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How Long Does A Honda Accord Last? [ Here’s The Answer ]

How Long Does A Honda Accord Last? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Honda is undoubtedly one of the best and most selling car brands worldwide. There are several series that Honda has come up with successfully. Honda Accord is one of the most popular models of the company known for its sturdiness and long life.

In case you are nurturing the idea of purchasing a Honda Accord, you might be inquisitive about its lifeline. Your valuable investment in Honda Accord will surely be worth it. You will find answers to all your questions related to Honda Accord in this article.

How long does a Honda Accord last?

You can comfortably drive your Honda Accord up to 300,000 miles, provided the vehicle remains under proper maintenance.

Honda Accord has some fine features that make it so demanding and popular. One of the best features is that it has a high long average mile, meaning it will last longer. However, the car demands good care from its owner. The Honda Accord can generously serve you up to 200,000 to 300,000 miles, with proper maintenance and care. This means that if you use the car normally, it can comfortably run for 15-20 years. With a good and tough engine, the car is reliable and would win your heart with its performance.

Another benefit of owning this car is its attractive resale value. Therefore, most of the customers prefer keeping it in a good shape so that they get a worthwhile value upon selling it again.

Will a Honda Accord last 300,000 miles?

Honda Accord is a reliable sedan that is perfect for a small family. Moreover, you would encounter fewer issues like repair or maintenance, compared to other cars in the market. With its long life, Honda Accord can cruise up to 200,000 miles easily, with the range going to 300,000 miles with proper care. Moreover, its lifeline depends on how many times the car has gone for repair or maintenance. You need to take the car for regular servicing to make sure it lasts longer.

Another important factor here is the distance the car has covered in a year. If the Honda Accord has traveled for less than 14,000 miles a year, then your car will comfortably last for around 20 years with good maintenance.

Is the Honda Accord a reliable car?

If you are looking for a reliable car, customer reviews will surely help you make the decision. The most reliable car is the one with minimal breakdowns and repairs. In this case, the car proudly emerged as one of the most steadfast models in the last decade and a half. It is a perfect family-sized car with a tough engine that rarely gives any trouble, and has a high resale value. When it comes to longevity, Honda Accord happens to be a dependable car.

You might be wondering about the sheer reasons driving the long durability of the car. Check out the aspects that justify its long life.

Limited yet good-quality parts used

Other car manufacturers use several parts in the car. It is more common with German companies that they tend to include many parts in a car. As the general concept goes, more parts involve correspondingly more technical glitches. Again, if one part has a problem, other parts also suffer, further complicating the issue.

With Honda, you can rest assured not to face this problem. The company does not integrate unnecessary parts in the car. With a limited number of parts to sustain damage, the car would not bother you much.

Inexpensive repairs

In case you need to take your Honda Accord for repair, the replacements would be inexpensive. Under any condition, it won’t cost you a fortune. When the expense of the repair is not unnecessarily high, you can regularly upkeep the maintenance of the car that, in turn, would add to the lifeline of the car. Moreover, the owners of the car tend to care for it more as it has a great resale value.

Advanced design

With high-level design and advanced technology used in manufacturing, Honda does not pose a lot of problems. The parts all work better along with the engine, thus increasing the life of the car. They go through various stages and processing when built with several types of tests to ensure their durability and performance.

Factors that can impact the longevity of Honda Accord

If you are planning to buy a Honda Accord and want to keep it for years along with plans of reselling it, make sure to keep it in good shape. Moreover, you must use the car as the manufacturer asks you to. This way, you can optimize its mileage too.

The aspects mentioned below are the factors impacting the life of the Honda Accord.

Regular maintenance

It is imperative to follow up the regular maintenance schedules for your Honda. Just like you need to go for regular check-ups for the betterment of your health, your car also has to go for scheduled servicing to remain fit. Here, you need to maintain and follow the Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule. Try not to delay or miss out on these schedules. It can bring more harm to your car, along with more expenses on a long-term repair. Keep these scheduled dates saved on your mobile calendar to remain updated.

Servicing at a fixed schedule

According to the Honda Accord maintenance requirement, you should go for servicing after every 5,000 miles of the drive. On top of that, there are more appointments on the Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule that will leverage the condition of the car.

  • On every 5000 miles of driving, change your oil and filter, get the brakes checked properly, rotate all the tires, and get the level of the fluids up.
  • On every 30,000 miles of driving, replace the air filter and spark plugs while adjusting the drive belts.
  • On every 45,000 miles of driving, get your brake fluid, as well as coolant, replaced.
  • On every 90,000 miles of driving, get your transmission liquid replaced.

If you stick to this schedule punctually, your Honda Accord will serve you loyally for at least 15 years.

Honda Accord Maintenance Minder

This is another advanced feature of this Honda car. This system is a part of the Honda Accord car itself to ensure that you do not miss on the maintenance schedule. It serves as a reminder to let you know when you need to take the car for its next appointment. Maintenance Minder keeps a regular track of the oil levels and displays them in percentage form. For example, if the Minder is displaying 15% of the oil level remaining in the car, it will beep or display light as an alert signal for you to refill the oil tank at the earliest.

With every different issue that arises in the car, the Minder signals in various ways that you will come to know if you do some research on its functioning. There are different codes here, like A denoting requirement of oil and filter change, and B denoting check on fluids. Numbers from 1-6 flashes, which respectively means tires rotating needed, check on the drive belt, replacing transmission fluid, inspecting valve clearance, change of engine coolant, and change of differential fluid.


Being a fuel-efficient and reliable car, Honda Accord is one of the best cars you can trust on. With every passing year, technology is undergoing sophistication. You will love the elegant and colorful ranges that Accord comes in. Besides having all the unique advanced features, high longevity would not burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, the recent model of Accord has a refreshing design upgrading the style quotient. Considering all these perks as well as the car’s mileage, it would be a logical decision to go for the Honda Accord.