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How Long Do VW Beetles Last? [ We Answered ]

How Long Do VW Beetles Last? [ We Answered ]

The Volkswagen Beetle allures car enthusiasts with its sophistication and performance. The super stylish car comes with luxurious features and comfort that would perfectly suit small families. The mini compact car has a powerful engine with a commendable pick-up. It runs on petrol, so there is no engine noise. Besides, the gear shifts are simple to operate. Child lock, remote central locking, engine immobilizer, and reverse guidance system are some bonus features you can enjoy in this car.

These cars boast an impressive fuel economy due to their small size and are ideal for daily commutes. They are apt for longer journeys as well, and can smoothly run for thousands of miles. VW Beetles also have good leg space inside with ample trunk space. Due to its attractive size, there are no major parking issues as it can fit just anywhere.

How long do VW Beetles last?

In case you are thinking of buying a used car, a Beetle lasts for around 150,000-200,000 miles. If you are using the VW Beetle for an average of 15,000 miles a year, it will run smoothly for 10-15 years.

The Volkswagen Beetle came into the market in the 1930s. Over the decades, the car has delivered impressive performance and value to its owners. For smooth functioning, proper care and maintenance are indispensable for your VW Beetle. Like any other precious asset, your car deserves your care and attention. Keeping an eye on the condition of the tires, changing oil, and following the scheduled servicing will keep your Beetle good enough to run for more than 10 years.

 Is a Volkswagen Beetle a reliable car?

Yes. According to the market study, the Volkswagen Beetle is dependable. The recent models come with advanced features and are reportedly more reliable than the older ones. According to Consumer Reports, the models manufactured in 2013-2019 have scored a full five out of five in terms of reliability. When compared with older models, the VW Beetles that came in 2005 and earlier than that got a low score on reliability and had to go for frequent repairs. The reliability largely depends on factors like frequency of maintenance, warranty coverage, and some other standard parameters.

Are VW Beetles expensive to maintain?

The maintenance expense of a Volkswagen Beetle for a year is around $612. It is cheaper than many other similar cars in the market. Moreover, the Beetle does not create serious problems for the owners like other cars. Statistics and previous records reveal that a VW Beetle has a 10% probability of triggering a glitch serious enough. On the other hand, this figure is 17% for a Fiat 500 and 13% for a Mini Cooper.


            Cars    Maintenance Expense (annually)


Mini Cooper    $846


Volkswagen Eos    $824


Volkswagen GTI    $791


Subaru BRZ    $672


Volkswagen Golf    $630


 Volkswagen Beetle    $612


Fiat 500    $522


Buick Verano    $478


 Mazda MX 5 Miata    $429



Various factors determine the maintenance cost of the VW Beetle, as we outlined below.

  • The road and driving conditions: When you have a warm temperature in your area with smooth leveled and unsalted roads, the maintenance cost will be lower. On the contrary, with very hot or cold weather, short trips and salted roads with potholes will involve more maintenance costs.
  • The maintenance schedule: The more you keep your beetle under routine checks, the longer it will run with lesser problems. The company often recommends a maintenance chart with timings for servicing. You simply need to follow up the prescribed schedule, so that the experts can resolve minor problems before they turn into expensive fixes.
  • Exact trim levels and configuration: Owners often need to fork out higher maintenance costs if a car has several features. In case your car has climate control, Bluetooth, automatic emergency braking system, Android Auto, blind-spot monitoring, etc., your car will be more vulnerable to breakdown than a simple Nissan Sentra that has only an FM radio. A trim level of higher horsepower is more likely to exploit their mechanical components than a lower power model.

How many miles will a VW engine last?

The engines of the Volkswagen Beetle, after 2010, are powerful. These models can travel 200,000 to 220,000 miles. The servicing and maintenance have to be on time for letting your car travel this far without any serious issues.

   Cars    Mileage


  Toyota Corolla Hatchback   160,000


  Mitsubishi Mirage   170,000


  Hyundai Veloster   180,000


  Chevrolet Sonic   210,000


  Volkswagen Beetle   220,000


  Nissan Versa   230,000


  Hyundai Accent   230,000



The above table shows that Beetle is doing well in the market in terms of engine performance. It gives a good competition to similar models, and you can think about getting one for yourself.

Do VW Beetles break down a lot?

No. VW Beetles do not require any serious repairs. Experts calculate a car’s sudden breaking down on the road on the basis of a record of 3 years, and major repairs involve an expense of more than $1000. A VW Beetle shows an impressive figure in the frequency score chart. Scoring 1.2 in maintenance services, the VW Beetles fares better than many other cars when you think of breakdown and associated costs.

Moreover, the severity score determines the frequency of major repairs needed. For a VW Beetle, the severity score is just 10%. It looks impressive and happens to be much below the average score. Therefore, a VW Beetle is much more reliable in terms of breaking down and major repair costs.

Ways to make your VW Beetles last longer

Due to the advanced technology and mechanical improvements, the newer models of the Volkswagen Beetle require less maintenance. However, this does not indicate that owners can skip regular servicing to save a few hundred dollars. There are some ways to increase the life of VW Beetles.

  1. Tires: Most of the car’s weight falls on the front two tires. Therefore, tire rotation is necessary to distribute the load on all tires evenly. A regular rotation along with a check on the inflation of the tires is crucial to allow them to work properly. Go for the tire check every month, scanning any possible damage.
  2. Driver: Rash driving will lead to wear and tear soon and will deteriorate the condition of the car. Handle your VW Beetle with adequate care to enhance its lifeline.
  3. Oil: As a VW Beetle owner, make sure to change the oil of the engine every three months. Alternatively, change the oil for every 5,000 miles. This will minimize the chances of any major engine problems. A regular check can help in fixing small issues as well.
  4. Thorough Inspection: Many other factors should be under regular checking to avoid bigger problems. Battery, fluid levels, air filters, belts, tire tread depth, hoses, wiper blades, etc. also affect the efficiency of the car, hence affecting its lifespan.
  5. Engine: Check for dust or debris going in the engine that might disturb proper working. To warrant the long life of a VW Beetle, you can go for an engine change after every 20,000 miles of use.
  6. Brakes: You should expect a steadfast operation from your car’s brakes to avoid any serious mishap. Therefore, go for a change in brake pads after 30,000 miles of driving.


When buying a new car, it is imperative to investigate the maintenance cost and life of the car before you think about the special features it has in store to offer. Although owners often happen to choose cars with a preference for a specific brand appealing to them, the model is equally important to decide. Well, in this respect, the Volkswagen Beetle will not let you down. You can simply overlook hunting for a second option altogether!