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Chevy Truck Ignition Switch Problems : [ Solution Inside ]

Chevy Truck Ignition Switch Problems : [ Solution Inside ]

Being a Chevrolet truck owner, it’s worth knowing that the ignition switches of these vehicles are going to bother you once in a while. Well, Chevy trucks come with a heavy brand value with their names.

However, no mechanical component is completely flawless. However, the manufacturers have incorporated some of the best capabilities into these trucks. Particularly, if you own a Silverado, you know how good a competitor it is to other trucks of its class.

Particularly, your Chevy truck would trouble you with its ignition problems in case you go for a model that hit the manufacturers produced between 2004 and 2007.

You can also encounter similar problems in trucks that hit the roads in other years as well. However, between these three years, the ignition switch issue seems to be the most persistent.

We are going to discuss the common ignition switch issues in your Chevy truck in this article and help you with suitable solutions.

Why does Chevy Truck Ignition Switch Problem happen?

It has been quite some time that the safety hazard in the Chevy truck is bothering the owners. Although General Motors was aware of the technical glitch as early as 2004, they officially announced it only in February 2014.

The manufacturer did not feel it necessary to address the issue all these years. It was in 2013 that General Motors recalled as many as 1.6 million vehicles. This includes pickup trucks, small cars, and SUVs.

Although Chevrolet trucks are dependable, they do come with the problem with ignition switches. In some of these vehicles, the ignition switch does not function as you would expect it. This can eventually endanger the life of the driver.

General Motors already investigated the issue and they can help you deal with the problem. However, the problem lies in the lapsed warranty in the trucks that have these issues, particularly the ones that the company manufactured between 2004 and 2007.

So, you might consider taking your truck to the local garage and getting the issue addressed. Most of the experienced technicians can fix the problem as the problem has been bothering the owners for quite some time.

How to fix Chevy Truck Ignition Switch Problem?

The ignition switch in your Chevy truck is an electronic component. Its responsibility is to start your truck’s engine. In case the switch is not under proper functional conditions, you won’t be able to turn the ignition on, and it can be a dangerous problem.

In most modern vehicles, you will come across two primary types of switches. In the ‘tumbler’, you will come across a lever moving backward and forward to unlock and lock it.

Besides, you have two different switches in some of the older models. You need to use one of these switches to turn the engine on, and the other to turn the lights off.

In Chevy trucks between 2004 and 2007, the issue with these ignition switches can turn out the truck when you press the key to start the vehicle. As a result, it can lead to the deployment of airbags and problems in the power steering.

These problems arise due to different factors like corrosion and faulty wiring. Otherwise, it can lead to hazardous issues and even accidents. You need to get the overall ignition unit replaced at the brand’s dealership or hire a local technician.

General Motor’s recommendation to address the problem

As an increasing number of Chevy truck owners continued to complain about the ignition switch problem, General Motors finally came up with a solution. They recalled several trucks, but the repairs cost around $2,000 to $3,000 to the owners.

Although General Motors was aware of the problem for quite a long time, they failed to be proactive. Only after the federal government intervened did they come up with a solution.

As a result of the recall, most of the popular vehicles from General Motors experienced the impact. This includes the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado.

What are the symptoms of a bad ignition switch?

Check out the common symptoms your Chevy truck would have in case it has got a malfunctioning ignition switch.

1. Stalling of the car while driving

In case you have noticed your truck suddenly coming to a halt while the engine operates, it might be a sign of an ignition switch issue. Besides, the problem seems to be scary.

In case the ignition switch fails when the engine operates, it might lead to the cutting out of power to the fuel and ignition systems. This leads to the stalling of the engine.

Whether or not you would be able to restart your Chevy truck after some time depends on the intensity of the issue.

2. Stalling of your truck after starting

This issue is somewhat related to the first one. You would notice your truck starting and then suddenly coming to a halt. The ignition switch would fail in the ‘on’ position. This is the switch that is supposed to power the ignition and fuel systems. This can result in your truck stalling just after it starts.

This happens because the ignition system and the fuel pump receive a momentary power. This happens in the cranking position when the truck is capable of starting.

However, when the ‘on’ position of the switch fails, it would disconnect power to the ignition and fuel systems. Therefore, even if you can crank the truck, it won’t be able to retain the same position for long.

3. The engine refuses to start at all

The engine of your Chevy truck might not start for different reasons. One of these issues can be a malfunctioning ignition switch. This switch is responsible for sending power to the ignition controls, engine controls, and the starter motor.

These systems fail to receive the necessary power to start the truck in case there is an issue with the ignition switch.

Sometimes, Chevy truck owners might get the feeling that this is happening due to a battery problem. However, when you inspect it and get to know that the battery is fine, you need to check out the ignition switch.

4. Problems to power your accessories

In case there’s an issue with the ignition switch, you might find it difficult to power the accessories of the Chevrolet truck. When you turn the key to the ‘acc’ position after inserting it, the electrical components, including the dashboard and interior lights, would receive power from the ignition switch.

Now, if you insert your key and turn it on, only to find that the accessories are not working, it might point to a lock cylinder or ignition switch issue.

In case the truck has wiring or fuse issues, the symptoms would be similar. Therefore, you need to get the Chevy truck diagnosed properly at a reputed repair store.


In case you are willing to purchase a Chevy truck, you might consider the ignition switch issue to be a drawback. Although General Motors have come up with a solution, it turns out to be expensive for most owners.

However, you can prevent the issue from bothering you in the first place. Drivers simply need to remove the key after turning off the engine from the ignition when the vehicle is running.

In case it stands stationary, you need to pull the parking brake after turning it off, which would engage it. When the key is not present in the ignition, the truck wouldn’t move.