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How Many Miles Can An Infiniti Last? [ We Answered The Reliability ]

How Many Miles Can An Infiniti Last? [ We Answered The Reliability ]

Infiniti has come a long way in producing reliable SUVs. For car enthusiasts, the mileage and lifeline of these cars happen to be prime reasons to vouch for them. In case you are eyeing one of these cars, whether new or used, it makes sense to explore the particulars in detail. To help you out, this article outlines the mileage and performance of the Infiniti cars. This way, you will gain a transparent idea of the longevity, reliability, and other relevant details about this vehicle.

The upscale design and stylish looks in Infiniti cars make them worth purchasing. Along with a strong engine, they promise smooth rides. Let’s find out the average lifeline of an Infiniti.

How many miles can an Infiniti last?

While some Infiniti cars can last more than 200K miles, you can expect the superior models to make their way to the 300K mark. For instance, the Infiniti QX80 has proven to be durable enough to last about 250K to 300K miles. Conservative driving habits and routine maintenance are the keys to optimizing the lifeline of these vehicles. So, you can easily obtain a lifeline of 17 to 20 years from these powerful cars. After this phase, the cars might start breaking down frequently and need uneconomical repairs.

In general, you can consider the 100K mile mark to be high mileage for these cars. So, if a second-hand Infiniti is what you are eyeing, make sure to acquire one with lower mileage on the odometer.

Are Infiniti cars long lasting?

Yes, Infiniti cars come with a pretty long lifeline. While the 200K mile mark is achievable, around 3% of the G35 model cruises over 150K miles without any major issue. Therefore, this model can be a reliable pick for the owners.

Again, the Infiniti QX80 has a similar lifeline as the Nissan Armada. Both these cars have a similar engine and last for 17 to 20 years. On average, they can travel between 250K to 300K miles. Some of the QX80 cars last more than the Chevrolet Tahoe, which makes it logical to go for the Infiniti cars. Even if you settle with a used vehicle, you can expect a decent lifeline from these cars.

How reliable are Infiniti cars?

Infiniti carries the standard legacy of Japanese carmakers. These cars are reliable, and their reliability scores are impressive. So, it’s natural that these cars would last long with impressive performance.  Although occasional glitches have bothered owners to some extent, the brand has quickly responded to fine-tune the cars. This way, they have maintained consistency in terms of reliability for different models.

For instance, the Infiniti QX80 received an overall reliability rating of 4.4 out of 5 from the Kelly Blue Book. Even J.D. Power rated it above average, with 81 points out of 100.

Likewise, the Infiniti G35 has an impressive track record to demonstrate its reliability. The probability of these cars requiring unscheduled repairs is around 0.51 times annually. The chances of severe issues gripping your vehicle are around 8%, which is normal. The average annual maintenance cost of a G35 is around $540. Moreover, a whopping 28.40% of these cars make it past the 150K miles mark.

Regardless of the model, Nissan Infiniti has maintained consistency in their reliability ratings. No wonder, why they continue to be one of the most sought carmakers in the US.

 Infiniti Q50 reliability

The Infiniti Q50 happens to be a highly reliable car. Particularly, the 2017 model bagged a great reliability score of 8.0, while it had 9.7 as its safety rating. Moreover, the engine would serve you for 15 years minimum with routine maintenance and follow-ups. However, drivers find these cars more difficult to handle as compared to Subaru. This is obvious, given that Infiniti cars are much more powerful.

The Q50 model can serve you between 250K and 300K miles. If you drive around 15K miles a year, you need to shell out excessive amounts for repairs and replacements only after 15 to 20 years. According to US News, the Infiniti Q50 2022 has overall reliability and quality score of 83/100. The basic warranty on these cars lasts for the first 60K miles or 4 years. Besides, the powertrain warranty lasts for 70K miles or 6 years.

How many miles can you put on an Infiniti QX60?

The Infiniti QX60 happens to be yet another dependable vehicle from the established automaker. It has proven to serve owners for 250K to 300K miles, provided they get proper maintenance. So, drivers cruising along for 15K miles on average each year can expect these cars to provide up to 20 years of service. Evidently, you can put on atleast 250,000 miles on your QX60.

Considering high mileage, one can settle for a QX60 with 120K miles on the odometer safely. The QX60 models have been in the US streets for two generations. Hardly any owner has complained of rust or any chronic issue in these vehicles. The first ten years of your QX60 would require an average maintenance cost of $10,805.

How Long Do Infiniti G35s Last?

The average lifeline of Infiniti G35 cars is between 190K and 220K miles. Around 48.80% of these cars can last between 100K to 149K miles. On the other hand, more than 24% of Infiniti G35 cars last over 150K miles. These figures are impressive enough to demonstrate the long lifeline of this particular model.

However, if you are shopping for a used G35, go for a car with fewer miles on the odometer. This ensures that you need not shell out too much for repairs and maintenance. One of the reasons why there is a high percentage of these cars reaching the 150K mile mark is that they have been plying the US roads for long enough. So, there are plenty of cars to demonstrate the impressive capabilities that the manufacturer has infused them with.

Best year of Infiniti models

Infiniti has produced several impressive models over the years. Here are two of the best models to pick from when you consider this brand.

  • Infiniti Q70 2019: Infiniti produced this car from 2013 to 2019. The last year of its production has been its best after the brand updated the M series. This is a midsize sedan offering high grades of luxury. It is comfortable and comes with a powerful engine. Along with better connectivity, this car comes with several driving aids.
  • Infiniti Q30 2017: Back in 2016, the brand launched this vehicle for customers. This hatchback has got 5 doors, and shares the same platform as the A-class Mercedes Benz. There are three variants of this car, and many significant parts are the same as the Mercedes Benz GLA. However, the Japanese car comes at a lower price than its German counterpart.

Worst year of Infiniti models

Here are some of the Infiniti models to avoid.

  • Infiniti QX60 2017: Although this car had a good fuel efficiency, some models that the brand launched in 2017 suffered hydraulic fluid leakages onto their circuit boards. Evidently, J.D. Power rated it only 2.5/5, which is far below average.
  • Infiniti QX 60 2015: While some owners liked this model for the ride quality, cabin space, and fuel economy, it lacked good safety measures. NHTSA recalled the QX60 as many as four times over the wheels separating from brake calipers, issues with the hybrid propulsion system, sensors, and airbags.

Ways to keep your infinity last longer

  • With sensible driving habits ensuring smooth rides, the car’s parts would undergo lesser pressure.
  • Make sure to follow up on the recommended maintenance schedule for your Infiniti car.
  • Branded and of good quality fluids and parts enhance the vehicle’s lifeline.
  • Fix minor glitches as they arise, so that they don’t aggravate to complex issues.
  • To prevent rusting, wash the car regularly, so that the undercarriage does not accumulate grime and dirt.
  • Keep an eye on the brake, coolant, engine oil, and transmission fluids. As required, you need to top them up.
  • To prevent exposure to environmental elements, store the car in a garage and keep it covered.
  • Closely go through the manual to know where the manufacturer has integrated the key components. This way, you will get to know what the car needs, and the quality of materials you need to procure for it.


Although occasional issues have shown up in some of the Infiniti cars, the manufacturer has been proactive to fix them soon enough. This way, they have successfully upheld their legacy of being a reliable and responsible automobile manufacturer. If you are sensible enough to avoid cars of certain year models, you can even settle with a used vehicle. Under any condition, you need to be responsible enough to follow the prescribed schedule for maintenance. So, whether you go for a brand-new Infiniti or a used one, these cars would loyally serve you over the years.