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Chrysler Pacifica In Snow : Are They Good? [ Answered ]

Chrysler Pacifica In Snow : Are They Good? [ Answered ]

It’s tough to overlook the Chrysler Pacifica when you hunt for a minivan with adequate comfort and performance. Along with practicality, this car offers plenty of cargo space. The roomy interiors, fuel efficiency, and better driving dynamics make a great pick.

In case you are looking for the right minivan for family transportation, it makes sense to explore the features of the Chrysler Pacifica. However, if you reside in an area experiencing frequent snowfall, you would like to know about the performance of the Chrysler Pacifica in snow and ice. We have discussed this ability of the car in this article, which would help you make the right decision.

Chrysler Pacifica in snow: Are they good?

The Chrysler Pacifica happens to be a great car to tackle snowy terrains. They perform pretty well in snow and come with a host of features. Traction control, all-wheel drive, automatic braking system, and electronic stability control are some of these sophisticated integrations.

You can use the Chrysler Pacifica to navigate through light snowfall only. This car has a ground clearance of 5.1 inches. Therefore, your Chrysler Pacifica would perform perfectly well if you reside somewhere with moderate snowfall. However, these cars cannot navigate through extremely snowy conditions. The automatic AWD of this car makes it an efficient car to drive through snowy terrains. So, you can channel power to all the wheels to maximize grip on the snow, maximizing traction. However, these cars need high-quality snow tires to perform well under winter conditions.

How does a Chrysler Pacifica drive in the snow?

Chrysler Pacifica owners seem to be happy with the kind of experience these cars deliver in wintery conditions. Across all the trims the Chrysler Pacifica comes with automatic AWDs. Coupled with the right quality of winter tires, you can mitigate the challenges in snowy and slippery terrains. The AWD automatically distributes the car’s power to all the wheels.

Considering the ground clearance, this minivan can handle around 5 inches of snow comfortably. However, it would be wise not to traverse through layers of snow if it is more than 4 inches deep. After all, owners mustn’t rule out the possibility of damaging the car in case the snow jams it. However, if you reside in a place receiving heavier snowfall, it’s better to get an SUV rather than a minivan.

You can choose between the conventional gas minivan and the hybrid versions of this car. Both these variants are capable of handling low temperatures during the winter. However, some of the hybrid owners have complained of decreased range in winter conditions. There’s a valid reason for opting for the hybrid model over the electric one. With this car, the internal combustion would be releasing some power, which enables the engine to work even with low battery levels. Besides, you have a heated steering wheel and heated seats to deal with winter conditions in certain trims.

On ice, you need to drive slowly with caution while you navigate through frozen roads. In case you can use studded tires, considering the legalities, make sure to get them installed to enhance the grip.

Does the Chrysler Pacifica have AWD?

Some of the Chrysler Pacifica models come with AWD. This feature essentially makes winter driving safe and easy. The models integrated with the all-wheel-drive system primarily use the front wheels to drive. However, in the case of traction loss, the system automatically strengthens the rear wheels with torque to strengthen the grip.

The latest minivan from this brand hit the streets back in 2017. Potential owners shouldn’t confuse this model with the crossover Chrysler Pacifica that the company launched between 2004 and 2008.

Experts would recommend owners to go for the models that the brand produced after 2017. Car Complaints state that the 2017 model had the maximum number of complaints. In all the model years, you will come across sophisticated features like AWD, traction control, tire pressure monitoring system, electronic stability control, and ABS.

Does Chrysler Pacifica comes with Snow Tires?

No, the Chrysler Pacifica does not come with dedicated snow tires. Rather, these cars have all-season tires. Even though branded manufacturers design such tires for all seasons, they fail to deliver the same kind of traction that snow tires can provide. Particularly, when you drive under sub-zero conditions, dedicated snow tires prove beneficial. All-season tires perform perfectly in light snow conditions. The traction would also be decent, but when you think of prolonged snowy conditions with temperatures below 45 degrees F, it’s wise to have dedicated snow tires.

The soft rubber in snow tires ensures adequate flexibility under winter conditions. As a result, the tire can get a greater amount of surface area to hug the snowy terrain. This enables the driver to handle the car better, ensuring superior stopping distances. On the other hand, all-season tires tend to become stiff. Under chilling weather conditions, hardened tires can prove to be dangerous as they tend to lose traction. For the best results, integrate your car with studded winter tires. These tires help the driver navigate seamlessly through slush and ice with a better grip.

Snow features of Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica comes with a host of advanced snow features that enhance the safety and security of these cars. Explore some of the most effective integrations in the Chrysler Pacifica that make it suitable for driving in winter conditions.

1. Automatic all-wheel drive

The AWD feature comes standard in this car’s Pinnacle and Limited versions. However, you can avail this system in all the trims. In case a certain wheel or axle needs extra power, the system detects the same and directs the necessary power. However, in the absence of the need for all-wheel drive, the car operates as an FWD, as only the front wheels receive the power. The AWD system ensures better grip and traction when navigating through slush and icy surfaces. Naturally, the driver can control the Pacifica better with this feature.

2. Forward-collision warning and braking

Active emergency braking and forward-collision warning are two of the advanced systems that empower the Pacifica to navigate through snowy conditions. These features come as standard in every trim of this vehicle. The system can detect threats and works automatically to prevent possible collisions.

Besides, the system is capable of generating audio and visual alerts, so that the drivers can become aware of the threat. If the driver fails to take action in time, the system activates the emergency brake to instantly stop the car if needed.

3. Traction control

All the Chrysler Pacifica trims come with the traction control system as standard. There would be no grip on the spinning wheel when you drive through a slippery surface such as snow or ice. This can lead the vehicle to go out of control. The function of the traction control system is to identify the wheels that lose traction. Then the system reduces power to the specific wheel, besides applying a brake to keep the car in control.

4. Electronic stability control

The electronic stability control (ESC) comes standard in the Chrysler Pacifica across all trims. This enhanced system minimizes the danger of your car sliding, losing control, or spinning. The system is capable of detecting and evaluating the direction in which you drive, or the vehicle’s movement. In case of a mismatch between the turn angle of the steering wheel and the intended direction of the driver to travel, the ESC takes corrective measures. It reduces power to certain wheels and applies emergency braking to keep the vehicle safe.

5. Advanced Braking Assist (ABA)

The ABA feature, integrated into the Chrysler Pacifica, is capable of detecting potential collisions. The mechanism enhances the car’s brake response even when the driver wants the brakes to respond low. This system proves beneficial as it helps to avoid collisions due to insufficient braking due to judgmental errors.

6. Weight distribution

To enhance the performance of the Chrysler Pacifica in snow, the manufacturer has focused on the technical aspects of the vehicle. Evidently, they have tactically distributed the weight across both the car’s axles. Across all the trims, the curb weight ranges from 4521-4883 pounds. For a minivan, this looks quite decent. Evidently, this helps the drivers retain control of the car while navigating through snowy terrains. However, in the Hybrid FWD version of this car, you might notice a little more weight in the rear. The presence of the battery pack makes the rear axle heavy.


It appears that the Chrysler Pacifica performs pretty well in moderate snow. To enhance the car’s navigation in winter conditions, owners can integrate additional gears such as snow tires, snow chains, and snow socks. This way, drivers would enjoy better handling of these cars. Make sure to select the right size of winter tires for the vehicle. Also, get these tires balanced at an authorized service center. With the right accessories, you would love the performance that your Chrysler Pacifica delivers during winter.