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Cars Similar to Toyota Yaris : 10 Alternatives To See

Cars Similar to Toyota Yaris : 10 Alternatives To See

Toyota Yaris continues to allure car enthusiasts, being an affordable and stylish hatchback. Reviews reveal that the owners love these subcompact cars that carry the legacy of Toyota. In 2020, Toyota ceased producing the entry-level car. The Yaris, which comes as a sedan and hatchback, appeals to young drivers with its affordability and design. The pricing looks alluring, as you can get them within $18,000.

Driving this punchy car can be fun. However, before you finalize your purchase decision, you might be weighing similar cars to purchase. So, we have come up with some of the similar models, which will help you look for viable alternatives. Of course, you can assess their respective features, price, and capabilities before going for the purchase. Some of these models are even cheaper than the Yaris.

Cars Similar to Toyota Yaris

1. Chevrolet Spark

In case you prioritize affordability, the Chevrolet Spark can be a good pick. The pricing of the base model starts from $13,600. In case you opt for full-coverage insurance, it would cost you around $5,000 more. The fuel efficiency in this car looks average, at 38 mpg on highways and 30 in the city.

The Chevrolet Spark shares some similarities with the Toyota Yaris, as both these cars serve budget-minded owners. The Spark has proven to be as reliable as the Yaris, offering a generous cargo space of 27.2 cubic feet. Besides, the gas mileage in these two cars is similar. The engine is small in both the Yaris and the Spark. However, you would enjoy the acceleration in the Spark, just like the Yaris.

The Spark models are available across four trims. These are the 2LT, Activ, 1LT, and the LS. You would enjoy the leatherette interiors and heated seats in the premium level trims. A potential owner can customize the vehicle from ten colors, which can blend with your personality.

Depending on the trim, the time needed to reach 60 mph ranges from 9.2 seconds to 15.4 seconds. The 98-hp car delivers a smooth performance and can accommodate four people. In case you need to tow weights, this car would be fine for up to 1,500 pounds.

2. Kia Rio

In case you are comfortable with shelling out a little extra, you can settle for the Kia Rio (base price $16,250). The engine power of this car is also higher. In terms of looks, the Kia Rio resembles the Yaris to a certain extent. Besides, you might also note some similarities when you compare their seating and body styles. Like the Yaris, you can also choose a hatchback or a sedan when you go for a Rio. In both these versions, five passengers can find comfortable accommodation. One can choose between two available trims that perform equally good.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Kia and the Yaris deliver similar performances. On highways, it can clock 41 mpg, while the mileage comes down to 33 mpg in cities. The 120-hp vehicle can accelerate to 60 mph in 8.6 seconds. At 1,763 pounds, the towing capacity of the Kia Rio seems impressive.

3. Mitsubishi Mirage

This car from Mitsubishi happens to be a strong contender of the Toyota Yaris. However, certain reports point to the underpowered engine in this car. At 78-hp, it seems to be lower than most other cars in the sub-compact category. So, if you are looking for a fairly reliable and affordable alternative to the Yaris, you should go for the Mirage.

Apart from the sticker price, you would notice certain other similarities between these two models. Potential buyers need to choose between the hatchback and sedan styles. While both the cars can accommodate five people, the Mirage scores a point over the Yaris in terms of fuel economy. The combined fuel efficiency of the Mirage on city roads and highways comes to 36 mpg. The acceleration could have been better, as it takes around 12 seconds to reach the 60-mph mark.

However, the three-cylinder engine happens to be a weak point of the vehicle. You can enjoy a dent cargo space of 17.1 cubic feet in the Mirage. However, the foldable seats enable owners to get around 47 cubic feet. In this case, the car would accommodate only two people. The Mirage is available in five trims, such as the SE, Black Edition, LE, ES CVT, and ES Manual.

4. Nissan Versa

Although the sticker price of the Nissan Versa is lower than that of the Yaris, it delivers a better engine performance. At $15,180, the price looks decent for the Versa. The mileage on highways and the city roads are 40 mpg and 32 mpg, respectively. The 122-hp four-cylinder engine is capable of producing 114-pound feet of torque.

In terms of acceleration, the Versa performs better than some models on this list. With one of these cars, you can reach 60 mph in 8.5 seconds. Whether you opt for the sedan or the hatchback style, you would have five seats for the passengers in the Nissan Versa. To make space for groceries or luggage, the car offers around 15 cubic feet of space.

So, if you are willing to settle with a branded car from Nissan as a replacement for the Toyota car, the Versa would be good to go.

5. Hyundai Elantra

Well, if you have a fascination for this Korean automaker, the Elantra might be a good alternative for the Yaris. At 19,850, the price seems to be almost at par with the Toyota Yaris. However, when you try to configure the vehicle as per your preferences, you would enjoy more options. For instance, one can settle for a 6-speed manual version, or a 7-speed automatic car with five seats.

The basic model has a 4-cylinder engine (1.6 liters). However, choosing a higher trim would be a wise decision, in case you want a 2.0-liter engine. In the base model, you have pretty decent torque (132-pound feet) and horsepower (147-hp). One can choose from five trims, which include the Limited, N Line Automatic, N Line Manual, SEL, and SE models.

In terms of gas mileage, the Elantra performs pretty well. It can deliver 43 mpg on highways and 33 mpg on the city roads. However, if cargo space happens to be a priority for you, the Elantra wouldn’t be a good option. At 14.2 cubic feet, the cargo space doesn’t seem too big.

6. Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent seems to be one of the best alternatives for the Toyota Yaris. At $16,645, this is a decent car that you might consider settling for. The cargo space is almost the same that the Nissan Versa offers. On highways, the car delivers a mileage of 41 mpg, while it can travel 33 mpg in cities.

In terms of horsepower, the Accent looks better than some other cars on this list. The 120-hp engine looks fine for a car for its purpose. However, the cargo space in the Accent is too small, around 13.7 cubic feet. The reputed manufacturer has come up with several trims for the Hyundai Accent, including the SEL, SE, and the Limited. If cargo space isn’t a priority for you, and you appreciate the legacy of Hyundai, you might consider getting an Accent rather than the Yaris.

7. Mini Cooper

Given that it comes from the reputed automaker in Germany, BMW, you would have to purchase premium fuel for this car. Nevertheless, it gives a good competition to the Toyota Yaris. The poor fuel efficiency of this car happens to be a drawback. In case you can afford to go a bit expensive, you might consider this stylish car.

While the car can clock 32 mpg on highways, it would be only 23 on city roads. Some of the trims come with an upscale interior. Moreover, there’s plenty of room to personalize your car, choosing from ten trims. In most of these cars, you would need a manual transmission. Only the John Cooper Works FWD trim has the option for automatic transmission. The car has got five seats, and the cargo space is small, like the Nissan Versa.

Compared to the Toyota Yaris, the Cooper features a stronger engine at 134 hp. When you compare subcompact cars within this range, the Mini Cooper proves to be one of the quickest picks. The car needs 7.6 seconds to reach a 60 mph speed.

8. Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia would serve as a decent alternative for the Toyota Yaris. It comes at a higher price, although, as the base price is around $29,390. The 7-speed automatic version appeals to car enthusiasts with its superior capabilities.

Well, the manufacturers have justified this high price tag for the Octavia. It comes with enhanced safety features, particularly the AEB. Besides, you would appreciate the sophisticated infotainment system (8-inch), auto lights, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The steering wheel looks elegant with a leather cover. Moreover, this car also has a climate control mechanism (dual-zone).

Well, when you go for Skoda cars, you would love the pleasant surprises. For instance, the Octavia comes with bag hooks in the interior that you can fold away, a ticket holder beside the windscreen, and even a rubbish bin with a lid in the door pocket. The manufacturers have even integrated the car with an umbrella holder.

9. Toyota Camry

Well, if you are not comfortable moving away from Toyota, check out the Camry. This is a powerful car with a petrol engine. Integrated with advanced mechanisms like cruise control and LED headlights, it can be a decent family car.

Compared to the Octavia, the Camry looks bigger on the outside. You can get a standard model at around $28,990. At this price, it proves to be more affordable than the flagship model of the Yaris.

Some of the other notable equipment includes a digital radio, a large touchscreen (7-inch), and a CD player. However, if you are looking for a similar-budget car like the Yaris flagship model, you will come across suitable versions.

10. Mazda CX-3

Well, if you are comfortable going for an SUV, check out the Mazda CX-3. The visual appeal of this car lies in its compactness. Comfortable and powerful, it serves as a viable alternative for the Toyota Yaris.

This car comes at around $26,650. So, you can own an SUV with similar features within the same range as your Yaris. It is even cheaper than the Maxx Sport, which has got a price tag of around $28,650.

The Mazda CX-3 delivers a decent engine performance. In terms of fuel economy and acceleration, it performs just like most other cars on this list. Other features in this model include a $28,650 and steel wheels (16-inch) with hubcaps.

If you need to integrate features like smartphone mirroring, you need to shell out an additional amount. Other features in the car include a push-button start, reverse AEB, and an electric park brake.


Well, some of the models that we have included in this list come at prices more than the basic Yaris trim. If you are willing to fork out a few more thousand dollars, you can own one of these superior vehicles. Also, you have some of the models within the price range of the Toyota Yaris. Well, you can make an intelligible choice while purchasing the car. After all, it’s an asset that you don’t get to replace too often. A calculated decision on your end ensures that you would have all the desired features to refine your drives with.