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How Many Miles Does A Subaru Legacy Last? [ We Answered ]

How Many Miles Does A Subaru Legacy Last? [ We Answered ]

The Subaru Legacy happens to be one of the few sedans that offer a standard all-wheel-drive feature. Ever since the brand launched the Subaru in 1984, it has been one of the popular picks in the affordable range. Comfortable, spacious, and safe, this car can be a dependable family vehicle in the midsize category. The interiors are roomy enough for the passengers to accommodate themselves comfortably. Moreover, the wide array of integrations makes the drives breezy and comfortable.

While the Subaru Legacy fares well as a practical family car, it makes sense to explore its specifications like longevity, reliability, maintenance expenses, and best year models. Read on to know all these particulars.

How many miles does a Subaru Legacy last?

Subaru Legacy owners can expect a loyal service of 200K to 300K miles from these cars, before they need expensive repairs or start breaking down frequently. In terms of years, a Legacy would last between 15 to 20 years, considering you drive 15K miles annually. However, owners need to adopt conservative driving habits and keep the car well-maintained.

Under ideal conditions and with proper care, you can make your Legacy last up to 300K miles. According to Consumer Reports, this is the second-most likely car to last 200K miles. Besides, one of the 1992 models is currently operational with the odometer reading 450K miles.

In case you decide to purchase a used Legacy, it makes sense to know the high mileage. Purchasing one of these second-hand cars with more than 100K miles would be a risky bet.

Are Subaru Legacy reliable cars?

The Subaru Legacy impresses its owners with reliable services consistently down the years. In terms of dependability, it is one of the top picks as a family car. This car has a 12% chance to meet severe technical glitches. Besides, the probability of unscheduled repairs is around 0.28 times annually.

RepairPal has rated this car 4 out of 5, placing it in the 16th position out of 24 midsize cars. According to J.D. Power, the Legacy is an ‘average’ quality car, scoring 73/100 in terms of reliability. However, the Legacy bagged 5/5 stars in the Kelley Blue Book in terms of reliability.

Best year of Subaru legacy

The performance of Subaru Legacy models has been consistent, except for a few model years. If you are looking for the best model year, go for the Subaru Legacy 2015. This model has bagged the ‘Canadian Car of the Year for Outstanding Quality’ award, being the only Subaru car to achieve the feat. has rated this vehicle 4.6/5. Besides, it has bagged a 93% recommendation rating from this platform. Interestingly, Subaru addressed the previous complaints about this model, making it a worthy purchase for car enthusiasts.

Worst year of Subaru legacy

The Subaru Legacy 2009 happens to be the worst-performing model. This particular year’s model has 11 complaints against its name. Besides, the repair costs tend to be higher than other models in this car. Moreover, owners have complained of lower mileage in the 2009 model, which makes it one of the least-recommended ones.

The Subaru Legacy complaints were mostly related to its engine. Once you cross the 77K mile mark, these technical glitches might affect the car. On average, owners had to shell out a repair cost of $3,400.

Is Subaru Legacy Expensive to Maintain?

With a Subaru Legacy, you won’t repent shelling out around $563 for its annual maintenance. This is at par with the maintenance charges of any mid-size car.

Some models, particularly the 2012 and 2014 ones, involved higher maintenance costs ($603 and $623, respectively). Other than these two models, the maintenance costs for the other year’s cars are close to average.

In comparison, you need to fork out a lower maintenance charge for the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Although the Legacy is not the best pick of the lot, the recent models won’t cost you too high in terms of maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look into the maintenance of the Subaru Legacy to get a better idea.


You need to replace the brakes of your Legacy between 25K and 70K miles. Depending on your driving habits, this range significantly varies. On average, you need to go for a brake replacement every 3 years. The brake pads might come under pressure from the weight and the force of the car. In case you notice that the brakes are not delivering the desired quality of service, make sure to get them inspected immediately.


Several factors affect the lifeline of car batteries. For Subaru Legacy, the batteries might serve you for 3 to 5 years. The type of battery, climate, and driving habits directly determine how long they would last. The following guidelines will help you boost your Subaru Legacy’s battery life.

  • Refrain from taking quick or short car rides. This would prevent the car batteries from receiving a full charge. When you drive for extended periods, the battery can maintain its power efficiency.
  • Make sure to fasten the battery tightly, so that vibrations while driving do not cause the connections to get loose. This might lead to short circuits, leading to internal damage of the batteries.
  • In order to keep a check on corrosion, clean the terminals regularly. Simply used a baking soda solution to clean the terminals and prevent rusting.
  • To prevent external temperatures from taking a toll on the batteries, store the car indoors when idle.


With a standard drive of 15K miles a year, you can expect around 60K miles of life from the Subaru Legacy tires. This is equivalent to 4 years of service, which is pretty impressive. The terrain, road conditions, and your driving habits significantly affect the lifeline of the tires. For instance, if you habitually drive through rough terrains, the tires would require more frequent replacements or upgrades. At regular intervals, go for a tire alignment and balancing to keep them in proper functional conditions.


The Subaru Legacy transmissions would last for 200K to 300K miles with normal use. To make them attain this level of service, top up the fluids at the recommended intervals. In case any problem shows up, do not neglect them and ensure an instant repair. This would keep the system running seamlessly. Also, avoid local dealerships for service, and follow up the schedule at the Subaru authorized stores.

Spark plugs

The spark plugs in your car ignite the fuel-air mixture by creating the necessary spark. This way, the engine can generate the necessary power to run the car. The longevity of spark plugs in your Subaru Legacy might significantly vary. Over the years, they have proven to be reliable, with a lifeline of 30K to 100K miles. Inspect these plugs regularly and when you tune up the car, make sure to replace these plugs.

 Ways to get the most miles out of your Subaru legacy

  • Adopt conservative driving habits to reduce stress on the mechanical parts.
  • Rotate your tires regularly and keep an eye on the tire pressure.
  • Adhere to the maintenance schedule that the manual outlines for owners.
  • During maintenance, use quality fluids and branded parts.
  • Follow up the schedules at reputed stores to have experienced hands working on your car.


A statistic reveals that around 5.71% of the Subaru Legacy cars reach the 150K mile mark, which makes the model one of the best launches from Subaru. While the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry have better records, the Legacy outperforms its competitors like the Volkswagen Passat and the Chevy Malibu. Besides, the Legacy outperforms all other cars from Subaru considering the 150K mile parameter. Evidently, the Legacy would be a smart buy for owners willing to invest considerable time and finances to maintain the car.