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How Long Can You Leave Your Car In A Walmart Parking Lot?

How Long Can You Leave Your Car In A Walmart Parking Lot?

Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart is an American giant in the retail industry and a popular name globally.

However, surprisingly, Walmart is also famous for something else out of its business, and that’s providing parking spaces across its stores to RVers and other drivers. Yes, you heard that right.

While normal parking in its stores is normal while you’re shopping at Walmart, its stores also allow parking your vehicles to be RVs or even cars even though you’re not shopping for anything.

Nevertheless, due to increasing abuse of its free parking privilege, more and more Walmart stores are disallowing this service. Still, you may find a handful of some stores as an exemption to this.

Be it anyway; you should have sufficient knowledge about the recent changes in Walmart’s free parking policy that is also applicable to your cars! This article will answer all your queries on this topic, such as the following.

How long can you leave your car in a Walmart parking lot?

As I said earlier, to curb the increasing abuse of its free parking privilege, more and more Walmart stores are stepping back from offering even parking outside their store space if you don’t have the intention of shopping.

While there are still some handful of stores continuing this offer, there are certain rules you must abide by, the most important of which is the duration of using their parking space.

Irrespective of whether you’re parking your RV or normal car, it’s at the discretion of the store manager to determine for how long you can use their parking lot. In most cases, you can legally park your car for a day or two. However, you may ask for more days if it’s urgent, and Walmart’s parking laws allow that.

Remember that though Walmart has a soft corner for RV cars, you can’t abuse or disobey their rules or laws for the same.

Can You Sleep In Your Car At Walmart?

Yes, you can sleep in your RV car at Walmart if that store allows overnight parking. The stores that allow overnight parking to RVs also permit other vehicles the same.

However, remember that no Walmart store allows tent camping at or near their stores. You’ll have to reside inside your car or vehicle only throughout your stay at the store.

Additionally, you are required to heed the following code of conduct and guidelines to park and sleep in your car at Walmart.

  • The offer is for one overnight only! That’s you can’t park and sleep in your car for two consecutive days.
  • You must obtain the necessary permission from the store’s high authority. You can either contact them beforehand or in the store before parking your vehicle.
  • Being a reputed place, you can’t set up awnings, lawn chairs, or barbecue grills during your stay. You must stay inside your vehicle no matter how small the space is.
  • Don’t litter. Try to leave the space in a better condition you find it in.
  • If feasible, purchase something for thanksgiving.

Depending on your chosen Walmart store’s location, the above rules may vary or expand.

Do you have to pay any fee at Walmart?

No, that’s the most interesting aspect of Walmart. They don’t charge anything from anyone interested in using their store’s parking space for parking their RVs or any vehicle.

However, you should purchase something from the store to laud them for this privilege, if feasible.

Remember that if you are abusing this privilege by using their space for longer periods, say a month, they will pull back themselves from the responsibility of looking after your vehicle.

If you have left your vehicle for a month now, you can’t hold the store responsible for the same if anything happens with your vehicle.

What Are The Rules For Leaving Your Car In A Walmart Parking Lot?

With the number of Walmart stores offering free parking services decreasing across the United States, it is becoming harder for the campers to locate such a store easily.

Even if one such store is available nearby, it’s your responsibility to abide by the following rules to avoid getting that store to the former list. So, here are the top Walmart parking rules.

  • First and foremost, don’t assume the store’s parking lot space as a mini campsite as most campers usually end up assuming. Being a parking space, look out for your ideal corner to park and don’t expand your territory at any cost.
  • Never assume all Walmart stores follow identical principles for parking. Most stores have their own set of rules others might not even think of formulating anytime soon. Hence, contact the store manager beforehand for the above purpose.
  • Never overstay at any Walmart store. Most stores have a set time for the overnight campers to leave the store, which is around 8 am.
  • Try not to use the RV jack since it can damage the asphalt of the parking lot.
  • Although the parking is free across all Walmart stores, you should patronize the store by purchasing something from it.

These are some rules for leaving your car in a Walmart parking lot.


Although you might know Walmart as a retail chain in the grocery industry, it’s equally popular among the campers.

Not only as an ideal place for buying their camping-related products but for using their free parking facilities across their stores.

Most Walmart stores allow parking your RVs or any vehicle for a day or two at zero fees.

However, due to some people abusing this service, the retail chain is gradually stopping free or even parking.

Thus, there are only 2300 such stores where you can park your vehicle overnight out of the total 4000! Hence, you should follow the above rules if you intend to use their parking space as it is for the benefit of both.