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Cars That Start With The Letter J : Complete List 2022

Cars That Start With The Letter J : Complete List 2022

Are you planning to purchase a car this year? This article will list out the top six car models starting with the letter J. So, let’s start.

Cars that start with the letter J

1. Volkswagen Jetta

The most dependable car under $20,000 with a starting price of $18,995, VW Jetta is coming up with tons of add-ons and upgrades in 2022.

The Jetta S and R variants come with a 6-speed manual transmission and an enhanced 1.4-liter turbocharged engine to make you feel that you’re driving the latest Jetta 2022.

Although not much has changed in Jetta’s ’21 model’s interiors, it’s still worth having a look.

Its sophisticated design allows ample sitting space for five adults with enough headroom, backroom, legroom, and shoulder room. The driver can enjoy a good look at the front, thanks to the wide windshield. 

In addition to the previously present amenities, you get a wireless charging pad, high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot, and a highly responsive infotainment system.

If you’d consider Jetta’s GLE Autobahn edition, the suspension will get more adaptive and won’t feel any road bump that you otherwise encounter in lower models.

Its cold-weather package gives you ventilated seats and a heated power steering for a comfy ride at high speeds.

If you’re tech-savvy, you won’t ask for more than the company-provided full-digital instrument cluster and ambient lighting.

However, cheap plastic inside the cabin is bothersome, though soft enough cushioning is there to compensate.

All in all, Jetta is a spacious mid-range sedan that every family member of yours will admire. 


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2. JAC motors J7

An ignition of inspiration is what JAC Motors refers to while speaking about their J7 2022 edition.

JAC J7 features a double sharp arrow-like waistline that provides a sporty look and unmatched energy on the road.

Keeping in mind people’s admiration for sporty cars, the manufacturers have taken utmost care in upper and lower body curves.

These curves render J7 its dynamic profile and sharp skyline. Coming to the front, the car bosses a unique appearance.

Its stunning front grill houses high-quality LED headlamps and other accessories.

The rear part of JAC J7 comes equipped with a hatchback-style high-performance tailgate with an auto-fold rearview mirror.

There is ample boot space, and you can activate it with your boot as it features the latest non-touch boot opening mechanism.

A massive 10.4-inches touch screen enables you to control the various functionalities of your car with ease.

The available luggage space is 520L, but you can increase it to 1510L by folding down the second-row seats if required.

With a 1.5L turbo engine powered with the latest technologies, the car can accelerate from 0-60kmph inside 4.7 seconds and 0-100kmph inside 10.5 seconds.

With six airbags in the front and rear and a beautiful panoramic sunroof in the middle of all, you won’t resist owning a J7 for one.

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3. JAC motors JS7

Featuring a sharp and extreme fashion design, JS7 will take you to another world at first sight.

The split-type headlights with automatic LEDs turn on automatically when the optimal lighting outdoors reduces.

Its front section houses an 18-inch dual-tone metal grill whose design is called the straight waterfall air intake grill.

The total boot space can increase to 1358L, including the space created by folding the rear seats. Besides this, the company has cleverly utilized every possible storage space in the interior. 

The black variant with black interiors, grey trim, and silvery exaggeration is worth eye-catching and soothing to witness live.

JAC Motors JS7 headlines an enormous panoramic sunroof whose equivalent size is that of four sunroofs combined.

The fully digital 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster is simple and clear to read.

Not to forget the dual-climate control with an advanced constant air conditioning mechanism that maintains the interior temperature.

Coming to the safety enhancements, you get a lane deviation warning system, blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection system, automatic emergency braking system, and much more. 


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4. JAC motors JS4

JS4 comes with a parallel geometric front and rear design with connected left and right headlights & tail lights for a modern look.

The front features two inverted seven-shaped headlights above the grill that furnish the car with a more distinct tinge.

You get an aviation-style and slightly elevated lever to control the car better while driving with a huge storage space of 520L.

You can further increase to approximately 1050L after folding the back seats when not in use.

The company has provided JS4 with a 10.25-inch MP5 Apple Carplay and Android auto for next-level entertainment. 

Its 10.25 fully digital combined instrument panel displays every required information regarding speed, time, mileage, kilometers, gear, etc.

You get a turbocharged 1.5L engine that can produce a maximum horsepower of 118 bhp and 150 lb-ft torque.

The various safety features included in JS4 are a lane deviation warning system, lane changing assist, blind-spot monitor, and much more. Lastly, JS4 gets an electric tailgate for a hands-free opening. 

5. Nissan Juke

Forget the experience you had with the former versions of Nissan Juke, and today you’ll get to know why you’d own its 2022 variant.

Like any other small SUV (Skoda Kamiq and VW T-Cross) in the same range of £18,595 – £26,595, Juke is an excellent find for five families.

At first glance, you’ll feel that the automobile is a combination of both coupe & SUV, and the company has kept it like earlier.

It has Nissan’s old school bold and circular headlights and Y-shaped running lights.

The roof features contrasting color than the body, and you can now select your favorite color option from the various available ones. 

The quiet cabin space has several upgrades with a professional-style infotainment system consisting of an 8-inch touchscreen.

You get an Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and Google assistant.

Nissan Juke has a sole 1L engine that can produce around 117bhp of power and is available in both 6-speed manual transmission and dual-clutch 7-speed transmission.

There are three driving modes, Eco, Standard, and Sport. However, you’ll get the real feel of the car in only its Sport mode. 


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6. Dodge Journey

Dodge is a well-known SUV manufacturing company, and its Journey’s 2022 edition is a testament to that.

Assessing its size and price point, Journey is what you’d consider. The 2022 edition comes fitted with an improved 2.4L gasoline engine, and a powerful V6 engine is also on offer.

However, it’s not that efficient. While the gasoline engine can churn out 173bhp of power, you get a massive 283bhp of horsepower with the V6 engine.

In terms of mileage, Journey offers 19mpg in the cities and 25mpg on the highways. However, these values reduce to 17mpg in the city as the vehicle gets old. 

However, Dodge Journey’s interior will remain the same old-school type with tacky plastic pillars and components.

Some leather components will make their way at some places on the inside to compensate for it. With enough leg, head, and shoulder room, Journey can accommodate seven passengers.

The company says that the 5+2 sitting arrangement is the best to choose with the two kids at the back.

Journey’s 2022 model carries a unique infotainment system with a button-free layout.

Other notable features of the latest infotainment system are Apple Carplay, Android Auto, U-Connect app, voice control, and much more. 


So, what’s your favorite pick among the above reviewed six cars starting with the letter J?