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How Many Miles Can A BMW 5 Series Last? [ Including Problems ]

How Many Miles Can A BMW 5 Series Last? [ Including Problems ]

The revered automobile manufacturer, BMW, strategically blends power, comfort, and high-end features in its BMW 5 Series. For car enthusiasts fancying the idea of purchasing a sedan that radiates aristocracy, this comfortable sedan would be a good pick. The stylish car offers several advanced features, but what about its longevity? When you go for a luxury car, you would like to know how many years it would serve you. Of course, you need to fork out a hefty amount to own the car. Compared to other luxury cars in the midsize category, this model would cost you more.

Find out whether you can get the value of your investment in terms of mileage.

How many miles can a BMW 5 Series last?

You can easily get anything between 150K to 200K miles from the BMW 5 Series, provided you follow up with the maintenance schedule.

So, taking 13.5K to be the average mileage per year, these cars should last for 10 to 15 years. A study reveals that you have a 3% chance that a BMW 5 Series would make the 150K mile mark.

However, some owners have succeeded in achieving the 300K+ milestone with these cars. While you, too, can achieve this, the pursuit involves high maintenance and repair costs. The BMW transmissions and engines are famous for their long lifelines. So, make sure to go for the right 5 Series of the car. This is not a 4-cylinder variant. While it offers a decent level of comfort and luxury, you wouldn’t get to enjoy the thrill during driving. Besides, the smaller engines do not last as long as the inline-six or V8 engines.

Is a BMW 5 series reliable?

Compared to the standard luxury cars in the midsize category, the BMW 5 Series happens to be a reliable pick. There is a 12% chance for these cars to run into severe problems. Also, the probability of unscheduled repairs in a year is around 0.86 times.

As per Consumer Reports, the BMW 5 Series 2021 has got a predicted reliability rating of 3/5, based on the scores in the last three years. In comparison to the Maserati Ghibli, Volvo S90, or the Hyundai Genesis G80, BMW has come up with a more dependable vehicle. However, there are more reliable cars in this category, such as the Lexus ES.

Compared to other BMWs, these cars tend to last longer, considering the 150K mile benchmark. While only 1% to 2% of the BMW X1, X3, and X5 models make this distance, around 3% of the BMW 5 Series cars hit the mark. Only the BMW 3 Series cars have better reliability in this perspective, with 4% of the cars traveling over 150K miles.

The German carmaker has an established repute for their powerful transmissions and engines. So, when you get a BMW 5 Series that the manufacturer produced during a dependable year, the luxury car would prove reliable indeed.

BMW 5 series common problems

The BMW 5 Series has some common issues, although the engines are reliable. Here are some of the common glitches you might encounter with this car.

1. Engine oil leakages

Well, before you go for a BMW 5 Series, make sure to have plenty of gaskets around. they would need frequent replacement due to engine oil leakages. The valve cover gasket would be the main one experiencing leakages. Owners need to fork out around $600 to change these gaskets.

2. Leakage of coolant

The radiator of the BMW 5 Series might leak coolants in case of engine overheating. The small tubes come under pressure when the temperature soars, leading to coolant leaks. You might try and fix the holes. However, some owners had to replace the entire radiator which can cost you around $900.

3. Failing blower of resistor motors

You might find it challenging to fix the fan speed at the desired level. Mostly, a blown resistor triggers this issue, and you need to get it replaced. Once you replace the resistor, you can easily control the fan speed. This replacement can cost you around $300.

4. Problems with power steering

Sometimes, the steering of these cars tends to lose power due to fluid leaks in the power steering. This happens when one or more hose suffers a leakage. Drivers might find it challenging to navigate in the absence of a light steering. Replacing the hoses would cost around $700.

5. Failure of the Valvetronic system

Sometimes, you might get a check engine light pointing to an issue in the Valvetronic system. Try fixing the issue by updating the software. You need to fork out around $150 for the diagnosis. A proper OBD scanner tool can help you update the software.

How many miles on a BMW  5 Series is too much?

A standard BMW 5 series can last between 150K to 200K miles. If you are willing to settle for a second-hand vehicle, it doesn’t make sense to go beyond the 100K mile mark.

Can a BMW  5 series last 300k miles?

As per reports, some of the models of the BMW 5 Series have reached the 300K mile mark. However, you need to invest in several expensive replacements and repairs to drag the life of these cars this far. Although it is possible for a BMW 5 series to last 300K miles, financially it’s not viable.

Are BMW  5 series good after 100k miles?

In case the vehicle had received timely services and routine maintenance, it should be in perfect working conditions after traveling 100K miles. Used car buyers generally try to acquire these vehicles before they hit this mark. This is because the major issues with the BMW 5 Series start cropping up once they cross the 100K mark.

Is BMW 5 Series Expensive To Maintain?

Once you own a BMW 5 Series, be ready to shell out around $825 annually for repair and maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance is slightly expensive. This is lower than what you need to pay to maintain an average luxury car ($976).

However, the costs are far higher when you compare it to the Lexus ES350 ($468) or the Hyundai Genesis ($565). Other luxury cars requiring higher maintenance costs include the Audi A6 ($913) and the BMW 531i ($977).

Best years of BMW 5 series

The BMW 5 Series 2020 happens to be the best year according to Consumer Reports. This car ranked first in terms of reliability, bagging a score of 5/5.

Worst years of BMW 5 series

It would be wise to avoid the BMW 5 Series model years 2011, 2012, and 2013. In particular, the sixth-generation cars that the brand produced between 2011 and 2016 are the least reliable ones. The cars between 2011 and 2013 received just 1/5 as per Consumer reports.


In terms of reliability, safety, and mileage, the BMW 5 Series looks promising as a luxury car. The car needs good maintenance to cherish a prolonged lifeline, and that can be a bit expensive. So, with proper care, you can make the car reach its 200K landmark. Although the engine would still have life after this, be prepared to shell out high repair and replacement costs.