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How Many Miles Will A Dodge Dakota Last? [ We Answered ]

How Many Miles Will A Dodge Dakota Last? [ We Answered ]

In case you are keen to purchase a used Dakota, it’s logical to inquire about the vehicle’s lifeline. The Dodge Dakota continues to uphold the company’s legacy with pride, even after the manufacturer discontinued producing this model in 2011. The powerful mid-size truck was in production for two and a half decades, and the robust mechanism behind this truck makes it a highly sought model even today. So, if you have been wondering how long a used Dakota lasts, we have got the details covered in this article.

We have furnished relevant details regarding the Dodge Dakota mileage. Besides, you will also find a strategic comparison of the Dakota with similar models. This way, you can proceed with your purchase decision with relevant details available.

How many miles will a Dodge Dakota last?

A Dodge Dakota can last for 200K+ miles with the recommended maintenance and servicing. Some models come with a longer lifeline and can loyally serve you beyond 240,000 miles.

However, Dakotas with automatic transmissions are tough to handle. However, with timely brake services, oil changes, tire pressure checks, and fluid top-offs, the manual transmission variants can achieve high mileage. Statistics reveal that these trucks involve unscheduled repairs at garages only 1.06 times a year. The probability of a severe problem affecting the truck is 14%.

Around 33.21% of these trucks that are currently on the market for sale have more than 150,000 miles on their odometers. The highest mileage of a Dakota is around 300,000 miles. Therefore, a significant number of Dodge Dakotas have reached 100,000 miles, and the car seems to be reliable.

Is Dodge Dakotas reliable?

Whether or not Dodge Dakotas are reliable largely depends on the year of production. Besides, when you purchase a used car, its condition depends on the kind of care it receives from the original owner.

As per RepairPal, Dodge Dakota has a rating of 3.5/5. Out of 7 mid-size trucks, it finds itself in the 5th position. To decide, consider whether the truck is older than 20 years. If it is, it’s prudent not to proceed with the purchase. The early-model trucks are infamous for transmission failure issues.

The Dodge Dakota fares marginally better than the Ford Ranger in terms of longevity. A statistic involving the percentage of trucks exceeding 150,000 miles reveals that 33.16% Ford Rangers and 33.21% of Dakotas hit this mark. Also, the Dakota outperforms all other automobiles that Dodge produced in terms of high mileage and consistency in performance.

What is the best year for Dodge Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota 2004 is probably the best model that the manufacturer has ever produced. Of course, we have considered models with a manual transmission. Some of these powerful trucks lasted over 300,000 miles with proper care without bothering their owners. As per Vehicle History, the reliability rating of the 2004 Dodge Dakota stands at 4.2/5. Besides, merely 1% of the reviews have 1 or 2 stars. It is far better than the 2000 models, where 10% of the reviews came under this category.

Several drivers have appreciated the 2004 model’s consistent performance, particularly towing power and fuel economy. Therefore, 2004 happens to be the best year for this truck.

What are the worst years for Dodge Dakota?

It would be wise to avoid Dodge Dakota models that the manufacturer produced between 1997 and 2004. During this time, the manufacturers tried to come up with some models with unique powertrain features. However, these trucks miserably failed on the road, particularly the ones with V8 engines.

Also, the second-generation trucks from Dakota failed the crash test that the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) carried out. These trucks obtained the ‘P’ (poor) grade, which makes it undesirable.

Some of the third-generation trucks continued to face troubles with automatic transmission. However, the manufacturer addressed most of the second-generation vehicles’ issues. Key problems with the third-generation trucks included frequent limp-home, sticky shifting, and poor shifting. Also, the third-generation scored average (A) in terms of safety, leaving room for the manufacturer to fix the flaws.

 Is Dodge Dakotas expensive to maintain?

No, the maintenance cost for Dodge Dakotas is lower than average.

Compared to the standard mid-size truck, the Dodge Dakota involves a lower maintenance cost. While the annual average is around $652, Dakota owners need to fork out just $622. Among different Dodge Dakota models, the 2007 trucks involve the lowest maintenance costs ($484). For later models that the manufacturer produced in 2008, 2009, and 2010, the maintenance costs are $518, $523, and $614.

How to make Dodge Dakota last longer?

  • Every manufacturer requires automobile owners to ensure routine maintenance to ward off the chances of premature breakdown.
  • As a responsible owner, make sure to follow up these maintenance, tuning the engine up, making oil changes, and transmission flushes.
  • Occasionally, inspect the elements under the hood visually for flaws. Ignoring small issues might aggravate the glitches and eventually take a toll on your wallet.
  • Consult a certified mechanic if you notice any abnormal behavior or sound while the truck operates.

How long does the battery last?

The average lifespan of a Dodge Dakota battery is 60,000 miles. This implies that they would serve you up to 5 years. However, if the battery terminals face long-standing corrosion issues, the battery may die out even before 4 years.

How long do the engines last?

The Dodge Dakota comes with a powerful engine capable of lasting for around 300,000 miles. With routine maintenance, you can help Dakota’s engine last this long. Moreover, the common issues involve the alternator, transmission, or starter. Hardly do these problems arise with the actual engine.

How long do the brakes last?

Your driving habits and style largely determine the longevity of the Dakota’s brakes. As a standard, you can take the 20,000-mile mark. By refraining from rash driving and abrupt braking, you can make the brakes last longer. Moreover, the lifeline of brakes depends on the rotors and brake pads, so it’s wise to spend generously on these components. Established Dodge Dakota brake pad and rotor manufacturers supply components to last between 30K and 70K miles.

How long do the tires last?

Based on the terrain and your driving habits, the Dodge Dakota tires would last between 3 to 6 years. Truck tires last longer if the climate is mild and you drive on paved roads in the city. However, if you take to unpaved streets or rough terrains or frequently handle snow, the tires wouldn’t last so long. If necessary, you might incorporate rugged-terrain tires in these trucks.

Does Dodge Dakotas have a lot of problems?

While Dodge Dakotas with automatic transmission are infamous for technical glitches, some issues also affect the manual transmission models. Some of these issues include losing power, overheating the engine, powertrain issues, engine cooling problems, electrical issues, and airbag malfunctions. It’s advisable not to purchase a used Dakota that the manufacturer produced between 2000 and 2002.

However, fixing these flaws wouldn’t be too tough or expensive. The average repair cost for Dakotas is $622.


Compared to other trucks, the Dodge Dakoda delivers the better value in terms of towing features, maintenance costs, and reliability. While purchasing a used Dodge Dakota, try to get one of the 2004 models or a later one with manual transmission. With proper care from the owner, these used trucks can still hit 200,000 miles or more. If reliability and high mileage are what you are looking for, it would be wise to settle with a Dakota.