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Hisun 500 Utv Problems? Are They Any Good? [ Answered ]

Hisun 500 Utv Problems? Are They Any Good? [ Answered ]

The 500 UTV was designed to meet the needs of the serious off-road rider, and those very needs have made this UTV a popular choice. The 500 UTV model has excellent handling, is reliable, and is built to handle several different types of terrain.

Unfortunately, few owners of these UTVs take the time to take care of the machine. As a result, Hisun 500 UTV problems are becoming increasingly common.

Hisun 500 UTV Problems

One of the potential downsides of owning a UTV is that you’ll inevitably run into its problems. Fortunately, some of these problems can be solved independently, and you may have heard of others, but others can be more complicated to repair. 

While there are plenty of UTVs, the Hisun 500 UTV comes with various problems, including oil leaks, electrical problems, and engines.

Common Hisun 500 UTV Problems

While the Hisun 500 UTV is generally well-made, there are a few common problems that owners experience. The most common problem that 500 owners experience include;

1. Engine Compression

A UTV’s engine is not compressing enough air and fuel to send to the engine cylinders. Engine compression is a common problem in Hisun 500 UTVs.

If the engine is not adequately or evenly compressed, it will not run properly and may not run. With the engine in place, take a look at the flywheel and pushrods, which should be level.

If the engine is tilted, it may indicate that the crankshaft and timing chain is broken.

The first thing that the Hisun 500 UTV is likely to show engine compression symptoms is that it is running very rich. This can be seen in the exhaust as it will be very black and does not burn off.

The engine is being pushed to run very rich to get any power.

2. Spark Plug Problems

Spark Plugs in the Hisun 500 are known for failing for a few reasons. Usually, when plugs die, the plug is not replaced when it should have been.

If you have not replaced your plugs in the last 8-10,000 miles and the plugs are looking a little worn, you should replace them when you do your next service; this is the first place to look when your 500 starts running poorly.

Spark Plugs are also subject to carbon buildup; it is essential to change your plugs before they get so dark that you cannot see the insulator in the middle of the plug. Finally, if you live in a dusty area or an area prone to rain, it is essential to check and replace your plugs to avoid engine stalling regularly.

3. The Carburetor Failure

The carburetor on the Hisun 500 is the culprit in this case. The carburetor is the part of an engine that mixes fuel and air to form an explosive mixture, which lets your engine work.

The carburetor failure occurs when the carburetor’s diaphragm is worn out. This can occur due to excessive heat, age, and even a tiny hole that can cause the diaphragm to fail.

Replacing the carburetor is the only fix for these problems. You can find carburetor repair kits at outdoor power equipment dealers.

4. Battery Failure

Hisun 500 UTVs have batteries that are located behind the driver’s seat. The batteries are sealed and are not intended to be serviced.

If the battery fails, a replacement battery is the only option. Battery failure is one of the most common problems reported with Hisun 500 UTVs.

This is especially true if you ride the 500cc Hisun 500 ATV in the mud or snow. The battery is a vital component of the electric start system on the Hisun 500 ATV, so it is vital to maintain and care for the battery to avoid failure.

5. Air Flow

Most Hisun 500 UTVs have a problem with the airflow system. The airflow system is made up of a few things.

The blower on the back of the motor draws air through a filter; this air is used to cool the engine. The air is pushed out the rear.

This air is usually cooled by using a radiator-like device. The airflow system must be working because the engine could overheat if the air isn’t allowed to flow properly out of the UTV.

Air Flow is a common Hisun 500 UTV problem. You must check the airflow and clean the air filter to correct this problem.

If your machine has a lot of hours or if you have made some significant repairs, it is better to replace the air filter and make sure that the air filter cover is seated correctly to ensure maximum airflow.

How Reliable are Hisun UTVs?

Being one of the leading manufacturers of UTVs, Hisun has been producing high-quality UTVs for decades. The company has thousands of UTVs that have thousands of miles on them, and they are still running just fine.

Many people who purchase Hisun UTVs will never even hit 10,000 miles on them because they are so reliable. The new Hisun ATVs are built with the highest quality parts and are assembled by employees who have an average of 10 years of experience.

1. Quality

Hisun has been making side-by-side utility vehicles for well over a decade, and they’ve been getting better with each iteration. The UTVs have a few trademark features that you’ll find on all of the models.

These include aluminum roof supports, an aluminum ladder frame for strength, a one-piece steel roll cage, and a high-strength steel bumper. For 2018, the UTVs get new seats that are softer and more comfortable and heated handgrips.

You will always have to pay for any consumables, such as engine oil or spark plugs, but when you buy a Hisun UTV, you don’t have to pay for any consumables.

2. Price

Some people believe that the price of a product indicates how reliable it is, but how reliable can a cheap Hisun UTV be? Perhaps this is the conclusion of someone who has never owned a Hisun.

The sleek design of a Hisun is only matched by its reliability, comfort, safety, and efficiency. There are very few Hisuns available in the market today because they are only chosen by those who know what they are looking for.

3. Serviceability

Serviceability is how easy it is to maintain a Hisun UTV compared to other makes. If you want a UTV that will be easy to maintain even if you are an inexperienced mechanic, a Hisun is a good choice.

Are Hisun UTVs Any Good

This Hisun UTV is an absolute bargain for the money. It’s got a reasonable price, comes with a five-year warranty, is very reliable, and is safe for kids.

It may not be the fastest four-wheelers out there, but it’s got a top speed of 55 mph, which is more than enough for a fun ride. HiSun is a Chinese manufacturer of UTVs and ATVs, which provides excellent value.

The quality of Hisun products is generally good, and the price of their products is considerably lower than similar.


If you have issues with the Hisun 500 UTV, you may want to contact the dealer you bought it from. Also, check for any recalls on the vehicle.

Finally, contact the manufacturer. Based on Hisun’s best intentions, reliability is sacrificed on the altar of the economy. The UTV’s trim level of extras and creature comforts may not be enough for any but the most budget-conscious buyers.