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Chevy Colorado 5 Cylinder Problems : Common Issues & Fix

Chevy Colorado 5 Cylinder Problems : Common Issues & Fix

When you consider the automobile market in the US, you don’t get to come across 5-cylinder engines too often. The established automobile brand, Chevrolet, launched its Colorado in 2015 with 5 cylinders.

Ever since the vehicle hit the road, it has drawn controversy due to the common issues it came with. So, the reliability of the Chevrolet Colorado comes under the scanner.

Particularly, you will find the 5-cylinder on the 4WD models that Chevy launched in 2015 and 2016. These cars come with an automatic transmission (6-speed). This configuration is not as impactful as the V6 engine.

However, it beats some of the other engines in terms of fuel efficiency. So, owners looking forward to saving money on fuel in the long run should go for this vehicle.

Now, a number of technical glitches have plagued Chevy Colorado’s 5-cylinder engine. Naturally, the owners are frustrated, considering that they did not expect these problems to occur in a car that comes from a reputed brand like Chevrolet.

The problems extensively range from small issues to potentially catastrophic glitches. Some of these engine troubles require a complete replacement or rebuild. This would potentially drain your resources, mounting to the agony.

Chevy Colorado 5 cylinder problems

Let’s take a close look at the problems that the drivers have reported, mostly about the 5-cylinder engine of the Chevrolet Colorado.

1. Fuel injector failures

Some of the Chevy Colorado owners have reported problems like engine misfires that arise from faulty fuel injectors. For owners, pinning down the signs of this problem can turn out to be a challenge.

You might not notice anything unusual even after several weeks once you have a malfunctioning injector installed.

In case your vehicle is under warranty, most of the dealerships of Chevrolet would replace the problematic injectors without charging anything from you. However, for most of the 2015 models, the warranty might already have expired.

2. Failure of the crankshaft bolt

Some Chevy Colorado owners have reported the bolt of the crankshaft failing. Once it does, the car’s engine might sustain catastrophic damage. Particularly, if you use your vehicle extensively for towing, the crankshaft bolt is likely to give in.

Experts recommend Chevy Colorado owners to deploy the right procedure to tighten the bolt to avoid this issue.

3. Problems in starting

In case you reside somewhere in cold weather conditions, you might find it challenging to start the engine. Besides, many Chevrolet Colorado owners have reported rough idling during the colder months.

The problem is likely to be more acute in case you own one of the older models of Chevy Colorado. The IAC valve needs a replacement to help you deal with this issue.

4. Leak in the exhaust manifold

For Chevrolet Colorado drivers, one of the most annoying issues is the leakage in the exhaust manifold. This is common in the 4-cylinder engine (2.5-liters) as well. This issue arises due to the cycling of high heat between the hot and cold cycles.

Over time, this continual exposure to heat causes the exhaust manifolds to crack. As a result, they start leaking, triggering this issue in Colorado.

The worst part of this Chevrolet Colorado engine problem is that you cannot get the issue sorted out in any way. So, you need to replace the exhaust manifold of the engine and remove the older one. When you go for this replacement, the new component should serve the entire lifeline of your Chevy Colorado.

Is the Chevy Colorado 5 cylinder reliable?

Although we have talked about the problems that you might encounter with your Chevrolet Colorado engine with 5 cylinders, it performs better than many other engines currently on the market.

The car is a great pick for owners, and the manufacturer offers a good warranty. Compared to other midsize cars of its class, the Chevy Colorado offers a better traction and fuel economy.

The Chevy Colorado also offers adequate power to navigate seamlessly through highways. Owners also appreciate the generous mileage that the Chevy Colorado delivers with its 5-cylinder engine.

In case you are critical enough, you might spot a drawback in this engine. It does not have a diesel variant, which might have been convenient for many owners.

The powerful engine of the Chevrolet Colorado can generate a massive power of 300 horsepower. These engines are expensive, so owners need to spend a lot of time to find a reliable one.

With the 5-cylinder Chevy Colorado engine, you would enjoy tremendous power. Currently, the Chevy Colorado happens to be one of the most trusted cars that ply the road, provided you are responsible enough with its maintenance.

To keep Chevy Colorado’s engine in proper functional conditions, make sure to replace the air filter regularly. This would keep dirt from slowing down the car’s engine.

Besides, owners need to check the pressure in the car’s tires regularly. The 5-cylinder engine of the Chevrolet Colorado performs perfectly under most weather conditions. You would encounter rust issues only on a few models. So, if you reside somewhere with a harsh climate, it would be wise to check out a viable alternative.

Is the 3.7 5 cylinder a good engine?

Over the years, the owners have come up with mixed reviews about the 5-cylinder engine (3.5-liters) for the Chevrolet Colorado. As we discussed, the engine has got several problems, but you can avoid some of these with careful handling and maintenance.

On the contrary, when you consider the perks, this engine outperforms many others in terms of fuel economy.

Besides, the powerful 5-cylinder engine of the Chevrolet Colorado lasts equally long as an average 6-cylinder engine. So, in terms of durability, the Chevrolet Colorado might compensate for the deficit.

For a midsize car, the Chevy Colorado offers some amazing features. Particularly, the 5-cylinder engine delivers adequate horsepower and torque to help the vehicle navigate through rough terrains. Although you might find it difficult to find one of these engines these days, it would be worth your investment.

As we outlined previously, you might refrain from purchasing this vehicle under certain conditions. The engine performs poorly under cold weather.

Besides, maintaining the engine would turn out to be a challenge in places with harsh weather conditions. If you are ready to shoulder the responsibilities of ensuring proper maintenance to the engine, it would deliver you its promised lifeline.

How long can a Chevy Colorado 5-cylinder engine last?

In spite of several technical glitches that might potentially damage the 5-cylinder engine of the Chevy Colorado, this engine happens to be one of the most durable picks for the owners.

You might come across other engines offering you more horsepower. Even the torque and power of some other contemporary engines might be more than the 5-cylinder engine in the Chevrolet Colorado. However, this engine can last as long as one with 6 cylinders.

Chevrolet has configured these powerful 5-cylinder engines to last long. These are dependable machines, and the sophisticated and powerful features that you get with them make the cars ideal for adventurous rides and off-roading.

As a vehicle, the Chevy Colorado is rugged enough. So, if you wish to get one of these powerful cars for personal purposes, it would be a logical move to purchase one for yourself. The engine, with proper care, would offer the same lifeline as a 6-cylinder engine.

Which is the most reliable engine in Chevrolet Colorado?

Chevrolet Colorado owners would like to enjoy the high reliability of the vehicle’s engines. So, if you can afford it, it would be wise to shell out a little higher for a quality purchase. Of course, you need to go for the engine which is extensively available.

So, if you prioritize dependability and price, it would be logical to go for the 6.2-liter engine that Chevrolet has come up with. The engine delivers adequate power and is efficient enough to suit all types of rides. Besides, you won’t encounter a challenging time maintaining the vehicle. Moreover, the gas mileage of the Chevy 6.2-liter engine would be economic for the owners.

Most of these cars from Chevrolet come with an automatic transmission. This makes their engines even more reliable.

You would encounter fewer technical issues and enjoy smoother shifts compared to manual transmission engines. So, going for this particular engine from Chevrolet for your Colorado would be an intelligent decision.


The Chevrolet Colorado happens to be a reliable pickup truck. The manufacturers have integrated the vehicle with several impressive capabilities and features.

In case you are willing to purchase a lighter vehicle in the smaller category, Colorado would be a great option. Besides, you need not make a compromise on the car’s capability.

However, the owners need to take guard against some negligible issues related to the build quality. Besides, you cannot possibly overlook the common issues with the engine (5-cylinder). Once you weigh these perks and drawbacks, you can use your discretion to proceed with the purchase.