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How Long Does A Gmc Acadia Last? [ Years To Avoid & Full Analysis ]

How Long Does A Gmc Acadia Last? [ Years To Avoid & Full Analysis ]

Ever since the GMC Acadia hit the US streets back in 2006, the car has earned a popular opinion for its impressive gas mileage and extensive engine options. With General Motors marketing this powerful vehicle, it rebranded the Acadia as a crossover SUV in the midsize category, when it launched the second generation in 2017. To give you an idea, the Acadia comes in different trims such as the AT4, Denali, SLT, and SLE. This makes it ideal for different customer bases, including commuters, travelers, and even families. The midsize SUV has three rows, and serves a pretty long time with proper care.

Read on to know the lifeline, reliability, and common issues of the GMC Acadia in detail.

How long does a GMC Acadia last?

The powerful SUV can seamlessly serve you around 200K miles with responsible use and timely maintenance. Assuming the average annual mileage to be around 15,000, you can get a diligent service of at least 13.5 years from your Acadia. After this, owners need to invest in major parts replacement and more frequent servicing.

The brand has come up with the Acadia to bridge the gap between its Yukon and Terrain models. Even there’s an Acadia owner who has cruised along 267K miles, and hopes to cross the magic mark of 300K miles. However, it’s imperative to channel your patience and time for proper maintenance consistently to attain this kind of lifeline. Some of the early models of this car have already reached 350K miles, as per certain reports. So, the longevity of your vehicle largely depends on your readiness and resilience to keep the car in proper shape. In some of the models that the brand launched before 2010, there were transmission issues. However, many cars that hit the roads after 2010 tend to travel more than 200K miles. No wonder, why so many buyers are counting on this car’s dependability.

Is the GMC Acadia a reliable vehicle?

Yes, the GMC Acadia continues to be a reliable car, which proves ideal for families. The SUV has 7 seats in 3 rows offering a roomy interior. Besides, you can fold the back row to maximize space. The manufacturers have integrated captain chairs in the second row to enhance comfort.

The Acadia needs unscheduled repairs around 0.37 times a year. The probability of severe problems is around 19%. Repair costs can mount to $734 a year on average. Around 5.39% of these cars hit the 150K mile mark, which is quite impressive.

Considering the performance of the Acacia, RepairPal rated it 3 out of 5. In its list of midsize SUVs, the Acadia finds its place in the 23rd position out of 26 vehicles. On the other hand, J.D. power rated it more impressively, with 81/100. The Acadia also made its way into the list of ten most rated SUVs, finishing in the 6th spot. As per Motor Trend, the Acadia scores 7.1/10.

Therefore, the Acadia continues to be a mediocre vehicle in terms of reliability. Thankfully, for the owners, General Motors quickly addresses their complaints to fix the flaws in the new models.

Does GMC Acadia have a lot of problems?

One of the common complaints with the Acadia is its tendency to produce gunk quickly in the engine, which turns the car dirty. Simply go for a road trip with the car once in a while to avoid this issue. During the long drives, the engine cycles the oil, which helps in loosening the particles that have settled in its fluid.

Knowing the common problems of the GMC Acadia would give you better diagnostic eyes to screen the cars if you are purchasing one of the used vehicles. Check out some of the common technical glitches of the Acadia.

Gear and transmission issues

Some of the earlier Acadia models develop gear and transmission issues. GMCs, Buicks, and Chevys have auto transmission (6-speed). Therefore, manufacturing glitches can result in these problems. A damaged or faulty 35R wave plate should be at fault in case the gear slippage problem continues to haunt you. In case a used car has this problem, you would find the display showing ‘check engine light. The reverse gears would not engage in these cases. Besides, the gears tend to slip. In these cases, you need to shell out $88 to $111 to diagnose the issue and get the 35R wave plate replaced.

Leaking oil

Oil leakages were a common problem in the cylinders, particularly in the earlier models. It resulted in excessive consumption of oil, producing a burning smell. Even some of the later models have the issue in common. Replacing the pistons and rings won’t help in resolving the glitch. In the past, some of the car engines blew up due to lower oil levels. So, owners need to check the oil level and add the fluid frequently to prevent damage.

Loose gas cap

In some models, drivers complained of the gas cap wearing out and becoming loose. It leads to leaks and fuel loss in the car. You might find the ‘check engine’ light turning on. However, this is a minor issue and fixing the problem involves replacing the cap for $20.

Noisy engine

Engine noises happened to be a matter of concern for some Acadia owners. In most cases, this noise arises due to problems in the timing chains. In case you don’t manage to resolve the issue, the timing jump might lead the engine to blow up. It would cost you around $2,000 to replace the timing chain. Therefore, if you are shopping for a used Acadia, make sure that the engine noises don’t bother you.

Best Years for GMC Acadia

Although recent, the 2020 model seems to be the best in terms of the least number of complaints. Till date, only one owner has registered an issue with the car. The 2019 model also looks good, with 6 complaints against its name. Most of these complaints are related to problems with internal electronics. However, there are no transmission or engine issues in these recent models.

Worst Years for GMC Acadia

It would be advisable to avoid the GMC Acadia 2008, as this model has the maximum number of complaints. At 178, this model accounts for a substantial number of complaints. While some problems involve the car shutting down when you drive it, others include transmission issues. The models that the brand launched in 2007 and 2017 come next, with 613 and 408 issues against their names, respectively. With 73 complaints, the 2017 model has the maximum number of complaints that the owners have registered in the first year. In cars having transmission failure issues, the problem surfaces mostly after the vehicles crossed the 84K mile mark. Fixing the problem can cost you at least $3,000.

 GMC Acadia Model Year List

After launching the car in 2006, the brand has consistently come up with new models over the years. From recent to the past, here’s the list of models of the GMC Acadia.

  • GMC Acadia 2021
  • GMC Acadia 2020
  • GMC Acadia 2019
  • GMC Acadia 2018
  • GMC Acadia 2017
  • GMC Acadia 2016
  • GMC Acadia 2015
  • GMC Acadia 2014
  • GMC Acadia 2013
  • GMC Acadia 2012
  • GMC Acadia 2011
  • GMC Acadia 2010
  • GMC Acadia 2009
  • GMC Acadia 2008
  • GMC Acadia 2007

How Long Do GMC Acadia Brakes Last?

The brakes of GMC Acadia can serve you for 30K to 70K miles. Aggressive braking and driving in off-road conditions would reduce their lifespan. When you sense a burning smell, vibrating pedals, or screeching noises, you might go for a brake replacement.

How Long Do GMC Acadia Tires Last?

The first 60K miles remain under the treadwear warranty when you purchase a new GMC Acadia. In general, you should expect a lifeline of 50K miles from these tires. Make sure to rotate them every 5,000 miles to prevent uneven wear.

How Long Do GMC Acadia Batteries Last?

You can expect a lifeline of three to five years from the batteries of your GMC Acadia. This largely depends on the climate and your driving habits. Sulfation leads to increased damage to the battery under warmer weather conditions. The battery life also tends to lower if you leave it discharged for long periods.

How Long Do GMC Acadia Transmissions Last?

The transmissions in GMC Acadias last for 100K to 180K miles, provided they receive proper maintenance. Some of the 2008 models might have lower life for the transmissions.

How Long Do GMC Acadia Spark Plugs Last?

In most of the GMC cars, the spark plugs can last up to 100K miles. In general, this can vary on different factors and serve you between 30K and 90K miles.


As an SUV, the GMC Acadia happens to be an average car. In the initial five years, the value of these models depreciates to half. So, if you settle for a used vehicle that is around five years old, you can get it at half the original price. In case you are looking for a new SUV, there are better choices in the US market. However, if the brand image appeals to you, it makes sense to settle with an Acadia, whether you opt for a new or a used car. Adhering to the prescribed maintenance schedule will help you keep the car in proper functional conditions long enough.