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Ford Sync Update Problems & Solutions [ 2022 Updated ]

Ford Sync Update Problems & Solutions [ 2022 Updated ]

As a Ford owner, you might have encountered the Sync update problem when you try installing new versions. Well, the situation turns out to be frustrating indeed, and you would be looking for a viable way out of the woods.

Every Ford owner would want to update the Sync seamlessly, eliminating these issues. At the outset, it’s essential to dig out the root cause triggering these problems.

So, let’s take a look at the common Ford Sync update problems. With this guide, you will find some easy ways to deal with these issues.

Ford sync update problems

Ford has developed an infotainment system called Ford Sync, that can significantly ease up your driving experience. Using Ford Sync, drivers can get access to different applications when they drive.

These include Map, Music, and some of the other apps that you have on your handset. The concept behind Ford Sync is to provide the drivers with maximum information and entertainment while they travel. As a Ford driver, you must be enjoying these functions when you cruise along to your destinations.

In order to help drivers enjoy all the latest updates, the manufacturer has come up with Sync versions ranging from 1 to 4. You can use a Wi-Fi connection or a USB hub for updating the sync.

At the outset, it’s imperative to identify the actual problems, so that you can proceed to the fixes. In case you are trying to update the system in the wrong process, it might fail. Many people encounter issues during rebooting or updating the Ford Sync due to the same reason.

Here are some of the common Ford sync update problems you might encounter.

Wi-Fi disconnecting frequently or poor connection

A poor connection of the Wi-Fi might be the reason for which your Ford Sync refuses to update. So, you need to inspect whether the problem lies with your internet connection or something else. Have a look at your screen and check out whether or not you can see the Wi-Fi sign.

Loose connection of the USB

Many Ford owners fail to get their Ford Sync updated due to a loose connection of the USB cable. In case you tried to remove the charger and ended up disturbing the USB hub, it might lead to this problem.

Vehicle times out

In case your vehicle times out the update Ford Sync won’t update. Besides, if your car is turned off, you might encounter the same issue. This is not a major problem, and all you need is a simple reset. This will help you update Ford Sync.

Problem with the fuse

Sometimes, problems with the fuse might prevent Ford Sync from updating properly. Particularly, under these situations, you would notice the screen blanking out. You might even find an error code when you try to update the Ford Sync. The problem in such situations would be the loose fuse.

Ways to fix Ford Sync Update Problems

Have a look at the common hacks that can help you resolve the Ford Sync update problems.

  1. Connection issues: In the first place, you need to check if your screen shows the Wi-Fi sign. In case you find weak performance or slow connection, you need to use the USB hub rather than connecting it with the Wi-Fi. Connect your phone to the USB and complete the Sync update. It will take hardly ten minutes for the Ford Sync to update.

Make sure to download the sync installation program of a zip file such as 7-zip. This way, you can use your USB port to open the file and connect to the truck. Once you do, follow these steps to sort out the connection issues.

  • Click the Phone Button after attaching the USB to your truck. You will find the ‘Ok’ button under System Settings, which you need to press.
  • Find out the Advanced option and press it. Then hit the Ok button.
  • Next, you need to click on Ok after you get the option called Install App.
  • The system will take a while before you can see that it has completed Sync Installation.
  • To finish the process, simply reboot the sync.
  1. Loose USB connection: A loose USB connection shouldn’t be a matter of concern, and you shouldn’t panic over it. You need to press the Power or Volume Knob for five to seven seconds, simultaneously with the Next Taskbar.

There would be a clicking sound, following which the screen will turn off. After that, the screen will turn on automatically, after which the reboot will take place. You have to visit the ‘Settings’ and find the option called ‘General’.

Here, you will find the option called Automatic System Update. Next, click on ‘Scan for Updates Now’, so that the update takes place in the background automatically.

  1. Timing out of the vehicle: You simply need to carry out a simple reset so that the Ford Sync update takes place. Firstly, clean the touch screen of your Ford model. This way, you will be able to view all the options and accordingly enhance the touch sensibility.

Under ‘Settings’, you will find the ‘General’ bar. Click on it and locate the Master Reset by scrolling down. Next, follow the information that you find and wait till the system completely resets. Simply connect your Wi-Fi for updating the Sync.

  1. Fixing fuse problems: In case a loose fuse turns out to be the culprit, you can address the issue in the following way.
  • Firstly, find the fuse box and look out for the sync fuse.
  • Once you find it, keep the fuse away for an hour before attaching it back to place.
  • Try turning on your engine to inspect whether or not the update takes place. In case you find the update taking place, instantly stop there and let the installation process complete.
  • However, you need to get the malfunctioning sync fuse replaced with a good one. Next, turn the engine on and inspect whether or not the sync update is taking place.
  • Now, visit the General bar under Settings and find the Automatic System Update option. Now press the option ‘Scan for Updates Now’. After this, you will find that the update is starting to take place. You need to adhere to the instructions that show up to complete the update.

How long does it take for a Ford SYNC update?

According to the feedback obtained from most Ford users, updating the Sync shouldn’t take more than 35 minutes. Sometimes, it might take a few minutes more when it comes to rebooting the Sync and installing it. Besides, it is possible to schedule the Sync update time based on your convenience and free time. However, in case the update fails, it might take a much longer time when you use your Wi-Fi connection or USB cables to complete the installation.

How do I force my Ford Sync to update?

  • Visit the Sync Owner Account and log into it.
  • Go to the page ‘Sync Software Update’.
  • You will come across a notification stating that you have downloaded the update recently.
  • Now press the button to ‘Confirm’ the update.
  • You will receive instructions on how you can report the last installation successfully. Then you will receive information when you have new updates waiting.


Evidently, updating your Ford Sync is easy, and you need not seek expert assistance unless the problems turn out to be too complex. We have informed you about the four key reasons that might prevent the updates.

Therefore, you can try out these steps one by one and detect the culprit preventing the failure. Next, you can force the updates to eliminate the issue completely.