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Honda Odyssey Door Not Closing : [ Reasons & Fix ]

Honda Odyssey Door Not Closing : [ Reasons & Fix ]

The modern Odyssey models are renowned for their power, comfort, fuel efficiency, and spaciousness, even in their most basic form. It is a three-row minivan with seating for seven people.

Depending on the trim level, it offers eight seats. The doors of the Honda Odyssey, despite its opulent design, can sometimes malfunction. Here are the concerns and solutions: If you have a problem with the sliding door of your Honda Odyssey, check the control button and rubber bumper.

Alternatively, you may shut the door by hand by grasping the handle and dragging it forward. If none of these works, you may always call your technician. In this article, we will see why the doors of Honda Odyssey do not close and its solution.

Honda Odyssey Door Not Closing: Possible reasons

The Honda Odyssey is a well-liked vehicle amongst families and other motorists due to its interior room and several storage compartments. Sliding doors are standard on the Odyssey, which is one of the reasons it is so popular among parents.

It is an uncommon minivan with plenty of room for your children, pushchairs, groceries, and pets. The sliding doors of the Honda Odyssey are a popular feature of the vehicle and cause for its appeal.

The sliding doors, on the other hand, tend to be the biggest problem for Honda drivers. Sliding doors, when they function correctly, are an excellent addition.

Passengers benefit from the extra room while entering and exiting the car when doors open in this manner. They also appear more attractive than a typical door on a hinge.

Drivers of Hondas with broken sliding doors cannot understand what is going on or whether or not they can shut the door again. Sliding automobile doors are a great concept when they function. Check out this list of possible reasons why your Honda Odyssey is not fully shutting if you do not know why:

  • The rail’s rubber bumper is cracked or missing entirely.
  • An electrical problem might be the cause.
  • Cleaning the sensors is necessary
  • The doors will not close because the toggle switch has been turned off.

Unfortunately, Honda Odyssey sliding door problems are prevalent. Some drivers have difficulty shutting the doors manually or have issues with malfunctioning door control switches.

It is common for Honda owners to realize that their doors do not remain shut when they close them.

Whether using the handle manually or automatically, the door can remain partially shut, or it may not close at all. Keep reading to learn how to fix these issues and keep the door on your Honda Odyssey shut.

What should you do when Honda Odyssey Door is Not Closing

You can fix the issues you may have with the door of your Honda Odyssey. Here are some of the most prevalent ones and how to address them:

1. The sliding door of the Honda Odyssey is not opening fully

A manual reset should be your last resort if none of the other recommended approaches succeeds. Taking the vehicle’s battery out would be a good starting step.

Close the doors afterward. Replace the negative battery terminal first, followed by the positive. This step will result in a battery reset. Your Odyssey is ready to go once you get in the driver’s seat.

Meanwhile, check to see whether you have turned off the toggle switch. Put the identical button near the steering column in its original location. Go ahead and seek the two buttons that control the sliding doors.

When the Odyssey’s doors open, push down and keep the pressure on them. If the doors do not move, you have to reset the switch, and the process has to start again. After that, the doors should be completely open.

2. A beep from the sliding door of the Honda Odyssey

It is beeping because the sliding door is not entirely closed or the sensors of your automobile think it is. To begin, turn your sliding door’s motor to the manual setting.

To turn off the electricity, use the buttons on the back of the car’s doors. As a consequence, there will be no more noise. Finally, a black rubber bumper protects the door opening’s uppermost backside.

To prevent the door from crashing against the metal edge when opened manually too swiftly, install this rubber bumper.

Make sure the door does not stop before it touches the rear edge of the aperture when it opens automatically. The beeper will sound if the door is not fully closed, and you may need to replace the door’s rubber components.

3. The sliding door of the Honda Odyssey is not powered

Power sliding doors will not operate automatically if the battery terminal is unplugged or the No. B16 (10 A) fuse typically in the under-hood fuse/relay box gets disconnected. To reset the power door, these are the steps: To clear the power sliding door DTCs, remove the under-hood fuse/relay box’s No. B16 (10 A) fuse.

  1. You should deactivate the door’s primary switch. You should put the ignition switch to LOCK (0).
  2. Manually shut the automatic sliding door (the control unit must see the complete latch switch closed and the ratchet switches open simultaneously).
  3. Activate the ignition switch by pressing the ON button (II). Use the main switch to turn on the main power supply.
  4. Ensure that the sliding-door power switch, remote transmitter, and door handles are working correctly before assuming anything else!

4. You cannot shut the driver’s door on a Honda Odyssey

Remove the screw from beneath the inner handle and disassemble it:

  1. You can pop off the plastic cap with a little screwdriver.
  2. Pull the plastic slide out of the way as you move it forward.
  3. To fully remove the electronic door lock switch, disconnect it.

Honda’s Sliding Door will not shut from End to End

Taking the vehicle’s battery out will be a good starting step. Shut the doors. To reset a drained battery, reconnect the negative battery connection, then the positive one.

From the driver’s side, turn on your Odyssey. Turn off the toggle switch for a few seconds. By putting pressure on it, you may reinvigorate it. The switch near the steering column is present here.

There should be two power sliding door buttons present. As soon as the Odyssey’s doors shut, apply and sustain pressure on these points. If the doors do not move, you need to reset the switch and try again. After that, the doors should remain tight. If the driver’s door will not close, do the following procedures to fix the problem:

  1. Disable the power doors, and use the dashboard switch to turn them off.
  2. Extend the doors, but proceed with caution.
  3. Optional: Replace passenger-side fuse #13 after waiting 30 seconds.
  4. Re-engage the dashboard power door switches.
  5. Open and close the doors from the dashboard or with the key fob. Make sure the door is shut by using the handle.

How Do You Close The Door On A Honda Odyssey Manually?

  1. The sliding doors of the Odyssey may be manually opened or closed by following the instructions outlined below.
  2. Ensure that the main power switch is off.
  3. Pull the outer or inner door handle and push the door forward to shut it.
  4. Automatically closing doors may be activated when they are close to being shut.
  5. When you want to go in or out, grab either the inside or outside door handle and pull it backward. In the open position, the door will automatically latch.

Common Problems with the Honda Odyssey Doors

The motorized sliding doors of the Honda Odyssey make it a popular family vehicle. It is always handy when the sliding doors of the Honda Odyssey function properly.

Some people may desire standard automobile doors if they start having opening and shutting troubles. Electric sliding doors are trickier to repair than manual sliding doors but have the same difficulties.

Sliding doors not opening or shutting correctly, when you click the button is the most evident symptom of a failure. It is also possible to have a beeping or a sliding door that will not close.

We have already gone through the most typical problems with Odyssey sliding doors, and below we will offer you some maintenance recommendations.

Keeping Your Honda Odyssey Sliding Doors in Top Shape

This mechanism is basic, but when it is not correctly cared for, the sliding doors of a Honda Odyssey will break down.

Maintaining the sliding doors of your automobile in good working order is a significant part of keeping your vehicle functional and efficient. Prevent difficulties with your sliding doors by following these guidelines.

  1. You should clean the sliding door track to ensure it slides smoothly and shuts correctly.
  2. Every two months, use silicone-based spray lubrication on the sliding door bearings. Keeping your door’s rubber components lubricated keeps it from sticking to the track and makes it easier to open and close. These rubber pieces will wear out and need to be replaced often due to friction.
  3. Do not ram the door into the motor to prevent damaging it. When someone tries to open a sliding door while the motor is running in the other direction, it might result in a malfunction.
  4. Sliding doors may malfunction if the pinch sensors on the front edge are damaged. Avoid injuring the pinch sensors.

How do you reset a Honda Odyssey door?

A reset may be necessary if the battery in your Odyssey van is changed or unplugged for more than five minutes. It can happen when the power sliding doors are activated.

If your power sliding doors are not working correctly, you might try resetting them to see if the issue is solved. There may be additional issues with the power sliding door system if resetting them does not work.

The sliding doors must be manually closed if the battery is unplugged. First, connect the battery positive terminal and then the negative.

Battery reconnection will automatically reset the doors. Engage the engine by turning the key. Reverse the direction of the electric sliding door switch so that it reads “On.”

Keep the power sliding door buttons pressed until the doors are fully closed. Hold them both down. If it does not work, try turning off the “Main” switch and closing the doors by hand. You should turn the switch back on. Reset the electric sliding doors.

End Takeaway

Even though the sliding door mechanism in a Honda Odyssey is very straightforward, the vast majority of door issues are primarily due to improper maintenance.

You can take care of your vehicle’s functionality and performance with the right amount of care and maintenance for the sliding doors. If you do the preventive steps listed above, you can stop issues from occurring with your sliding doors.