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Do You Tip Car Detailers? Here’s The Answer

Do You Tip Car Detailers? Here’s The Answer

Are you wondering about tipping a car detailer? You must have heard of tipping waiters in restaurants, delivery executives, parking valets, hairdressers, and so on.

But many of you may not have heard of tipping your car detailer. To your surprise, car detailers are another section where you’d tip as well.

As we are progressing, lesser time are we devoting to the day-to-day chores of which detailing our car i.e. cleaning and restoring the car to its like-new condition is one.

As a result, almost every car owner prefers professional aid in detailing their car instead of a quick self-clean. And it’s somewhat a necessity these days.

Being a time-consuming and tech-based work, merely a standard detailing process can cost you several dollars.

This can make you feel like tip your car detailer as a gift for his hard work and dedication.

But the real question is: should I tip my car detailer? If yes, how much would sound good to both of us? Read on to know more about tipping your car detailer.

Do you tip car detailers?

Car detailing services are not easy to deal with and are a vast industry where perfection is truly a requisite. And this is ought to be.

As a car owner, you’d want your car to get the best treatment from the best hands in the industry from both inside and outside.

Keeping this in mind, every car attendant puts all his experience and expertise in detailing your car.

Besides these, the detailer also spends lots of time, energy, and knowledge to complete his job in the best way possible.

In return, the detailer would only expect his customer’s complete satisfaction and some appreciation.

If all this isn’t small, you would know that car detailing services utilizes the best resources like car-specific polish, wax, shampoo, auto wash mitts, and much more.

Hence, why not tip the dealer as an appreciation for his work? Yes, you should tip your dealer in addition to the service bill.

If you’re worried about tipping too little or too high, remember, three primary things often govern the tipping amount.

  • Amount of work done,
  • Amount of time utilized,
  • Most importantly, the result i.e. the quality of work.

Take cognizance of the above three w.r.t to your car’s detailing and you’d know the exact amount to tip.

Do car detailers expect a tip?

It depends. As per a survey conducted on car detailers, it was found that not all detailers expect the client to tip them. While another group felt getting tipped as a token of appreciation for their extensive work where they put in:

  • Experience,
  • Expertise,
  • Commitment,
  • Time,
  • Various resources, etc.

Hence, being rewarded with a slight tip isn’t bad. However, tipping is something the majority of even those who don’t expect getting tipped won’t dismiss.

Should you tip mobile car detailers?

If you’re wondering what is mobile car detailing, here’s a quick explanation.

Contrary to the usual car detailing job where you have to visit the service center, mobile car detailing is another form where you can get your car detailed at the doorstep.

That is, you won’t have to step out for the same. The mobile car detailing industry is on a rise these days as it’s time-saving (you don’t have to step out) and there’s no compromise on the work quality (same detailers and same resources).

However, mobile car detailing will cost you more than the standard detailing.

This is because such a detailing service will make you spend to meet the expenses of the detailers for bringing the business to your doorstep.

But since you’re saving more than this time, spending a little extra isn’t a bad deal, as per the surveys conducted to assess the popularity of mobile car detailing.

One more thing to keep in mind while tipping for mobile car detailing is that here, the tip amount tends to go higher (approximately 25-28%) against the regular 15-20%.

How can you decide whether to tip a car detailer or not?

Well, there is no exact way to know whether the car detailer would prefer getting tipped or not.

However, below I have discussed some common ways you can use to determine whether is it worth tipping the detailer or you can leave! If you have gone to get your car detailed to a lavish detailing service, you can resist tipping the detailer.

This is because, in simple words, a tip is a small amount you wish the concerned person should get over his regular monthly payment.

Hence, being a lavish car detailing center, the attendant is more likely to get handsome pay for his work from the company. So, in this case, there is no need to tip.

In another case, if you have chosen a small and local car detailing agency for the purpose, it’s more likely the attendant won’t be earning much for his work monthly.

Here, rewarding the detailer with a tip is understandable and a lot more practical.

In a nutshell:

  • You can avoid tipping if you feel the attendant is getting paid handsomely from the company itself.
  • While it is always better to tip detailers working at local and inexpensive centers.

Some more factors which can help you with deciding whether to tip or not include:

  • The size of the job. If the work lasted for hours, you better tip the attendant. If the work lasted for merely an hour, tipping isn’t a good idea.
  • The quality of the work done. If you feel utterly satisfied with the detailing work, you’d tip the detailer. In another case, if you don’t feel elated with the work, why would you tip?

How much should you tip a car detailer?

So now that you know that tipping a car detailer is a good idea at the majority of times, you may still feel confused about its amount.

So, here’s a quick look at the various factors which can help you decide how much should you tip a car detailer. These are:

The quality of the work

This is the most important factor that will influence the tipping amount the most. If the work done stands on all fronts and you feel it’s worth coming here.

Here, around 10-15% of the total bill is a good amount for the tip considering a top-notch quality work.

Time consumed

It’s a no-brainer that car detailing work takes much more time than merely a simple wash and vacuum cleaning.

Considering the time consumed for the total work, you can add around 3-5% to the above tip of 10-15%. Again, keep in mind your total detailing bill here.

The number and quality of the resources used

Now, you will argue that resources are a must for a professional detailing job. But her along with the resources, their quality is important.

You won’t want someone to use a chemical-based substance on your car only to harm it.

Hence, the better the quality of the resources, the better tip you can consider. For reference, around 3-5% is sufficient.

Summing all the above tipping amounts, the total tipping amount you can pay to the attendant becomes 15-25% of the total bill.

It may sound a great amount for a tip, however, taking into account your final bill, it’s still a small chunk you’d pay for appreciating the detailer.


Car detailing isn’t your simple car washing with just water mixed with some locally available shampoo and a quick vacuum wash.

A professional in-house car detailing is far better than this. It’s time-consuming and more of a tech-based work in which merely a standard job can cost you several dollars.

Besides these, the detailer has to spend lots of time, energy, and knowledge to complete his job in the best way possible to bring the best out of your car.

Hence, in this case, tipping the car detailer is a wise decision you can make.

In the above section, I’ve discussed the various factors to help you decide how much you should tip and to decide whether to tip or not.