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Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Life : How Long Do They Last?

Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Life : How Long Do They Last?

Ford continues to be one of the most esteemed automotive manufacturers in the United States with numerous models having amazing features. Nowadays, people are choosing electric and hybrid models of cars that are eco-friendly and would also prove to be economical. Ford Fusion Hybrid is one such sporty and fashionable sedan perfect for your family.

The plethora of upgraded features in this model of ford would ensure a comfortable ride for you. However, before you buy your Ford Fusion Hybrid, you would like to know about its battery life. Read on to uncover every little detail regarding the battery life of this car.

Ford fusion hybrid battery life: How long does the Ford Fusion Hybrid battery last?

The battery of Ford Fusion can last up to 8 years. However, with regular maintenance and professional care, it can serve you even better!

Just like any other car, the battery life of the Ford Fusion depends on your driving habits as well as your concern for your vehicle. If you habitually drive too fast or abruptly, it might cause wear and tear of parts in the car battery, causing it to break down.

If you go for a check on synthetic oil every 5,000 miles and change the transmission fluids in the car after every 25,000 miles of driving, your Ford Fusion will have a longer life.

When should I replace my Ford Fusion hybrid battery?

Ford Fusion has a battery life of up to 8 years. In other words, the battery can run comfortably up to 80,000 miles. When you know you have covered 80,000 miles, be it before 8 years or later, you need to go for a battery replacement then. However, there are speculations that if you keep the car’s battery in a cooler area when not in use, it might run up to 100,000 miles.

What happens when a Ford Fusion Hybrid battery dies?

A standard car battery is different from that of a hybrid battery. If you have a Ford Fusion, the car will give you enough warnings before the hybrid battery dies out. You should be familiar with these warnings if you do not want your Fusion to go dead in the middle of the road. Some of the warnings are:

  1. The engine will make bizarre noises.
  2. The internal combustion engine often starts on its own.
  3. The car’s battery is unable to hold a charge.
  4. The mileage performance of the car is getting worse.

Hybrid batteries do not have more than 10 years of life and generally show signs of going down after 8 years of service. In case your car’s battery does not hold on to 8 years, it should have a warranty. Most cars under the hybrid category have two batteries: a hybrid battery and a small battery for the functioning of electronic features in the car. Here, even if the smaller one dies, it will not affect the car’s performance and you can comfortably use the car.

The bigger problem will crop up if your hybrid battery dies. If you are thinking that even if the hybrid battery goes off, you will still manage to pull it off to some extent, it’s a wrong concept altogether.

With your hybrid battery going down completely, the Ford Fusion will not move at all. Either you will have to replace the battery or get it repaired. In this case, a new hybrid battery will cost a lot, and most owners prefer to avoid that.

Moreover, the decision largely depends on the condition of your car. If it still looks new, you might want to get a new battery or get the dead one repaired. The second option would be a little cheaper than buying a new one.

The car will still have a high resale value. Even if you want to keep it for yourself, it will serve you for a good time. However, if your car is not in a good shape, it will be logical to sell it off rather than getting a new battery, which will be way more expensive.

How reliable are Ford Hybrids?

Ford has come up with stylish hybrid models in the last twenty-five years. The first hybrid car to come up with was the Ford Ranger in 1998 followed by the Ford Escape in 2004. The Ford Fusion came in 2009. All the hybrid models here offer great mileage along with cost-efficiency that the owners value.

Any Ford hybrid car will run for 170,000-200,000 miles with no issues whatsoever. With an average coverage of 15,000 miles annually, your Ford will stay with you for almost 10 years.

Even with a standard gas-powered car, you will enjoy its companionship for the same duration. With scheduled and proper servicing, Ford hybrids can even last longer up to 200,000 miles. Here, driving practices, along with care will improve or deteriorate the performance of the car.

Chuck Gray, the chief global engineer of Ford’s hybrid and electrical vehicle group, says that Ford has manufactured around 190,000 hybrids with almost zero failures.

All three models of Ford Hybrid have a high-voltage nickel battery that is lighter than the ones used in previous models. The Ford Escape hybrid that you might notice among the yellow cabs in San Francisco delivered excellent performance in terms of fuel savings and reliability. Currently, half of the fleet comprises Ford Escape hybrid. It has a reliability rate of 3.5 out of 5, indicating it is good enough.

According to consumer reports, Ford Fusion ranked the most reliable sedan with a hybrid battery. According to the 2020 Ford Fusion hybrid review, Ford Fusion ranks at the top third position in the hybrid and electric class of cars.

It got a score of 8.3 out of 10. Ford Fusion received a 91% “overall vehicle quality” score which is higher when compared to 71% for Nissan Altima hybrid and 80% for Toyota Camry hybrid models.

The interior features are super comfortable with advanced features. Four to five people can comfortably sit with ample leg space. The car has proper safety features with a push-button start and gives swift acceleration with impressive throttle response.

The transmission effectively blends the gas and electric power source for efficient working. The user-friendly 8-inches Touch screen is super quick to respond. The physical buttons are all easily operable. All these and many more features have earned it a reliability score of 87 out of 100 which is great indeed.

Ford Fusion hybrid battery warranty

Ford automobile company gives 8-years warranty on their hybrid batteries which count to 100,000 miles. The warranty covers parts that the brand has manufactured exclusively for hybrid and electric vehicles, covering the high-voltage battery.

The warranty expires after 8 years or 100,000 miles covered, whichever happens first. You can read the warranty guide available on Ford’s website to get a more transparent view.

With normal day-to-day usage, the battery will show signs of going down as any other car’s battery does. Before you go buying a Ford Fusion, check the details of the battery used. Hybrid batteries do not come cheaper.

It can cost you thousands of dollars, but replacing a new fresh one will add more than 10 years of life to the car. You can even get rebuilt batteries that several local dealers will provide.

Here, they replace the dead batteries with new ones. These batteries will not last for a very long time but will come a little cheaper compared to the fresh ones.


Ford Fusion Hybrid is a great car with many benefits with very few previous bad reviews. There are more advantageous features in the car than merely the risk of battery failure, which is a very rare phenomenon.

You can always look for more reviews and information about Fusion on the internet. If you are looking for a perfect family car at a lower price that will last with you for more than a decade, go for Ford Fusion.