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Cars That Starts With V : Ultimate List For 2022

Cars That Starts With V : Ultimate List For 2022

It’s a common observation that some particular buyers follow certain astrological beliefs before finalizing their dream car.

One of the most common among them is the letter of the car model or its brand.

For example, some may feel cars beginning with the letter A might prove fortunate for them in the future than the other model beginning with any other alphabet.

Today, we’ll discuss some car models beginning with the alphabet “V.” So, let’s start.

Popular cars that start with V

1. Bugatti Veyron

Though Bugatti cars cost way more than any of you can digest easily, the high-end prices associated with such cars are due to their state-of-the-art technology and unmatchable statistics.

It’s a common saying that to experience the real top speed of any Bugatti car, you’d need an airport runway, and it perfectly fits with this Veyron too.

With a whopping horsepower of 1,001 and 415kmph or 258mph as the top speed, it’s initially the fastest car ever made.

If you’ve ever driven such an exotic car, you must have felt both terrified and exhilarated at the same time.

Reason? It is because Bugatti Veyron accelerates from 0kmph to 100kmph in merely 2.6 seconds. 

It is another reason why Veyron and other Bugatti cars are exotic cars and require every component to get designed from scratch.

Not only this, a rugged 8-speed gearbox with ample cabin space, zero-interior noise, and a dominant braking power with an aerodynamically designed body is what catches everyone’s eyes.


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2. Aston Martin Vulcan

The next brand in the race for the title of ” indulgent cars” is Aston Martin. AM’s Vulcan is both a race car and an exotic supercar that you can judge solely from the photos and videos available over the web.

You have to sense it in person. With a hefty price tag of over £2.2 million, 820 horsepower, only 24 in numbers, and a curb weight of over 135 kg, it’s just a beginning for Aston Martin’s Vulcan.

The car is a pure fusion of exemplary race-proven hardware and a powerful engine blessed from heaven. 

Vulcan features a front-mounted engine in a carbon-fiber tub with a 6-speed sequential gearbox to power up the rear wheels for an exorbitant acceleration.

It shares most of its design with the One-77 but with 150kg less weight than the former. One thing to note here is that Vulcan is for professional drivers only!

With yoke-style wheels, the car gets its beast look, and its superior braking power is well-supported with the two ceramic discs of 380mm and 360mm at the front and rear, respectively.

The 7L V12 engine can produce power of 550bhp, 675bhp, and a maximum of 820bhp.


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3. Aston Martin Vantage

With its show-stopping style and aggressive looks, Aston Martin Vantage’s 2022 coupe model starts at $142,086 and the roadster at around $150,086.

Considering the craze for this beast, Vantage is available in both versions, hard-top coupe and soft-top convertible.

The car gets its dual turbocharged 4L V8 engine sourced from the Mercedes AMG that can produce enough horsepower around 503bhp and 505 lb-ft torque.

Coming to 2022, you can now opt for a manual transmission with the coupe. However, the roadster is still without a manual transmission. 

If you’re confused between the hard-top and soft-top, we recommend the latter as it’ll allow you to experience the roar of AM’s V8 engine.

If you’d go with the coupe version, you can save a lot and use those savings to further amplify it with myriad interiors and exteriors.

You can also ask for the ventilated seats with/without heating feature for extra comfort.

If you’re not satisfied with the coupe’s manual transmission, upgrade it to the auto version for an additional $7000.

Vantage’s handling makes it an ideal choice for race tracks.

Although the suspensions are suitable for daily driving, the passengers sitting inside will feel their presence in case of hard bumps.

Also, the carbon-ceramic brakes are not that efficient on day-to-day driving tracks. 

Vantage’s automatic model earns a fuel efficiency of around 18mpg on the city roads and 24mpg on fast-paced highways.

Simultaneously, the same Vantage with a manual transmission will offer only 14mpg in cities and 21mpg on highways.


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4. Volvo V40

Without a doubt, Volvo manufactures world-class family hatchbacks, and the 2022 edition of its V40 is a recent addition to it.

It’s a perfect blend of tidy handling and absorbent drive quality. The real and latest D4 four-cylinder motor generates great acceleration from 0kmph to 60kmph in just 7 seconds.

It lends the car with an excellent economy and less CO2 transmission.

Volvo V40 comes in the company’s patented welcoming exterior design with additional comfort from the inside. 

Both front and rear seats provide sheer comfort in long trips at higher speeds. You can’t forget about the frameless rearview mirrors as well.

Its digital display instrument cluster looks similar to that of a Range Rover at first glance. With a fuel economy of around 74.3mpg, you can’t ask for more.

With all five seats up, the gross baggage capacity you get goes to 3911 kgs, and a maximum of 75kgs load can adjust at the rooftop if required.

All in all, with minor shortcomings and strong allure, Volvo V40 2022 edition has got almost everything right for you.

5. Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV

Jaguar Vision GT SV is an all-electric car with four motors churning out approximately 1900bhps, and that’s staggering to say.

It’s a concept car for the PS5’s GT game set to launch this year. With a top speed of 255mph, Vision GT can race from standstill to 60mph in under 1.65 seconds!

The batteries are present on the floor region to give the car an equal weight distribution at all ends and a low center of gravity.

An intelligent thermal management system and an additional liquid nitrogen circuit give the car an equal weight distribution at all ends and a low center of gravity.

With a lightweight composite body that measures 218.1 inches in length, Vision GT is around 33.9 inches longer than the GT coupe.

Jaguar Vision GT’s innovative engineering renders the model a drag coefficient of 0.398, and it can generate 1,060 pounds of force at 190-200mph speed.


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6. Chrysler Voyager

With a starting price tag of under $30,000 and added necessary features, you should not look further than the 2022’s Chrysler Voyager.

A perfect large family car with three seating rows can easily accommodate seven passengers and still provide ample luggage space at the back end.

If you’ve driven Pacifica before, note that Voyager will deliver nearly the same driving experience as it does.

The company has equipped Voyager with some savvy driving-assistance features like software for pedestrian detection to mitigate any possible accident.

Currently, Voyager is available in two variants, L and LX. While the former comes at $28,730, you’ll have to pay $31,540 for the latter.

Neglecting this slight variation in the cost, we feel about going with the LX, and here’s why.

The LX variant comes with better suspension strength, automatic headlamps, aluminum wheels (L has ones made from steel), three-zone climate control, etc.

LX’s superior exterior lighting powers your driving experience and assistance at night. Adding further benefits of the LX model, you get heated front seats and of its kind a heated steering wheel.

A built-in DVD player for seamless entertainment is what makes Chrysler Voyager the best make of the brand.

The car houses a 3.6L V6 engine with a 9-speed auto gearbox that complements each other very well for quick acceleration from 0kmph to 60kmph in 7.3 seconds. Mileage of 19mpg on crowded city roads and 28mph on highways isn’t bad either. 


So, what’s your favorite pick among the ones mentioned above? There are several other car models under every price range that begin with “V,” but these are what made it to this list.