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Do Ford Raptors Hold Their Value? Is It Worthy? [ Answered ]

Do Ford Raptors Hold Their Value? Is It Worthy? [ Answered ]

For most truck enthusiasts, looks do matter when it comes to their choice of models. This makes the Ford F-150 Raptor one of the most popular picks, despite its steep price. Currently, you need to shell out around double of what you can purchase the base-level F-150 for. Naturally, you might be inquisitive about why Raptors cost so much, or whether these trucks would hold their value. To answer your queries, we have detailed relevant answers in this article.

Ford has been producing these Raptors since 2009. Considering the few generations available, the investment option is relatively new. Now, it’s time to explore whether the Raptors are worth their price.

Do Ford Raptors hold their value?

Yes, Ford Raptors definitely hold their value and would be a great option for investment. Purchasing a pickup truck has some inherent benefits. Their depreciation rate is generally lower as compared to many other vehicles. In the first five years, several cars end up losing half their value. During this span, the Ford Raptor would still be as good as new. We are going to discuss the depreciation rate of the Ford Raptor later in this article.

If you are ready to invest in a model that has proven to be ‘reliable’, the Ford Raptor is definitely worth going for. Particularly, the old Raptors would cost you significantly more, which proves that they do hold their value! It’s the trust and reliability factor that drives their price! Truck enthusiasts ready to shell out a bit extra to invest in ‘reliability’ would appreciate the value Ford Raptors deliver down the years.

Moreover, Ford has been manufacturing these pickup trucks for just over a decade. Even the first models are relatively younger than many other trucks that are plying the roads.

Is a Ford Raptor a good investment?

Purchasing a Ford Raptor would be worth your investment if you have a fascination for off-road drives. In fact, the Ford Raptor happens to be a high-performance variant of the base model of the F-150. Ford manufactured this model to make it street-legal, considering the constraints that typical off-road racing vehicles face. The pickup truck comes with some specially-integrated features that deliver memorable driving experiences.

Apart from fun, you’d experience a fantastic experience while cruising along off-roads. Moreover, the Ford Raptor boasts a high resale value. So, you have the provision to recover a large chunk of your original expense.

However, if you are willing to invest in solely an on-road pickup truck, there are several low-priced models to settle with.

To give you an idea, a Ford Raptor would cost you anything between $10,000 to $20,000 more than other off-road trucks. As Raptors have proven to be dependable, robust, and versatile pickup trucks, they are worth investing in.

How much does a Ford Raptor depreciation?

Depreciation happens to be a prime concern for truck owners. So, let’s face the fact. The rate of depreciation of the Ford Raptor is lesser than other pickup trucks. Therefore, if you are willing to purchase one of these versatile trucks, you won’t be losing value too soon.

Although the basic F-150 model loses its value pretty fast, the Raptor remains loyal to its owner over an extended period. On average, the F-150 has a depreciation rate of 44%. However, the figures below clearly demonstrate how reliable the Ford Raptor is.

  • Depreciation rate of 2010 Ford Raptor: 20%
  • Depreciation rate of 2011 Ford Raptor: 15% to 20%
  • Depreciation rate of 2012 Ford Raptor: 10% to 20%
  • Depreciation rate of 2013 Ford Raptor: 20%
  • Depreciation rate of 2014 Ford Raptor: 20%
  • Depreciation rate of 2017 Ford Raptor: 25% (Second generation release)

The models that Ford released 2018 onwards are still as good as new, and the depreciation rates are not available. Comparing the rates with the basic F-150 (44% depreciation rate), all the Ford Raptor models look better!

What is the best year for the Ford Raptor?

As per, truck enthusiasts would find the 2010 and 2020 models best-performing. While the 2010 model is a first-generation one, the 2020 one is a second-generation model.

Even narrowing down your options, the 2020 model would be ideal for you. Ford has considered certain complaints from the owners over the years. Accordingly, they addressed all the issues in the 2020 model, which looks improved and more versatile. If you are willing to purchase a used model that might not be as good as the latest ones, it would be wise to settle with the 2010 model.

The models to avoid include the 2009, 2012, and 2014 Ford Raptors. Some of the trucks under these models experienced engine troubles, steering issues, and window problems.

Why Ford Raptors are so expensive?

Well, the very term ‘expensive’ turns out to be subjective. It depends on how you perceive costly investments and what you expect from a versatile pickup truck. The fact that Ford Raptors are reliable makes them expensive!

Ford has come down a long way being a renowned brand. It has designed Raptor to handle all sorts of terrains, ranging from desert to potholes off the road. The sophisticated technology in the truck makes it one of the safest of its kind. Additionally, you’d cherish the comfort and luxury of the interiors. Considering the value of money that the Raptor promises, it justifies its high price tag.

We have focused on the elements that make Ford Raptors so expensive.

Better build quality

Ford has channeled decades of experience and technology to develop the Raptor. The superior build quality explains its high price. Raptor’s engine parts share around 60% pedigree with the Ford GT supercar.

Moreover, the high clearance enables Ford Raptor to overcome obstacles on off-roads seamlessly. The rear suspension travel of 13.9 inches is massive, which absorbs a significant portion of impact during bumpy rides.

Lastly, the manufacturers have integrated specialized features to couple the truck as a remote office.

Superior design

In terms of looks, the Ford Raptor easily beats many of its competitors. This visual appeal is one prime factor that lures the buyers. The truck’s interior as well as the exterior comes with an array of sophisticated gadgets. Understandably, Ford Raptor would weigh heavy on your wallet.

For instance, every Ford Raptor comes with an automatic emergency braking feature and LED lamps for security, while the beds have a 400-Watt power outlet.

The drivers enjoy the best grades of convenience and comfort. Well, the meticulous planning on the part of the manufacturers naturally makes it expensive.

Amazing performance

Ford Raptors cost more than their competitors for valid reasons. With this model, you get to enjoy the 10-speed transmission and the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 to empower a comfortable ride. The Raptor boasts the Fox Racing suspension besides providing the privilege of a four-wheel ride to the drivers.

NBC conducted a road test, where it appreciated Raptor for its outstanding performance and comfort. Even when drivers explore uneven roads and offbeat paths, the model continues to deliver the same level of coziness.

Moreover, the Raptor has an impressive towing capability, which is enough to haul a load between 6,000-8,000 pounds.

Better safety levels

Recent crash tests reveal that Raptors perform impressively under the standard parameters of safety. Ford has integrated these models with a plethora of inbuilt security and safety features. This delivers a safer riding experience to the drivers.

Among the enhanced safety features, these cars have rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, and a collision warning system. All these safety measures add up to a significant part of its high price.

The ‘reliability’ factor

Ford built Raptor to beat rugged terrains with optimal performance on off-roads. This is evident from the intelligent design of the model. Naturally, you would love the kind of reliability the models deliver down the years.

Given that most owners purchase these models to benefit from their off-roading capabilities, they don’t use the Raptors as their daily runners. Therefore, you won’t come across too many models with the odometer reading thousands of miles. However, there are Raptors having traveled hundreds of miles on the highways. One of the Raptors with the odometer reading 218,000 miles did not need any repair under the hood when a buyer purchased it as a used vehicle. This implies that the trucks can serve you for long years when you ensure proper maintenance and care. For used vehicles, anything above 100,000 turns out to be risky. However, the reputation and durability of the Raptor and its long lifeline make it highly priced.


What makes Ford Raptor trucks popular are their larger engine size, 10-speed transmitter, four-wheel drive, and more torque and horsepower. One can choose from as many as six drive models while enjoying the racing suspension systems. In the first five years of use, Ford Raptors lose only 20% of their value.

While looking at the price tag, initially the Raptor might appear to be an expensive buy. However, now you know why Ford has fixed a higher tag while pricing this amazing pickup truck. Evidently, Ford Raptors definitely hold their value for long. It would be a logical decision to get this off-road truck for yourself, whether you are planning to purchase a brand-new model or a used one.