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F150 Interchangeable Parts : [ Which Years To Choose ? ]

F150 Interchangeable Parts : [ Which Years To Choose ? ]

The Ford f150 is a full-size pickup truck released in 1975 as a member of the F series. It is the primary option for truck owners because of its superb design characteristics at a low price, ease of maintenance, and ample availability of replacement parts. Its components are widely interchangeable, and many individuals own one. The mechanical components of the majority of the models can be interchanged simply by swapping out a few components and making adjustments.

It is possible to swap out Ford F150 components such as the engine, the ECM, and the gearbox with the elements from other models with the same specs. Various other options, such as truck beds, lighting, and bodywork, are available for customization and can be substituted with numerous Ford F150 models and third-party manufacturers to meet specific needs.

What Year is Ford F150 Parts Interchangeable?

Early Ford F150 vehicles were composed of mechanical components, simple to repair and replace. In recent years, however, with the advent of complicated engines controlled by ECMs and other components, the models have gotten more particular when it comes to changing them.

The cause for this may be the participation of wiring changes to guarantee that the vehicle operates properly. Below we have a quick guide to the most important things to consider while searching for components compatible with your model.

F150 Engine

The engine is a critical component of the Ford F150, and you should replace it if it has regular issues or consumes excessive amounts of oil and gasoline. Ford offered several different engines with varying sizes and power ratings. They may range in size from a modest 2.7-liter V6 to a bigger 5.0-liter V8 engine, among other options.

To determine whether or not the Ford F150 variation you wish to replace is compatible with your new vehicle, you need to look for its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and decode it to determine the specific engine type.

The engines of adjacent year models of the same generation are the same kind, and you may swap them out. They may, however, have tiny changes in the sensors and other individual components to optimize the performance. There should also be a modification of the ECM module to accommodate the new engine and its wiring connections.

Transmission System

You can identify the transmission system by a code etched on its body, which you can see below. Transmissions such as the 4R70W, 4R75E, and 6R80, which were available in F150 vehicles after 2003, are just a few examples.

You may swap them out with any other variety with the same code. Other considerations include measuring the bolt’s length, size, and position to verify that they are correctly aligned. The majority of Ford F150s manufactured after 2017 come with a 10-speed gearbox (10R80), unlike the older versions with a 6-speed transmission (6R80).

We suggest you swap the transmissions between models if they have the same transmission code, physical dimensions, and engine type. Furthermore, a transmission control module (TCM) improves the performance of each kind of gearbox by the engine installed in the vehicle in question.

Consequently, when transferring it into a car with a different engine type, you must also replace the sensor wire and reprogramme the electrical modules to ensure proper operation.


In models before the power-adjustable seats introduced with massage, heating, cooling, and ventilation features, chairs were more significant in their size and needless electrical connection than they do now. From 1997 to 2003, the manufacturer offered bucket seats with electric connections for power seats on Ford F150 pickup trucks.

You should add and check the seats to the existing brackets and power for availability. Except for minor adjustments, there are no issues with switching seats in previous versions. Models produced after 2009, on the other hand, offer heated/cooled seats with several adjustment settings.

Seats with massage capabilities and maximum recline are available on the most recent versions. As a result, to replace them, you must first get a wiring schematic for the seats.

Physical installation is not a problem, and all that is required is to attach them to the existing brackets. Make modifications to wire harnesses following the wiring diagram to ensure that electrical connections, motor installation, and other functions are operational.

Ways to find interchangeable parts for f150

No matter how old or new your car is, always keep it in good working order. However, in the case of the ford f150 body parts exchange, one may have several challenges in locating the replacement parts appropriate for their particular model.

There are three most significant steps in the selection process, and they are as follows: inspection, selection, and fitting. The most vital step in picking a part for your automobile model is locating a component correctly sized for your vehicle.

Below we have mentioned some significant facts regarding your automobile that you should know before ordering the spare components required for repair or replacement. Let us take the picking process step by step and see what we come up with. Changing the body pieces on a Ford F150 is a simple chore, and it is the most effective kind of maintenance that one can do on their Ford vehicles. The guide to determining suitability is as below:

Numbers for casting

The manufacturers give priority to the casting numbers because the engine contains the initials of the mold that produce them. You can see these engravings on each engine, produced by a specific mold. When you use these engravings, they are often covered with grime and oil over time. While searching for the casting numbers, it might be tough to discover them. Here are some resources that may be of assistance:

  1. On the cylinder heads, look for the casting number of the head.
  2. You can find the block casting numbers on a ledge on the backside of the bell housing at the bottom of the bell.

Part numbers

The component numbers serve as identifiers for the specific machines built on an industrial scale. Every interchangeable Ford F150 body element must be labeled with a unique 6-8 digit number to demonstrate its legitimacy and authorized production. It is vital to locate the component numbers, which you can accomplish by consulting the Ford official database. Input the VIN present in the bottom right-hand corner of the front window on the driver’s side.

Identification numbers for parts

This code provides information on the specific changes that the product went through to get the intended outcome. It indicates the combination choice selected by the production team when building into an entire system that allows it to function efficiently in conjunction with the other components. The code is also called the abbreviation RPO (Regular Production Option).

Identifying Appropriateness

The size of a Ford F150 truck is determined by the XL and XLT trim levels, which are available in two basic sizes. In contrast, it might get complicated when the comparison is discussed in-depth. Always choose the components that would blend in seamlessly as if they were the original item. The company should do the replacement by the model’s age for your automobile to work accurately once you have replaced them.

Identifying and locating the number of parts

Typically, each ford f150 body parts interchange component has a code stamped on it that specifies the component’s overall construction and its orientation in various combinations. Those numbers are present on the components’ backside. Knowing the component numbers makes it much simpler to find replacement parts for your vehicle.

Looking for Replacement Parts

If you go through the top websites that supply vehicle parts, you can get authentic Ford f150 body parts interchange components. You may also compare the offers that you discover on many other websites to verify that you are getting a good bargain on a replacement. When you have the specifics of your model in your possession, it becomes much simpler to locate the merchandise.

Final Thoughts

The replacement parts available for your Ford F150 are dependent on the model version of the vehicle you own. When building a Ford F150, it is critical to choose components compatible with the many models produced between 1997 and 2021. Unless there is a correct option, the car cannot provide optimal performance.

The exchange of Ford F150 body components is one of the most critical preventative maintenance procedures that should be encouraged. Although the components are tough to come by, you will undoubtedly get rewards in the form of a longer vehicle’s life span. Ford consumers must remain up to speed on the costs of available components since the company is improving its models and introducing new ones every half-decade.