexus is locked, then you need something extra to open that trunk without a key.

How to open a Lexus trunk without a key?

You can open the Lexus trunk without a key in the following ways.

1. Release lever

The first way to open your Lexus trunk without a key is to use the emergency release lever. An emergency release lever is present inside the trunk in the proximity of the backseat. It is simple to use. You have to push down on the release lever, and the trunk will pop up.

2. Screwdriver

If you cannot locate the emergency lever or it is not working, do not fret there is another way to open up the trunk. Find the keyhole outside of the trunk near the handle. After locating it, insert a flat screwdriver and rotate it to your left. It should open the trunk.

3. Locksmith

Do not worry if you cannot open the trunk yet. The easiest way to get it done without damage is to call a locksmith. A locksmith will open the trunk of your car with his expertise and will not damage it.

Sometimes, the reason for the trunk not getting opened up might be different, like the lock getting damaged due to wear and tear. You will have to replace the lock to get it fixed.

End Thoughts

These were some helpful tips and tricks to get your Lexus’s trunk open without a key. Though some of this process might be challenging, you will get the desired result.

Be vigilant in the future not to repeat the mistake which left you in this direct condition, prevention is always better than cure. Comprehend the reason and get it fixed as soon as possible to avert these kinds of situations in future